Qin Lin squatted down and looked at the growth rings of the two rosewood.

The growth ring of the rosewood tree was different from other tree rings.
On average, it could grow three growth rings a year.

The yellow rosewood produced by this game had been directly turned into materials.
There was no way to see how big it was.
One could only judge the price based on its age.

“95 and 105, respectively?” Qin Lin was stunned.
The two Quality 1 rosewood growth rings from the same tree were actually different.

However, this was a game after all, so the materials dropped could naturally be different.
In other words, these two sets of materials had grown for more than 30 years.

Under normal circumstances, after removing the white wood from the 30-year-old rosewood, the price could reach 3 to 4,000 yuan.
With those attributes, it was definitely not a problem for the game to reach the most expensive price at this level.
It would only cost 4,000 yuan per catty.

Then he looked at the other timbers.

[Rosewood: Ordinary]

[This is just plain rosewood.]

“…” Qin Lin.

The note was simple enough.

[Oak wood: Quality 1]

[This is wood cut from a special oak tree: color +1, material hardness +1, texture perception +1, waterproof function +1!]

[Oak wood: Ordinary]

[This is just plain oak wood.]

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Qin Lin roughly looked at the notes of these woods.
The additional attributes were basically related to wood.

To be honest, such attributes could not be compared to the additional attributes of the medicinal wine.
However, the price of such things was very high.

A rosewood of Quality 1 could be sold for 4,000 yuan per catty.
How many watermelons of Quality 2 was that equal to?

Qin Lin logged out of the game and controlled the game character to pick up the two rosewood of Quality 1 and head to the processing facility.

He hadn’t forgotten that he was here to experiment with using wood processing to make signs.

And oak was much less valuable than rosewood.

If he could build a sign with a wood processor, the villa sign would definitely be made with rosewood afterward, not oak.

After controlling the game character to return to the wood processor in the processing building, Qin Lin chose the option of using his own blueprint to build it.
Then, he randomly clicked on a blueprint and chose a Quality 1 rosewood to build.

Moments later he got a prompt:

[Congratulations on creating a successful signboard!]

Seeing this scene, Qin Lin’s face lit up.

It meant it could be done.

The signature design was casually downloaded from the Internet.
On this piece were the words ‘Shuyi Hotel’.

Qin Lin clicked on the remaining rosewood of Quality 1.
This time, he specially chose a plaque design.
On it were the words ‘Heaven Rewards the Diligent’.

It was probably a kind of plaque for the office.

He chose to forge it.
A moment later, he received another message notification:

[Congratulations on successfully creating a plaque!]

Qin Lin controlled the game character to put away the signboard and plaque.
He returned to the ranch and took them out.
Then, with a thought, he entered the game and saw the sign board and plaque.

It was no longer a cartoon.
Instead, it was two real and delicate items.
The workmanship was exquisite and beautiful.

[Shuyi Hotel Sign (Rosewood): Quality 1]

[This is a sign board made of rosewood: Fragrance reduction +1, wood hardness +1, texture perception +1, insect repellent +1, attracting attention +1!]

This signboard had clearly inherited the attributes of Quality 1 rosewood.
Moreover, it had an additional attribute of ‘attracting attention’ +1.

That was one of the things that attracted attention.

To be honest, with this ‘attract attention +1’ and the value of the rosewood itself, Qin Lin felt that the signboard was already very good.

This signboard weighed almost 15 catties.
According to this level, 4,000 yuan per catty, the value of the materials alone would be 60,000 yuan.
Coupled with other values and processing fees, it would cost at least 70,000 to 80,000 yuan.

This was much better than the sign his villa used now.

He suddenly regretted the calculation.
It was such a waste to build a Shuyi Hotel sign.

[Heaven Rewards the Diligent rosewood plaque: Quality 1]

[This is a plaque made from rosewood: Scent reduction +1, wood hardness +1, texture perception +1, insect repellent +1, high-end atmosphere +1!]

Clearly, this plaque had also inherited the attributes of the quality rosewood.
Moreover, it also had an additional attribute of high-end atmosphere.

Wouldn’t a plaque in the office want a high-end atmosphere?

The weight of this plaque was about the same as that signboard.
How could something that cost 70,000 to 80,000 yuan not be impressive?

Fortunately, this worked.

After confirming that the wood processing machine could process the signboard, Qin Lin was relieved.
He could just go to Mount Notre Dame to cut wood now.

He could just obtain high-quality rosewood and use it as a manor sign.

Moreover, when he obtained high-quality rosewood in the future, he could even use it to make some furniture.
If it was placed in the game for some time, it would become an antique.

When the time came, he would have a rosewood bed, a table, chairs, and a tea table.

After that…

Qin Lin exited the game again and controlled the game character to go to Mount Notre Dame to cut wood again.
For the rest of the day, he would be completely at Mount Notre Dame.

There were many new trees on Mount Notre Dame, including elm, maple, pine, and so on.
However, he did not encounter any rosewood until the trees on Mount Notre Dame were gone.

It seemed that the wood needed to be refreshed before it could be cut.

However, at noon the next day, Qin Lin discovered that the trees had refreshed again.
Moreover, the first tree he discovered was actually a rosewood.
After cutting down this rosewood, he still obtained five portions of rosewood.
Moreover, the harvest was delightful.

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