An English yew?

This was a national level-one protected plant, and it was very rare.

The key was that not only was it illegal to cut down this thing, but it was also illegal to transport and sell it.

Wasn’t the game farming thing making things difficult for players like him who had obtained the system?

Breaking the law was definitely not an option.

This kind of national level-one protective plant could not be cut down.

As Qin Lin thought, he controlled the game character to swing his ax at the tree.

After hacking a dozen times, the yew turned into three portions of wood material.

Qin Lin didn’t even look at the wood material.
He controlled the game character to continue walking deeper into the mother mountain.

He had chopped the yews in the game, but that was because he was afraid of occupying the respawning spot.
If they couldn’t be brought out, they would be like trash.
He couldn’t even be bothered to pick them up.

He was a law-abiding man.

The game character moved on.
Before long, he encountered another tree:

[A Chinese rosewood tree has been discovered.
It can be cut!]

“???” Qin Lin felt that the game’s lousy planner was at odds with the conservation plant.

He discovered that two of the three trees that could be cut were actually protected plants.

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This rosewood was also a national level-two protected plant.

However, compared to yew, rosewood was not prohibited from buying and selling.
Some could still be cut with logging permits.

Because there was a special source of Chinese rosewood in the country.

Therefore, many rosewood products were also traded in the Chinese market, such as rosewood bracelets, rosewood sculptures, rosewood furniture… and so on.

He’d once seen a news report that showed some very expensive rosewood on the market.
Rumor had it that a very rare and expensive rosewood from the south had sold for 100,000 yuan a catty.

At one auction, a rosewood bed was sold for 12.4 million.

Naturally, this was not referring to the kind of artificially cultivated rosewood new wood.
The kind of artificially grown rosewood that ripened in three to five years was only about 500 to 600 yuan per tree.

A rosewood that grew naturally for about 20 years would cost about 2,000 yuan per catty after removing the white wood to reach a diameter of 10cm.

If it was more than 30 years old, it could usually reach 15 centimeters after removing the white wood.
The price would be 3 to 4 thousand yuan per catty.

Naturally, it would take at least 300 years to reach the price of 100,000 yuan per catty that was mentioned in the news.

As for the rosewood bed that was auctioned for 12.4 million yuan, not only was it old, but it also had antique value.

However, such items were also difficult to buy.
There were too many artificial frauds, and many people had been deceived before.
Therefore, the officials had also released news to warn the public that they needed to be careful when buying.

Qin Lin immediately controlled the game character to hack at the rosewood.
After more than ten slashes, the tree fell.
This time, there were two more sets of wood, a total of five sets.

He controlled the game character to put the wood into his backpack one by one.

[Congratulations on obtaining an ordinary rosewood!]

[Congratulations on obtaining an ordinary rosewood!]

[Congratulations on obtaining Quality 1 rosewood!]

[Congratulations on obtaining Quality 1 rosewood!]

[Congratulations on obtaining Quality 3 rosewood!]

“There’s a Quality 3 wood already???” Qin Lin was surprised.
He looked at his game character’s backpack that was already full and controlled his game character to return to the ranch.

Under the game’s characteristics, although the backpack did not restrict the size of the items and the number could also be stacked, the weight was limited.
One had to eat the fruit of the Tree of Strength to increase the weight.

He controlled the game character to return to the ranch, took out the wood, and put it down.
He especially placed the Quality 3 yellow rosewood aside and entered the game with a thought.

The wood material that appeared in front of him was no longer a cartoon from the game.
It was real wood.

Qin Lin immediately looked at the Quality 3 rosewood, but when he saw the notification, he was dumbfounded.

[Chinese Rosewood: Quality 3]

[This is wood cut from a special rosewood tree.
Hollow rot +3!]

“???” Qin Lin didn’t know what to say for a moment.

Hollow Rot +3?

Quality 3 had negative attributes?

Wasn’t it just a piece of rotten wood?

He recalled the game’s mystery box opening.
The top-grade attribute was to reduce health points every second.
If this thing was opened, it would be the fate of being broken down into materials by the players.

Qin Lin raised his foot and stepped on it.
As expected, this Quality 3 rosewood directly broke and shattered, revealing the hollow rotten wood.

This stupid game planner was teasing people.

He immediately made contact with other rosewood and oak.

[Chinese Rosewood: Quality 1]

[This is wood cut from a special rosewood tree: Fragrance reduction +1, wood hardness +1, texture perception +1, insect repellent +1.]

This was the normal attribute addition.

The deodorant fragrance was a unique smell of rosewood.
It was a spicy and unpleasant wood smell that slowly turned into a delicate fragrance over time.

Hard wood was also a characteristic of rosewood.
This was also the result of the older the tree, the denser it was.
There was naturally no need to mention the texture and perception.
Most of the wood used to make furniture was also one of the necessary conditions.

Insect repellent had the same effect as mosquito incense.
Many people would scrape rosewood into powder incense to purify the air and chase away mosquitoes.

It was rumored that this rosewood tree had some special effects beyond a certain age.
He wondered if it was true.

The rosewood he had obtained did not have any of such special effects.

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