When Chen Shengfei heard Qin Lin’s words, he immediately smiled and said, “Boss Qin, you’ve asked the right person.
Do you know who my uncle is? He’s Master Chen Fengwu, the president of Min Province’s Calligraphy Association.
Leave your matter to me.
When the time comes, I’ll get someone to design the inscription into a template blueprint and send it to you.
You can just get someone to make it according to the template blueprint.”

Chen Shengfei took care of everything.

Moreover, the president of Min Province’s Calligraphy Association was obviously generous enough.

He did not stand on ceremony with Chen Shengfei.
He would treat him well when he came to the villa again.

After settling the problem of the inscription and template, Qin Lin thought of the wood processor in the game.

Most of the buildings in the villa were special wooden and bamboo landscape buildings.
The sign was naturally made of wood.

He remembered that in the game, the wood processor could use blueprints for woodworking.

If he used a wooden sign, he should be able to work with this processor, right? He just didn’t know how good the sign made by the wood processor in the game was.

Qin Lin immediately went online and downloaded some of the company’s ‘signature’ blueprints.
Then, he locked the office and entered the game.

He put the printed designs into the toolbox and exited the game with another thought.

Qin Lin looked at the game character controlled by the screen in his mind.
Indeed, there were some more blueprints in the toolbox.
He directly controlled the game character to bring those blueprints to the machine experience center.

When he arrived at the wood processor, a series of operations prompted him:

[You lack the wood to build your sign! You can take the tools and axes of the ranch and go to Mount Notre Dame to get wood!]

Seeing the notification, Qin Lin controlled the game character to return to the ranch.
He picked up the ax and headed to Mount Notre Dame.

In the old version of Ranches Story, wood could be obtained by directly hacking at a tree stump on the field of the ranch.
It could even be directly lifted up with dead branches and placed in the delivery box for sale.
The later versions did not have much improvement in this regard.

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The new version has improved greatly in this aspect.
It could actually cut wood by itself.

After entering Mount Notre Dame, Qin Lin controlled the game character to go to a tree and wanted to cut it down, but there was no movement.
This didn’t seem to be a tree that could be cut down easily.

He reached a few more trees.
Still no response.

After checking more than a dozen trees in a row, he finally received a notification:

[An oak tree has been found that can be cut!]

This time, Qin Lin controlled his game character to react.
He swung his axe at the oak tree, and the oak tree trembled.

It seemed that only trees specially refreshed by the system could be cut down.

After a dozen slashes, the oak tree in the game collapsed, and three more sets of wood were added to the ground.

Qin Lin controlled his game character to step forward and put the wood into his backpack.

[Congratulations on obtaining an ordinary oak wood!]

[Congratulations on obtaining an ordinary oak wood!]

[Congratulations on obtaining a Quality 1 oak wood!]

Qin Lin was stunned when he saw the last notification.

Wood also has Quality 1?

Then would it also have Quality 2?

That seemed rather cool.

It had to be known that now that the natural forest had completely stopped logging, even the trees planted by the farmers would face jail time.

In reality, good wood was getting harder and harder to find, especially in the wild.

What was the most abundant in Mount Notre Dame? Trees!

If he could get some Quality 2 wood, not only could he use the wood processing machine as a signboard, but he could also make all kinds of furniture, right?

Thinking about it, some of the furniture made of high-grade wood on the market was expensive.
Many of them were even out of print.

Qin Lin immediately controlled his game character to continue deeper into Mount Notre Dame.
A moment later, he received another message:

[An English yew has been discovered.
It can be cut!]

“???” Qin Lin was immediately shocked.

An English yew?

Wasn’t this giving him free lunch for three years?

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