Li Qing explained again, “Dad, others can’t even beg for this wine, but I’m different.”

“You don’t know, but Boss Qin is also a wonderful person.
His attainments in wine are even higher than mine.
We appreciate each other and have become close friends.
Boss Qin only has two bottles of wine of this level left.
I’ve already begged him for them.”

“I sent two bottles of wine to you and Grandpa as soon as I got back.
I didn’t dare keep anything to myself.”

Li Zhen nodded when he heard this.
“At least you’re filial.
Let me try this wine first.”

“Dad, let me get you a cup.” Li Qing smiled as he took it and handed it over.

Li Zhen took the glass and poured himself a drink.

Almost instantly, his eyes lit up.
The effect of the wine was so strong that it didn’t take long for him to feel the warmth.
He felt very comfortable.

This effect was indeed stronger than that of the two Chinese medicine aristocratic families in the province.

“How long will it take for Boss Qin to make a batch of this wine?” Li Zhen couldn’t help but ask.
Since his son had a good relationship with Boss Qin, it would be easier to ask Boss Qin for wine in the future than to look for the two Chinese medicine aristocratic families in Min Province, right?

Li Qing had no idea how long it would take for Qin Lin to produce a batch.
He could only explain, “Dad, I didn’t ask Boss Qin how long it would take to produce a batch.
It’s not good for me to ask about such things.”

“However, Boss Qin’s wine cellar has a batch of 30-year-old, 25-year-old, and 20-year-old wines this time.
Boss Qin specially used 10 catties of 30-year-old and 45 catties of 20-year-old wine to brew this medicinal wine.
A batch shouldn’t take too long to make.”

“Now that Boss Qin is in trouble, if we can help him resolve it, I should be able to get some of this batch of wine.”

When Li Zhen heard this, he thought for a moment and asked, “Which side is the trouble? If it’s not against the rules, I’ll get your brother to call and say hello.
If the worst comes to worst, I’ll get your brother to come personally.”

Li Qing hurriedly said, “Dad, you’re mistaken.
It’s not about that.
Boss Qin keeps a low profile and never causes trouble.”

“You and Big Brother can’t help him either.
There’s a problem with a seed that Boss Qin is researching.
He needs Uncle’s help to take a look, but it’s not like Uncle can leave just like that.”

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“That’s it?” Li Zhen was a little stunned.
He thought it would be more troublesome, so he immediately said, “Leave this to me.
I’ll call the research institute later.”

In Qinglin Villa.

After Li Qing left, Qin Lin took the book on cultivating watermelon seeds and studied it for more than an hour.

In the end, he still could not figure out any reason.
He could only go back to the office helplessly and wait for Li Qing to bring Uncle Fang over to see if he could help him solve this problem.
Otherwise, he could only start over again and repeat the experiment.

After returning to the office, Zhao Moqing looked for him.
“Qin Lin, I want you to sign this document.”

Qin Lin took the document and looked at it.
It was about the winery employee’s salary increase.

The winery now belonged to Qinglin Villa.
Master Zhang and the others were naturally employees of the villa.
In the future, their salaries would also be paid by the villa’s accounts.

“Eh, was Master Zhang’s salary so low in the past?” Qin Lin was shocked to see the original salary of those teachers.
It was only 3,500 yuan, and Master Zhang only had 4,500 yuan.

He had checked this information when he agreed to take over the winery.
He knew that in those wineries in the country, inexperienced new employees also earned 3,500 yuan a month.
Their experience was around 5,500 to 7,500 yuan after more than three years, and those old masters who had been there for more than ten years basically earned more than 10,000 yuan.

Although the salary in Youcheng County was generally low, wasn’t it too low?

It was hard for those old masters like Master Zhang to stay in the winery.
If it were any other young people, they would have given it a try.

Now, Zhao Moqing’s salary plan was to raise the salary of those old masters to 5,500 yuan.
Master Zhang’s salary was 6,500 yuan, which was the basic salary.
After that, the winery would give a commission for the wine.

Neither he nor Zhao Moqing liked to give their employees a fixed salary.
They preferred to give their employees a commission so that their employees would be linked to the income of the villa.
The higher the income of the villa, the higher their salary.

This way, it would motivate the employees and make them feel a sense of belonging.
The price was that the villa would earn less money every month.

But sometimes, it was difficult to tell if it was a loss or a gain.

Qin Lin picked up a pen and signed the document.

After Zhao Moqing took the document, he said, “By the way, there’s one more thing.
The winery has been merged into the villa, and there’s also a signboard.
Also, the signboard of the villa is different from the signboard of the new entrance.”

“The key is that I don’t think two signs are high-end enough.
Should we hire a calligraphy expert to carry a word as a template? Then, we can specially hire someone to build a sign.”

“That’s true.
I’ll ask Mr.
Chen about this and see if he knows anyone in this field.” Qin Lin nodded.
He still had to do these things, but he didn’t know any calligraphy masters at all.

After all, he was looking for the kind of real calligraphy master who wrote words that looked ancient and elegant.
He was not looking for the kind of master who closed his eyes and roared in a certain voice and said, “I can do it too.”

After Zhao Moqing left the office, Qin Lin took out his phone and called Chen Shengfei.
He asked, “Mr.
Chen, I want to make two signs for the villa.
Do you know a calligraphy master who can inscribe?”

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