After receiving Qin Lin’s approval, Zhuang Rui also took a set of photos of the wine cellar and uploaded them to WeChat.
He wrote the title: “The 60-year-old wine cellar of Qinglin Villa.
I’m very envious.
I really want to have a taste.”

Obviously, Zhuang Rui was not taking advantage of the photos.

Taking advantage of photos referred to writing a guide title after posting some photos, making people misunderstand that the things in the photos were related to themselves.

For example, he could take photos of luxury cars, post other people’s cars on his WeChat Moments, and use sentences to mislead others into thinking that it was his car.

Naturally, this was just a low-level photo.
The high-level ones were to take Ma Yun’s photo and post it on their Moments to mislead people into thinking that they knew Ma Yun and then scam millions of yuan.

Master Zhang brought out the 30-year-old, 25-year-old, and 20-year-old wine that he had opened yesterday.
He carefully placed the wine in front of the mixing equipment.

“Master Zhang, bring in the mixed wine,” Li Qing instructed Master Zhang before squatting in front of the jars of wine and carefully opening them again.

Zhuang Rui came over personally because he was curious about the Qinglin Medicinal Wine.
He immediately walked to Li Qing’s side and said, “It’s rare to see Young Master Li personally mixing the original wine.
This wine should be quite old, right?”

Li Qing teased, “These are all old wines.
This jar is 30 years old.
If you can find this kind of wine, I’ll personally mix it for you.”

When Zhuang Rui heard this, he could only say helplessly, “That will have to wait 20 years.”

What a joke.
Was 30-year-old wine so easy to get? He couldn’t buy it even if he wanted to.
Any company that had wine of this age would have stepped up their publicity long ago.
It was impossible to sell it to other companies.

Even those old brands that were 30 years old were rare.
They were basically divided up as soon as they left the market.

Their Hengzhuang Liquor Company had just developed not long ago.
It turned out that they were still mixing in mid-grade liquor.
In the beginning, they were particular about benefits.
It was impossible for them to have an old liquor plan.

It was only 10 years ago that his company had started the old wine storage program.

Now, the reason why his wine could squeeze into high-end wines was also because of the 10-year-old wine.


A 30-year-old wine? He would have to wait another 20 years, wouldn’t he?

“I wonder if you’ll still be around in 20 years,” Li Qing asked seriously.

Zhuang Rui didn’t know how to respond, so he said stubbornly, “I still have a son.
I’ll tell him to remember.”

Li Qing smiled, took a mixing equipment, and began to work.

The mixing of the two liquors did not seem very difficult.
It was just a matter of mixing the two liquors together to lower the alcohol content to a drinkable level, then pouring it into the air-sealed storage jars.

However, there were times when things that looked very simple were very profound.
Different people often had different textures and wine fragrance.

However, Zhuang Rui could not help but take out his phone and take a video of the few jars of wine.
He posted it on his WeChat Moments again: Qinglin Villa produced six jars of 1,200 catties of old wine at once.
There was also a jar of 30-year-old wine.
I’m super envious.

Then, he put down his equipment, took the cup beside him, and filled a small cup with the wine that Li Qing had mixed.

“This wine fragrance…” Zhuang Rui could not help but drink it in one gulp when he smelled it.
He said in an intoxicated manner, “A 30-year-old wine, coupled with the wine that Young Master Li personally mixed.
It’s really amazing.
I hope my winery can have this wine 20 years later.”

After spending half a day, Li Qing mixed the 30-year-old original wine and poured it into the wine jar.
The original 200 catties of 30-year-old original wine also became 284 catties of 54% white wine.

84 catties of ordinary wine had also completely advanced to a 30-year-old wine.

After mixing, Qin Lin and Master Zhang immediately sealed the special wine storage jar.
This wine could be filled with wine bottles and sold to the public.

Moreover, it was time to get someone to order this wine bottle.
In the future, there would definitely be a new wine bottle for the wine produced by this wine factory.
At that time, ordinary Qinglin Wine would have to be mass-produced.
It was impossible to rely on games.

The most important thing was to put up the Qinglin brand.
This bottle of ordinary Qinglin wine could not be used casually.
The design had to be more high-end and stylish.
He wondered if there was any company in Youcheng County that could satisfy his requirements.

Qin Ren’s studio could help him bid for this.

Li Qing had already started mixing the second jar of 25-year-old wine.

It was not until noon that Li Qing finished mixing all six jars of aged wine.
Then, he stood up and stretched.
He did not forget to say to Qin Lin, “Boss Qin, don’t forget four bottles of 20-year-old medicinal wine in silver bottles.”

Qin Lin went forward and handed Li Qing a glass of water.
“Give it to Mr.
Li when we get back.”

Li Qing was stunned and asked, “Give it to me immediately when we get back? I knew Boss Qin must have it in stock.”

Previously, he, Chen Shengfei, and Ma Liewen did not believe that the other party only had a bottle of silver.

“There are only four bottles.
I’ll give them all to you,” Qin Lin said seriously.

“Boss Qin, I believe you!” Li Qing said seriously.

Qin Lin smiled and instructed Master Zhang, “Find me a container.
I want to store some wine and bring it back to brew medicinal wine.
Help me store… 10 catties of 30-year-old wine and 45 catties of 20-year-old wine.”

This wine was naturally used to soak the wild ginseng and the nine bitter ginseng.

Initially, his first thought was to brew it all in 30-year-old wine.
However, when he thought about the price of 20,000 to 30,000 yuan for Maotai 30-year-old wine, it was too extravagant to use 30-year-old wine for treating hemorrhoids.

Even a 20-year-old Maotai would cost at least 6,000 yuan a bottle.
It seemed to be very extravagant to soak the bitter ginseng in 20 years of medicinal wine.

But when he thought of the pain of hemorrhoids, it seemed that 6,000 yuan for an effective bottle of medicinal wine was barely acceptable.

Master Zhang immediately went to find a few small containers and filled them with 30-year-old and 20-year-old wine jars.

Several small containers were placed separately.
Qin Lin’s car could still fit them.

After moving these small containers into the car, Qin Lin told Master Zhang some follow-up matters and left the winery with Li Qing to return to the villa.

However, at the same time, news about the medicinal wine of Qinglin Villa quickly spread in the Ming City:

The reason why Qinglin Villa could brew the Qinglin Medicine Wine was because it had an old wine cellar that was more than 60 years old.
Moreover, it was a middle cellar.

The old wine cellar of Qinglin Villa even produced 1,200 catties of aged wine today.
There was even a jar of 30-year-old wine.

This was naturally because of Tang Rui.
He had posted two WeChat moments, and most of his friends were in the wine industry.
It was difficult not to be followed after posting those two moments.

When they saw him, they understood.
It was no wonder that the Qinglin Medicine Wine could be so expensive.

When Zhuang Rui followed them to Qinglin Villa, he took out his WeChat and saw that it was already filled with messages asking about the Qinglin Medicine Wine.
It could be seen how popular the wine was.

Some people even asked where the Qinglin Villa winery was and expressed their desire to visit it.

Zhuang Rui couldn’t even be bothered to reply to this question.
If he did, he would be causing trouble for himself.
The person who asked this wasn’t worthy either.

Did he think he could visit other people’s winery as he pleased?

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