This was also why 20-year-old wine was so much more expensive than 10-year-old wine on the market.

However, in recent years, many sober people who thought that they were knowledgeable objected.
The longer they advocated alcohol, the better.

They would raise all kinds of scientific arguments.

For example, equipment consumption, damage, and aging would cause the reaction in the wine to stop.
The medicinal wine materials would also be affected by the environment, the seal, and the climate.
After a long time, the effect would decrease… These were all validations.
They even did scientific experiments.

In any case, when the wine reached a certain age, it would have the best taste in about 10 years.
If it was stored any longer, the taste would start to deteriorate.
It was purely a tax on intelligence.

However, these people did not understand that the 100-year-old wine and 100-year-old medicinal wine were just casually mentioned.

If a rich man was willing to spend millions on a 100-year-old wine, was he more sober or stupid than these people?

The longer the wine was, the more expensive it would be.
Apart from the fact that the longer the wine was, the better the precipitation and the better the texture, another reason was that after a long time, these sober people would appear.
Hard to preserve was also one of the reasons for its high value.

If it was so easy to preserve wine for 100 years and become a true 100-year-old wine, then the 100-year-old wine would not be so valuable.

Rich people would spend millions on real 100-year-old wine, but they wouldn’t spend millions on those 100-year-old wines that had problems midway.

He should have figured out the difference.

After Chen Shengfei and Ma Liewen drank the wine, they did not want to say anything else and directly handed the cup to Li Qing.

Then the meaning was clear.
He wanted another drink.

Not to mention the effect of the wine, just the taste alone was much better than before.
It seemed to be even better than those branded 20-year-old wines that cost 20,000 to 30,000 yuan each.

Even if it wasn’t medicinal wine, this texture could make one’s mouth water.


Seeing this, Li Qing said kindly, “Old Chen, Old Ma, this medicinal wine is very nourishing.
It’s not dark at noon yet, so it’s not good to nourish it too much.”

These words made the three women blush slightly.

They all knew the effects of the medicinal wine.
After all, they were beneficiaries of their husband’s drinking.

When Chen Shengfei heard this, he put down his wine glass.
This was because he had tried how uncomfortable it was to drink too much before.
It was not that he was drunk, but in some ways…

“Young Master Li, President Chen, President Ma.” Liu Yi walked over, making Li Qing and the others look at him.

Ma Liewen teased, “What? President Liu didn’t get any wine from Boss Qin?”

They had all seen Liu Yi’s actions just now.
Moreover, they also wanted to see if Liu Yi could get some wine from Boss Qin.

If Liu Yi could ask for wine, there was no reason why they couldn’t get it after knowing Boss Qin for so long.

Liu Yi sighed and explained, “Boss Qin said that there’s only one bottle of this silver-bottle wine now.
Young Master Li won it, so we will only have it in the future.”

Liu Yi sighed and explained, “Boss Qin said that there’s only one bottle of this silver-bottle wine now.
Young Master Li won it and will only have it in the future.”

Boss Qin would naturally take it out when he wanted to take it out.

“President Liu, would you like to have a drink?” Li Qing asked Liu Yi.
Wasn’t this the purpose of the other party coming over?

“Thank you, Young Master Li.” Liu Yi extended his glass with a smile.

After Li Qing poured him a glass, he immediately capped the bottle.

The wine was sealed.
He wanted to savor it slowly.
He could not waste it here anymore.

Liu Yi had already picked up his wine glass and tasted it.
After drinking the wine, he could tell from his expression that the wine was completely unexpected.

“It’s really a pity that we can’t get such good wine.” Liu Yi sighed a little.
Don’t think that a tycoon like him was the envy of countless people.
They thought that he could buy anything with money.
Even a woman’s feelings could only be obtained by spending hundreds of thousands.

But there were really some things in this world that they could not buy even if they had money.

Today, he knew one more thing that money could not buy, and that was the silver bottle of medicinal wine in Qinglin Villa.

Liu Yi returned to his table, still feeling unsatisfied.

He looked at the bronze medicinal wine in front of him.
This wine was good, but it was still far inferior.

After the meal, Liu Yi left with regret.

Li Qing and the others went to drift.
After all, they had drunk a lot of medicinal wine.
It was not easy to do some things in broad daylight, so they could only exercise and exhaust themselves.

Drifting could take a lot of effort.

Qin Lin had already prepared the tickets for them.

Another night passed.

The lucky draw event ended yesterday, and the villa’s turnover reached its highest point, breaking through 1.5 million yuan.

On the first morning after the event, the tourists showed no further signs of bursting with activity time.

However, this lucky draw event was very popular, and Qinglin Villa’s popularity increased further.

After lunch, Chen Shengfei and Ma Liewen also consumed the last winning spot.

They did not manage to buy a spot on the third day.
The tourists who won either did not sell or were bought by Zhao Furong without a set meal.
Moreover, the price was raised a lot in the end.

That was probably what Ma Liewen meant about real estate people with an upstart style.

After Chen Shengfei and Ma Liewen finished their last set meal, they left with their wives.

To Qin Lin’s surprise, Li Qing did not leave.
Instead, he stayed with his wife, Lin Liu.

“Boss Qin, I’ll be here for a few more days.” Li Qing said to Qin Lin with a smile, “I want to see what’s hidden in the winery after you sign the contract with Youcheng County.”

“???” Qin Lin was puzzled.
“There’s something hidden in the winery?”

Li Qing explained with a smile, “There might be a cellar.
When I checked the wine cellar, I found that there was an empty floor below.
When I discovered it, I noticed that Master Zhang’s expression was a little abnormal.
He even hurriedly changed the topic.
This old master has a secret.”

“There’s such a thing?” Qin Lin was a little surprised.
He was curious about what Li Qing had said.

Over the next two days, the tourists in the villa slowly began to stabilize.

Qin Lin also asked Qin Ren’s studio for help to start filming high-quality promotional videos to maintain the popularity.

The Triangular Plum Blossom Sea had many system-enhanced attributes such as “blossoming, ornamental, attractive, entry, and ecological harmony”.
It was still the mainstream publicity.

With these game attributes, the videos produced were beautiful and attractive.
Tourists were inevitably attracted.
Coupled with the interactive videos of Red Hair and the little squirrels, it added to the fun.

The drifting project naturally improved a lot.
It was a pity that it was not summer.
Otherwise, a big battle on the water should be more attractive.
Then, it would be more effective in complementing the Sea of Flowers.

Two days later.

Qin Lin moved the items from the game to the villa early in the morning before returning to his office.
He realized that Zhao Moqing had already arrived.

“They’ve already done the statistics.” Zhao Moqing handed a set of statistics to Qin Lin.

It was a list of tourist statistics after the event.

The villa had been receiving about 4,000 tourists every day for the past two days.

However, this was only the end of the event after all.
After that, it would steadily decrease.

According to statistical estimates, as long as they posted videos diligently and maintained a certain popularity, they would eventually maintain an average daily visitor count of 3,000.

This was already a huge increase from the previous 1,500.

Qin Lin was also satisfied with this.
He smiled and said, “Everyone is very busy this time.
Tell everyone to get an additional bonus this month.
At the same time, tell everyone not to slack off on their service.”

“Yes, I’ll tell everyone the good news.” Zhao Moqing nodded.
The villa was indeed very busy during the activity period.
Everyone was exhausted and inevitably slacked off for the past two days.

Therefore, a bonus was necessary at this time to stir up everyone’s enthusiasm again.

After Zhao Moqing left, Qin Lin turned on his computer to deal with some matters in the villa.
He also looked at the screen in his mind and controlled his game character to play.

First, he fished and caught all 35 respawned fish.
Then, he controlled the game character to head to Mount Notre Dame.

This time, when he entered Mount Notre Dame, he was surprised to find that another mountain product had been refreshed.
Furthermore, this time, it didn’t seem to be Cherokee roses and myrtle.
Instead, it was a cartoon icon of a radish.

[Congratulations on obtaining a wild ginseng!]

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