Liu, welcome.
This is my business card.
If you have any instructions in the villa, you can call me directly.”

The other party was a tycoon of this level, so he had to give him face.

Moreover, the other party did not give him an uncomfortable feeling on their first meeting.

Politeness and respect were given to each other.

Take Lu Jianxian for example.
Even if he was smiling at you, you could still feel the fake and uncomfortable feeling.

Liu Yi took the business card and put it away solemnly in front of Qin Lin.
Then, he asked, “Boss Qin, do you still have the wine you gave Young Master Li just now? I also want to beg for a bottle.”

Qin Lin had actually already guessed Liu Yi’s motive.
He smiled and said, “Mr.
Liu, if there’s still that wine, I’m naturally willing to sell you a bottle.
However, that silver wine is rarer than the copper wine.
I only have this bottle for the time being because I made a bet with Mr.
Li and he has earned it as a prize.
However, there’s a lot of bronze wine.
If there’s more, I can inform Mr.

He gave Liu Yi face first and did not completely reject him.
For the time being, there was only one bottle of silver, which meant that there would be more later.

As for when it would be available, it would depend on his mood and how many mountain goods spawned in the game.

“Thank you, Boss Qin.
I hope you can give me another bottle of this silver wine in the future.” Liu Yi sighed when he heard Qin Lin’s words and didn’t insist.

He knew that this kind of wine was indeed rare.
He also knew that Boss Qin must have some in stock, but it was one thing to beg for it.

Was there really no stock of medicinal wine produced by the two families of traditional Chinese medicine in Min Province every year?

That was impossible.

However, they had to do it as a favor.
After all, they still had to maintain their friendship with some people.
It was impossible for them not to leave any alcohol behind.

Others could not ask for it because their friendship was not there, or their status was not there.

At the other table.

Li Qing immediately poured a small glass for himself, Chen Shengfei, and the others.

However, Chen Shengfei and Ma Liewen were like two children waiting for a drink.
As soon as the wine was poured, they picked it up and drank it.

Li Qing, on the other hand, picked up the wine as usual.

One small sip and he could taste the difference in the wine.

It was indeed old wine, at least twenty years old.
The taste was so much stronger than that of the 10-year-old bronze wine.

It wasn’t just the texture.
He could feel that the herbs had also fused more perfectly with the wine.
The effect was even faster.

All in all, a 10-year one was not in the same league as a 20-year one.

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