uce you to each other.
Li, Mr.
Chen, Mr.
Ma, this is Chief Chen from the Youcheng County Tourism Bureau.”

Chen Li immediately said to Chen Shengfei and the other two with a smile, “Youcheng County welcomes the three of you to travel.”

“Chief Chen is too polite.” Chen Shengfei could tell that this Chief Chen had an extraordinary relationship with Boss Qin, so he replied politely.

Ma Liewen and Li Qing did the same.

They didn’t care about the chief of the Tourism Bureau of a small county, but they gave Boss Qin face.

Qin Lin asked Chen Li to sit down and poured him a cup of tea before asking, “Chief Chen, why did you come all the way here?”

I wonder if Boss Qin is interested in taking over a winery in the county?” Chen Li came over because of the winery in the county.

In order to convince Qin Lin, he had prepared information and excuses for the entire night.

“Take over the winery?” Qin Lin was a little surprised.
He had never thought about this before.
After all, he knew nothing about wine.

However, he was not stupid.
On careful thought, he could roughly guess what was going on.
The county must have taken a fancy to the current reputation of the Qinglin Medicine Wine.

Chen Li immediately nodded and said, “There’s an old winery in the county.
If Boss Qin is interested, the county can sell it to Boss Qin at the lowest price.
Moreover, the winery will be tax-free for three years.”

“Chief Chen, tell me in detail.” Qin Lin didn’t directly refuse or agree.

It was sold at the lowest price and tax-free for three years.
It was obvious that this winery was not well run.
It was definitely a burden on the county.

Now, they probably thought that he knew how to make wine and could make a winery, so they wanted him to take over.

But the county was obviously asking the wrong person.
He did not know anything about alcohol.

However, Chen Li didn’t know what Qin Lin was thinking and explained, “Boss Qin, actually, the wine brewed by this wine factory in the county has always been good.
It was brewed by more than ten old masters with special skills, but it’s not famous at all and couldn’t be publicized.
Moreover, there’s a wine cellar in the wine factory that has been around for decades.”

“A decades-old wine cellar?” Li Qing exclaimed.

In addition to the ingredients, the wine cellar was also very important.

A good wine cellar is also an important prerequisite for producing strong-smelling wines, especially strong-smelling white wine.

Because there were a wide variety of microbial communities that had different functions and were beneficial to brewing in the cellars and mud, only with high-quality cellars and mud could good wine be produced.
Therefore, the longer the cellars were, the better.

A thousand-year-old cellar is worse than a ten thousand-year-old cellar.
The wine is good because the cellar is old! This was talking about the wine pool and the wine trough in the wine cellar.

If you really wanted to know how much the winemakers’ technology was worth, you might as well ask if they had a few more valuable old wine cellars.

Nowadays, many companies use new cellars to make wine.
Thick fragrant wine could not reach the standard of T10781.1.

And decades of old cellars were rare enough.

At the thought of this, Li Qing couldn’t help but say to Qin Lin, “Boss Qin, you’re also someone who knows wine.
A wine cellar that has been around for decades is rare.
Why don’t we go take a look together?”

When Qin Lin heard this, he really wanted to say, “Mr.
Li, you’ve misunderstood.
I really don’t know how to drink.”

However, he understood what Li Qing meant.
A wine cellar that had been around for decades was a good thing.

Moreover, he had heard that the wine he bought in the countryside might not be inferior to those brands.
Many people would rather go to the countryside to buy their own wine.

If this wine cellar was really something good, he really didn’t mind taking it over.
After all, it would be more convenient for him to get the Qinglin Medicine Wine in the future, and it would also be easier to conceal it from the outside world.

He remembered that in Ranches Story, Ore Town had a wine recipe.
It seemed to be grape wine.
Other versions had the same recipe.
If he could get it, this wine cellar would be useful again.

Moreover, with an expert like Li Qing here, it would be a pity not to make use of him.
Li Qing could tell if there was a problem with the winery.

Thinking of this, he said to Li Qing, “Mr.
Li, let’s go and take a look.
Besides, since you’re so interested, how about I give you a stake?”

“What kind?” Li Qing was interested.

Qin Lin smiled and said, “A bottle of medicinal wine in an ancient silver bottle.”

Li Qing’s attention was caught.
“Medicinal wine in an ancient silver bottle?”

Qin Lin smiled and said, “Gold, silver, and copper.
Copper is naturally the lowest grade.”

“Silver-bottled wine is better than bronze?” Li Qing’s eyes instantly lit up, even a little hot.

There was no need to mention the effects of this medicinal wine.
The taste of the 10-year-old medicinal wine yesterday was already very good.
Now that Boss Qin said that it was only the lowest grade, wouldn’t it be at the level of old wine if there were higher grade silver bottles?

Li Qing immediately said impatiently, “Boss Qin, how can I get this prize?”

Chen Shengfei and Ma Liewen also looked over.

If it was gold, silver, and copper, and there were copper and silver, then there was also gold, right? So what kind of wine was it?

Li Qing was right.
Boss Qin hid a lot of good stuff.

When Qin Lin heard Li Qing’s words, he smiled and said, “Mr.
Li, when we go to the wine factory later, I won’t say anything.
You can check the wine cellar and wine of the wine factory and evaluate the wine.
Let’s see how far your evaluation is from mine.
If you can do it as well as mine, then I’ll give you a bottle of medicinal wine in an ancient silver bottle.”

When Li Qing heard this, he said decisively, “Boss Qin, even I can’t compare to you in brewing wine.
However, if you want to taste wine and verify the winery, then if I, Li Qing, say that I’m second in the province, then no one will dare to say that they’re first.
I’ll definitely take your prize.”

Qin Lin smiled.
He wanted him to be so confident!

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