How had he found the watermelons?

Lin Wanwan looked at Lu Zhanbei in surprise.
“You were still so childish?”

“I was four or five years old then.
I was a child to begin with.”

Song Jiatong’s face was a little embarrassed.
“Brother Zhanbei, Lin Wanwan doesn’t deserve you at all.”

“That’s my business.
If you come to the set to cause trouble for Lin Wanwan again in the future, don’t call me brother again.”

In an instant, song Jiatong’s face turned pale.

Seeing her like this, Fu Wanyi sighed.

She liked this lively girl who liked to act coquettishly.
Back then, when she and Lu Zhengyu divorced, Fu Zhaoning was only gloating.
However, song Jiatong deliberately ran over to comfort her.

“Brother Zhanbei, I hate you!”After saying this, song Jiatong covered her face and ran out.

Fu Wanyi waved her hand.
“You guys can go back too.”

“Aunty, wait for me for a while.”

Lin Wanwan seemed to have suddenly thought of something and jogged out.
When she returned, there was a three-layered lunch box in her hand.
“This is a snack that aunt ai newly researched.
I tried to make it.
The taste is not bad.
Try It.”

Fu Wanyi was stunned.
She nodded with a normal expression.
“Thank you.”

“Goodbye, Aunt.”

Fu Wanyi watched the two of them disappear.
The corner of her lips curled up slightly.

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It had to be said that Lin Wanwan’s EQ was very high.

As long as she wanted to please someone, it was very easy to succeed.


These words also interested Chen Shengfei and Ma Liewen.

Chen Shengfei said, “That’s right, try this melon!”

“I’ll pick one myself.” Ma Liewen tapped one of those watermelons.
He looked at it and picked it.
No one knew if he understood which one was ripe.

However, judging by the way he chose a few and gave up, he couldn’t tell.

Qin Lin actually knew that the taste of these melons was only Quality 1.

A Quality 2 seed could only grow a Quality 2 watermelon at Level 3 in the game.
Outside, its attributes would decrease.

However, he did not expose them.
Instead, he carried two watermelons and led Li Qing and Chen Shengfei to the kitchen in the hall.

There was a new kitchen over at the dining room.
Moreover, the tools and kitchenware were new.
Although Master Lin had brought everyone over there, it did not mean that this kitchen was abandoned.
It still worked.

Moreover, Master Lin would still bring people to clean the kitchen.

Qin Lin placed the two watermelons in the pool and washed them.
Then, he took a knife and cut open both watermelons.
Then, he cut them into pieces and handed them to Li Qing, Chen Shengfei, and the others.

Chen Shengfei and the others also tasted the melon.

A moment later, Chen Shengfei said, “It tastes good, but it seems to be a lot worse than the 200 yuan per catty…”

Ma Liewen nodded.
“It’s a lot worse.”

Watermelons of Quality 1 were more delicious than ordinary watermelons, but Chen Shengfei and the others had already eaten watermelons of Quality 2.
Previously, Ma Liewen had bought more than 100 watermelons for his activities.
Tang Wan, who had never been here, had also eaten watermelons of Quality 2.

Therefore, this Quality 1 watermelon did not surprise them too much.

Tang Wan suddenly said, “But it’s still better than the ones sold at Li Fei’s.”

Chu Qing nodded and said, “Indeed, Li Fei’s things are always so good and expensive, but none of them are as delicious as Boss Qin’s.
I wonder if he used inferior products to fool us in the past.”

The two women obviously had something against Li Fei.

After all, they had spent a lot of money on Li Fei in the past.
Now that they realized that the other party’s things were only so-so, they were naturally a little dissatisfied.

Lin Liu said, “Li Fei sells luxury goods, so they look good.
Boss Qin’s goods are all practical.
Are those luxury goods you bought durable? They only look good.”

Hearing this, Tang Wan and Chu Qing looked at each other.

Could such an analogy be used?

It seemed to make sense.

“How do you think this melon compares to that Black Beauty and Qilin Watermelon from Watermelon County?” Li Qing suddenly asked.

“Eh, it’s much more delicious.” When Chen Shengfei heard this, he immediately understood what Li Qing meant.
He remembered that there was a produce company that sold watermelons.
Its market value was not low.

Ma Liewen also said, “This is competitiveness.
It seems that there aren’t any watermelon production bases under Ming City.
Boss Qin, try your best to cultivate these watermelon seeds.
Just keeping this taste alone will make you rich.”

Even their wives understood their conversation.

They didn’t know about Watermelon County, but they knew that Boss Qin’s watermelons tasted much better than ordinary watermelons.
They would definitely be very popular after planting them and wouldn’t have to worry about selling them.

“Youcheng County is really lucky to have you here, Mr.
Qin.” Li Qing looked at Qin Lin and sighed.

Because of his family, he naturally knew that once this watermelon could be mass-produced, it would not only bring Boss Qin’s financial income.

After this melon was cultivated, Youcheng County should worship him.

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