The funds in the villa’s account had exceeded 10 million yuan, not because the villa had only earned 10 million yuan after such a long time.

Previously, before the Qinglin Food Company’s enterprise guidance fund in the county arrived, it was invested by the villa.
It had cost a lot.

In addition, there was also the upfront funds for the 20-acre manor villa project that was still being built.
This was also invested in.

Moreover, valuations are important now.
With Qinglin Villa’s current turnover and popularity, its valuation would definitely not be low.

If he released the news that he was going to sell Qinglin Villa, many people would come to compete with him the next day with a high price.
Moreover, the price would be unimaginable.

On the other hand, he now had 10 million yuan.
With sufficient funds, the aquarium project could start immediately.
Moreover, the new plan for the ranch on Sun Ming’s side was about to be released.

At that time, even if there was not enough land left in the villa to add the racetrack according to his request, he would have enough money to rent land.

Qin Lin said to the three accountants, “Everyone has worked hard.
If you’re done, get off work!”

The three accountants left the office happily.

Who wouldn’t be happy after work?

After the office door was closed, Qin Lin went forward and pulled Zhao Moqing up.
“You’ve worked hard too.
I’ll give you a massage when we get back!”

“Hmph, at least you have a conscience.” Zhao Moqing snorted arrogantly.

However, Qin Lin teased, “I’ll serve you well and wipe your back…”

“You…” Zhao Moqing rolled her eyes at Qin Lin, then took the initiative to hug his arm and walk out.

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The romance between husband and wife was enjoyed by both of them.

On the other side.

Wang Yang was enjoying himself even more.

In the bathroom, he truly felt the effects of the Qinglin Medicine Wine.
His face was filled with disbelief and excitement.

That sense of explosion.

He felt that he could ask for two women the next time he held a party.

Everyone thought that the Xiangshui Tribute Rice was good, but the medicinal wine was the real good thing.

Early the next morning.

After the excitement of earning 60,000 yuan from the few tourists yesterday, the tourists heading to Qinglin Villa were clearly more enthusiastic.

After all, before buying the lottery ticket, everyone felt that they would be the next one to win.

Besides, the probability of winning the lottery in this villa’s event was much higher than in the lottery.
There were even seven winning spots in a day.

Compared to the lottery, the winning rate was not low.

However, the winning spots seemed to have been bought by the subordinates of those rich people yesterday.
No one had seen the true appearance of the Supreme Set.

Just as everyone was curious about what the Supreme Set was like, a video about the Supreme Set at Qinglin Villa became popular.

The video was posted by an account with the nickname ‘Knife Beating People’.

Not only did the other party take a video of his winnings and registration, but he also took a video of the Supreme Set Meal.

He was one of the people who had won the prize yesterday.

“Haha, I just enjoyed the Supreme Set of Qinglin Villa yesterday.
I can only say that it’s worthy of supreme enjoyment.
Every dish is extremely delicious.
I can’t eat it outside at all.”

“As soon as the Xiangshui Tribute Rice was served and opened, a mellow fragrance spread in all directions.
It’s very fragrant.
You can’t imagine that it’s only rice.
There are also conches, eels, and wild big fishes that are all delicacies to enjoy.”

This boast was nothing.
After all, everyone knew that something so expensive would definitely be delicious.

However, what he said next attracted everyone’s attention.

“Naturally, none of this is important.
Even the Xiangshui Tribute Rice is just a leaf in this Supreme Set meal.
What’s really impressive is the medicinal wine in my hand.”

In the video, he took out an antique bronze wine bottle.
It was exquisitely carved with mountains and rivers.
The retro design gave off an ancient and heavy feeling, as if it was an antique.

“This isn’t an antique.
This is a bottle of medicinal wine.
If it weren’t for the words Qinglin Medicine Wine on it, I would have thought it was a bronze antique at first.”

“In addition, everyone, you don’t have to worry about this bronze wine bottle being poisoned or anything.
There’s still a layer of inset inside.
Of course, the most important thing is the effect of this Qinglin Medicine Wine.
It’s definitely nourishing.
I can only say that men should understand what it means by nourishing…”

“I suspect that the reason those rich people bought the winning spot was actually for this Qinglin Medicine Wine.
Drink a small cup at a time.
You can drink it for a long time if you save it.”

As soon as the video was released, everyone who paid attention to it naturally saw it.

Besides, both men and women could understand what nourishment meant.

That really got everyone’s attention.

They had thought that the Xiangshui Tribute Rice was the most precious thing.
Now, this ‘Knife Beating People’ was saying that even the Xiangshui Tribute Rice that 90% of the rich couldn’t buy was just a green leaf.
How nutritious was the medicinal wine then?

This was unbelievable.

If it was just a meal, then it was nothing compared to 60,000 yuan.
They could just sell it.

But compared to some things that concerned a man’s pride and dignity, what was this 60,000 yuan?

The already popular lucky draw event became even more popular this time.
It even made many male tourists rush to Qinglin Villa with some kind of anticipation.

As time passed, two more tourists won the prize in the morning.

However, today was different from yesterday.
These two winning tourists actually did not choose to sell the winning spots they were holding.

Because they were two male tourists, obviously under the influence of the video.

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