At first glance, the three bronze wine bottles gave off an ancient and heavy aura.
They were beautiful in appearance, and the landscape paintings on them looked like carefully carved works of art.
The words “Qinglin Medicine Wine” were even more flamboyant and powerful.

Not to mention anything else, at first glance, it gave off a high-end aura.

If someone who didn’t know better looked at the antique wine bottle, they would probably think it was an antique.

The bronze wine bottle wouldn’t be too big.
It was a rotary-cap type.
Overall, it was about the same size as a Moutai bottle because it was made of bronze and looked a little heavier.

Qin Lin grabbed one of the bottles and saw the note:

[Bronze bottle: Quality 1]

[This is a wine container made with special craftsmanship.
No bacteria can be used directly during the production process: sealedness +1, appearance +1, simplicity +1, artistic sense +1!]

A quality wine bottle with these four attributes was definitely awesome.

If this bottle was taken out, it could instantly turn those bottles like Maotai into dregs.

Qin Lin picked up a bronze bottle and entered the storage room.
When he reached one of the brewing vessels, he opened the valve and filled the bottle with medicinal wine.

After that, he took the bottle of wine and exited the game.
He planned to let Zhao Moqing see the unique packaging of his medicinal wine.

He walked out of the office and went to Zhao Moqing’s office.
He saw her calculating something with three accountants.



When the two accountants saw Qin Lin enter, they spoke in unison.

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“What are you busy with?” Qin Lin stepped forward and asked with a smile.

Zhao Moqing explained, “We’re calculating today’s turnover and the focus of the tourists’ consumption in this event, especially the goods sent by the wholesalers.
This way, when the event passes, we can roughly get those wholesalers to deliver the goods according to a certain ratio.”

“You’ve worked hard,” Qin Lin said sincerely.
It was definitely a blessing to have a virtuous wife.
He placed the bottle of wine on Zhao Moqing’s desk.
“Look at this bottle.”

When Zhao Moqing saw this bronze antique wine bottle, she was immediately attracted by its simple and heavy appearance.
She subconsciously asked, “Qin Lin, what is this? An antique?”

“Do you think it looks good?” Qin Lin asked the three accountants with a smile.

The three accountants felt that the wine bottle was also very exquisite and spoke up.

“The bottle is expensive, isn’t it, boss?”

“Chairman, this is a vintage bottle.
And the carvings on it are so beautiful.
It’s probably an antique, right?”

It was the third accountant who said, “Boss, is this an antique wine bottle?”

Zhao Moqing asked in surprise, “An antique wine bottle? Xiao Xin, how can you tell?”

The accountant named Xiao Xin turned the bottle in Zhao Moqing’s direction, and the words “Qinglin Medicine Wine” appeared in Zhao Moqing’s eyes.

“…” Zhao Moqing was stunned.
When she saw these four words, she knew that it couldn’t be an antique.

She actually did not understand antiques, but when she first saw the bottle, she felt that it might be an antique.

The two accountants were equally surprised.
They hadn’t seen those four words just now.

Looking at Zhao Moqing’s expression, Qin Lin knew that she was stunned.

This bottle was definitely OK.
It was classy.

“Alright, I won’t disturb you guys anymore.
I’ll go back first.” Qin Lin smiled and brought the bottle of wine back to his office.
Then, he looked at the game in his mind again and controlled the game character to go to the Spring Mine to mine.

For the rest of the afternoon, he controlled the game character to run back and forth from the mine and the machine experience hall.
He repeated this process and processed more than 30 Quality 1 imitation ancient bronze wine bottles.

The silver ore and gold ore earned from this process were just enough to pay for the experience processing machine.

Time passed.

While Qin Lin was making the wine bottle…

Two tourists in Qinglin Villa also won again.

Their winning spot was also bought for 60,000 yuan.

However, none of the winning tourists had chosen to keep their spot.

As evening approached, there was only one spot left for the seven winners of the first day.

At this moment, the entire villa entered its most restless state.

As the first six winning tourists sold their winning spots for more than 60,000 yuan, more and more tourists were more or less stimulated by the additional spending lottery.

Especially those tourists who had specially come for the lucky draw.
Many of them had spent a lot of money.
How could they not be anxious when there was only one spot left?

Wang Yang was the same.

He had bought tickets to Nine Clouds Mountain and Zhuzi Cultural Garden but failed to win the lottery twice.
He also followed the pick-up cars from the two scenic spots to Zhuzi Cultural Garden.

After returning from these two places, he still could not buy a ticket to the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea.
If he wanted to continue drawing, he could only learn from those people and spend money in the consumer center.

Wang Yang walked out with two watermelons.
They were ordinary watermelons.
He placed them in front of the salesperson and said, “Two special quality watermelons.”

The salesperson was very busy today and did not notice it.
He directly treated the two watermelons as 200 yuan per catty.

Seeing that his scheme had succeeded again, Wang Yang couldn’t help but smirk.

If he bought ordinary watermelons for 200 yuan a catty, others would think that he was stupid, right? But the 200-yuan-a-catty watermelon was already gone.

Anyway, he didn’t care.
He wanted to draw now.

It was just over 4,000 yuan for two ordinary melons.
He didn’t care.

He enjoyed reading novels on the Internet.
For those he liked, he would reward the alliance master with small tips, while the big tips were one silver coin each for 10,000 yuan.
Sometimes, it was normal to spend tens of thousands of yuan on a game.

What was this small amount of money to him?

He was asking for a clear mind.

He couldn’t think straight if he didn’t win the prize and eat the Supreme Set’s watermelon.

The salesperson quickly weighed the two watermelons and said, “Sir, the two watermelons weigh 24.25 catties.
That’s 4,850 yuan.”

Wang Yang decisively paid and carried the two watermelons out of the sales center to find his female companion.
He could see that there were already more than 10 watermelons lying at the girl’s feet.
They were all of special quality, 200 yuan per catty.

When the girl saw Wang Yang carrying two more watermelons over, she frowned and said, “Brother Wang, you bought watermelons again? Why don’t we forget about it?”

She knew that Wang Yang was rich and was very generous when playing at the nightclub.
However, the other party had already spent more than 30,000 yuan on these 10 plus watermelons and other expenses.
This made her heart ache.
If this was wasted, he might as well give the money to her.

“I don’t believe I won’t get it.” Wang Yang put down the watermelons and started frantically pressing the lucky draw program.

4,850 yuan, another 48 chances.

“Thank you for participating!”

“Thank you for participating!”


“Thank you for participating!”

“F*ck…” Wang Yang couldn’t help but curse when he was only left with one last draw.

This would be the last time again.

He had spent more than 30,000 yuan.
How many times had he drawn?

“Brother Yang, did you miss it again?” the girl beside him asked with a frown.

“For the last time, I don’t believe it.
Baby, if I win, I’ll marry you.” Wang Yang was a little bewitched.
It had been more than 300 times.
He actually said this to the girl and pressed the lucky draw button.

But sometimes, when he said vows and promises he shouldn’t, God liked to joke.

“Congratulations on obtaining the Supreme Set!”

“I– I won???” Wang Yang exclaimed and looked at the girl beside him in shock.

What had he just said? Why was his mouth so stupid?

The girl opened her mouth in disbelief, then said in a very conflicted manner, “Um… Brother Xiang, I… I have a husband…”


Nearby, a young man in a suit ran up to him.
“Sir, did you just win a prize? Our chairman would like to—”

“Do I look like I’m short of that 60,000 yuan?” Wang Yang directly planned the other party’s words.
Without another word, he pulled his female companion to the hall to register the winning information.
He didn’t even care about the watermelons on the ground.


The last winning spot of the first day was also drawn.

This made countless tourists sigh.

They weren’t fated.

Qin Lin naturally received the news immediately.
At this moment, he had already made more than 40 Quality 1 imitation ancient bronze wine bottles.
This was enough for the time being.

He had never planned to take out a lot of medicinal wine.

After thinking about it, he finally controlled the game character to go to the Spring Mine and finally made three Quality 1 imitation ancient silver wine bottles and one Quality 1 imitation ancient gold wine bottle.

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