The fat man did not hesitate.
He decisively sold the winning spot.

He had come for the lottery anyway.

The fat man also seemed to offer tourists who had come specifically for the lottery a way to learn, and that was to win on credit.

The sales center seemed to get even livelier.

Half a day passed quickly.

The news that three people from Qinglin Villa had won the prize in the morning and were bought for more than 60,000 yuan had also spread online.

This made many people eager to try again.

Time passed quickly into the afternoon.

As the first visitor of the afternoon began to win the prize, the enthusiasm of the tourists was aroused again.
Moreover, the incident of the fat man in the morning buying watermelon brushes to win the prize had caused the number of people buying Quality 2 watermelons to clearly increase in the afternoon.

Qin Lin looked at the backstage sales figures and realized that 100 Quality 2 watermelons were not enough.
Fortunately, Lin Feng had prepared a lot of other wholesale items yesterday.

Qin Lin had no choice but to go to the warehouse and move 50 Quality 2 watermelons out of the game.

In the old parking lot, Qin Lin parked the car and called Chen Dabei to bring people to move the watermelons.

In a moment, Chen Dabei arrived at the parking lot with a few people.
He instructed a young man behind him, “Captain Guo, take the melons to the sales center and hand them to the head waiter.”

Chen Dabei was now the head of security.
Although he still had to run errands for his boss, he could just assign this kind of work to the captains below.
He did not have to personally supervise them.

“Alright, Supervisor Chen.” Captain Guo nodded and immediately led his men to the car to move the watermelons onto the cart and send them to the sales center.

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Only then did Chen Dabei go to Qin Lin’s side and say, “Boss, there are so many people today.
The villa is almost bursting.”

Qin Lin asked, “Is there any problem with the security of the villa?”

Chen Dabei explained, “There’s no big problem.
It’s just that two tourists had some friction and accidentally bumped into each other.
In the end, both sides lost their temper and started fighting.”

“Captain Hong took them back to educate them, but left them alone, considering they’re both tourists.”

Qin Lin nodded.

This kind of headache was inevitable.
After all, some people might fight just because the other party looked at them.

After that, Qin Lin returned to his office.
The entire villa was busy, and with Zhao Moqing keeping an eye on things, he seemed to be free.
He simply looked at the screen in his mind and controlled his game character to play the game.

He had yet to fish today, so he could find an opportunity to catch all the fish.

After spending some time, Qin Lin caught all 35 fish that had been refreshed today.
He obtained a total of 14 fish of Quality 1, 18 fish of Quality 2, and three ornamental fish.

During this period of time, he would catch ornamental fish every day.
The aquariums at the old hall had already been filled with many ornamental fish.

He couldn’t release them now either.
Due to the aggressive nature of the flowerhorn fish, there were too many fish and other fish could easily fight with the flowerhorn fish.
Therefore, most of the ornamental fish caught were stored in the game.

Qin Lin finished fishing for the day and was about to leave the ranch when he saw an NPC appear.
It was Zach again.

[Because of your contribution to the economy of Ore Town, a processing machine factory has noticed Ore Town and has already opened an experience hall in Ore Town.
If you go to the experience hall and spend some gold coins, you can experience using some processing machines.
If you have enough gold coins, you can also buy one!]

Zach dutifully performed his NPC duties and then left.

Qin Lin was surprised to trigger this plot information.

There was no such thing as a processing machine in the old version of Ranches Story at first.
It was only later that a version of Olive Town and Hope Land appeared.

He did not expect this new version to include this gameplay.

As the name suggested, a processing machine was a special machine.
As long as there were enough materials, they could process items with special attributes.

Qin Lin immediately controlled his game character to leave the ranch and head to Ore Town.
Soon, he found the machine experience center.

First he looked at the gold coins needed to pay for the experience of using the processing machine, and the money needed to buy a machine.
Then he decisively gave up on the idea of buying it.
It was too expensive to pay for in-game gold these days.

There were only three processing machines in the experience hall.
The rest of the area was blank.
Perhaps new machines would be refreshed in the future.

He controlled the game character to step forward to the first processing machine:

Wood processor!

Having the game character click on the wood processor, a list appeared.

[Please select the graphics you need to process now.]

[You can also use blueprints for related processing!]

This choice seemed somewhat similar to Sebara’s forging of jewelry.

Several different shapes of planks could be worked on the wood processor, with some carved words added.

The option of using blueprints to process was interesting.

If he took an Ultraman blueprint and processed it, could he process an Ultraman out of wood?

Qin Lin looked at the second processor.

Thread processor!

Seeing the choice of this processing machine, Qin Lin wanted to skip it directly.
He was not interested at all.

How could a grown man be interested in silk threads?

However, when he saw that there were silk stockings on it, he controlled the game character to open the list of silk processing machines.

Therefore, after wasting some time, Qin Lin controlled his game character to head to the third processing machine.

Besides, the third processor intrigued him.

Bottle processor (Quality 1)

There was actually a Quality 1 note on this machine.
Did this mean that this machine could produce Quality 1 bottles?

He controlled the game character to open the list.
There were also several bottle styles that could be processed.
Moreover, there were blank spots on the bottle styles.

[Please choose the style and size of the bottle you want to process!]

[Please fill in the characters you want to process!]

It meant that when he processed a bottle, he could process the words he wanted in the white space.
It could be a name or a poem.
It was a little like a personal order.

“Oh!” Qin Lin suddenly remembered something.

His Qinglin Medicine Wine had not been packaged yet.
Previously, he had given it in transparent empty bottles to Li Qing and Chen Shengfei.

That was not cool at all.

Now that he had won several prizes, it was time for the medicinal wine to be packaged properly.

Now that he saw this bottle processing machine, he seemed to have some ideas.
In any case, there was no way to mass-produce the Qinglin Medicine Wine.
It was destined to be in small batches.

So how did this bottle processor work?

Then wouldn’t it be better to directly process the words ‘Qinglin Medicine Wine’ when the time came?

Moreover, according to his guess, the quality of this processing machine was 1.
This was definitely classy, right?

At the thought of this, Qin Lin was eager to try.
He immediately controlled his game character to click and try to use this processing machine to produce bottles.

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