and studious, with outstanding wisdom, and a compassionate heart, which was able to sympathize with the commoners’ suffering. 

It’s just that somehow when he was in the capital, His Highness Duan Wang had shown a different side, making everyone misunderstand his character.
However, thinking about it, there was nothing wrong with it.
What kind of dirty things doesn’t exist in the imperial palace? He heard that His Highness the Fourteenth prince was still in the womb when he was secretly plotted against resulting in his premature birth.

It wasn’t like there wasn’t any prince who didn’t die in the imperial palace.
It is precisely like this that it would appear the fourteenth prince was foolish.
He did not fall into the water for unknown reasons a few years ago, but the matter was left unsettled and treated as settled.
If he had revealed his wise side early on, no one would know if it would result in fortune or a curse. 

General Wei twirled his beard, he admired Ming Yu while also somewhat sighed in pity.
The tough and resolute face of decades of mighty domineering forced him to squeeze out some kindness.

Ming Yu didn’t know that General Wei had already made up thousands of words in his mind about his miserable past.
He himself and Xie Yixiu discussed it for a while, and then decided to start the drill.

As soon as they spoke, the guards passed on the order.

A battle drum sounded.
When the two sides of the groups who had been preparing launched an assault, Ming Yu and the rest was at the tent at a comparably high terrant with table and chairs arranged.
Nowadays, there were no telescopes, communication equipment, or high-tech stuff that can allow real time monitoring, so they could only have a superintendent to run back and forth to report on the situation on the battlefield.
Although there will be delays, it was better than nothing.

Ming Yu and the others leisurely drank tea, ate snacks, and occasionally listened to the report of his subordinates while looking at the sand table in the center of the tent, deducing what step had been taken so far, and what the gap between victory and defeat had been so far. 

This sand table was also prepared by Ming Yu, who had already sent someone to survey the terrain of the drill place, and then let the craftsmen make it according to the proportions.

The rest of the people felt strange when they saw this novel thing, after Ming Yu explained it, the eyes of several people looking at Ming Yu became hot.

General Wei circled around the sand table several times.
He spoke while admiring it greatly, “This thing is good, it is clearer than the map.
Wangye, how many good things do you have, might as well take them all out at once to take a look.”

Wen stared at this thing called the sand table.
It was really exquisitely well made: the valley rivers, tree roads were like a miniature version of the real mountain view, which was able to make people understand the situation at a glance.

“Exactly! This topographic sand table was cleverly conceived and well-made, making it a rare thing.
Wangye, speaking of our Red-Robed Army accompanying the guard battalion to practice, there is hard work but no merit.
No matter what there should be something in it for us, the Red-Robe Army.” Mr.
Wen rubbed his hands and bluntly began to demand stuff.

Xie Yixiu was very satisfied with Wen Yuzhao’s pioneering voice.
Very good, he learned a bit from his own style.

General Wei was not satisfied, he raised furrowed brows and furious eyes at Mr.
He, as a senior hadn’t opened his mouth yet, but was already preempted by this boy.
He hurriedly and urgently said, “Wangye, you can’t just take care of the Red-Robed Army, our border garrison needs such a sand table even more.”

“It is a waste for your garrison to hold it but when our Red-Robed Army has this thing, it may be assumed that we will be like fishes in water.” Mr.
Wen did not let the old man’s thoughts go, he refused to give in at all cost.

“Why? How can it be wasted on our garrison? Boy, today you have to clearly explain this to me.” General Wei was so angry that he blew his beard and narrowed his eyes.
Subordinates imitate their superiors’ vices, this stinky boy of the Wen family was brought here from Java Kingdom by this boy, Xie Yixiu.

Wen Yuzhao was not afraid of him and he was about to refute when he was pulled by Ming Yu.

Seeing that the two were about to quarrel, Ming Yu really had a big headache.
He looked at Xie Yixiu, who was standing silently on the side, the other party had no intention of soothing the fight so he had no choice but to go up on his own.

He pulled Wen Yuzhao along and smiled while trying to sooth thing over, “This thing is not gold nor an expensive thing, if the two of you want it, Ben Wang will send craftsmen to make one for each of you.”

With Ming Yu’s promise, the two finally did not have to argue anymore, but they were not happy in their heartsl; the state of being in mutual hostility in the big tent was still the same as before.

Ming Yu really did not expect such a situation to happen.
He was about to say something to ease the atmosphere, but he heard a cold voice ring out, “The blue team of the guard battalion only has about an hour more, i’m afraid they are going to lose.”

Ming Yu was surprised to hear this, he hurriedly rushed over to look at the sand table.
The rest of the people couldn’t care about anything else, their eyes were fixed on the sand table.

“What did you say?” Ming Yu wondered why Xie Yixiu had concluded that the guard battalion would lose within an hour.
He also knew this group of people, but if it was before, he would believe this, but now that the guards had been training for many months, how could they be defeated so quickly? Moreover, he was well prepared for this drill, there were several sets of battle plans.
Although the Red Robe Army was the most powerful, he did not believe that they could not support such a little period of time .

On the sand table there were small red and blue flags representing the two camps of the red and blue sides.
The location of the two sides were clear at a glance.
The scouts had just reported the actions of the two sides, and the red and blue flags on the sand table at this time were the current battle situation.

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