Chapter 22


Ming Yu quietly looked at Xie Yixiu’s complexion.
He saw that there was no superfluous expression on his face, thus didn’t know what was on his mind.
He really didn’t mean to neglect this person.
If he was misunderstood by him, he really wouldn’t be able to explain it well.  

“Cough!” After the two sat down again, Ming Yu cleared his throat, took a sip of the tea on the table, and then probed: “I wonder what matter General Xie had in coming here?”

Xie Yixiu’s cold voice sounded, “Two or three months ago, Wangye had borrowed two soldiers from the Red Robe Army to go to Wangye’s training base for training.
Now the period of three months is approaching.
I wonder how Wangye’s progress?”

Ming Yu patted his forehead and suddenly came to a realization, “Ah-so you came for this matter? Ahaha! Time unexpectedly passed by so quickly? Hai! Look at me, actually forgetting about this matter.”

In fact, the agreed three-month period was fast approaching.
Ji You and the two people also started reporting in advance, preparing to apply to return to the Red Robe Army, but how could Ming Yu be willing to let the people go so easily.
He would drag it out if he can, and hide if he can’t.
In short, without his words, the two people will have to remain inside the training camp for the time being.

Unexpectedly, this kind of a small matter, had moved General Xie to come in person.
Ming Yu could only let out a haha ​​at this moment, hoping to deal with it temporarily.

“Ah! General Xie, how about we discuss more…” Ming Yu rubbed his hands and looked at Xie Yixiu with a smile.
Xie Yixiu didn’t say anything, but he narrowed his eyebrows deeply.
He wanted to see what Duan Wang’s meaning was.

With Xie Yixiu’s silence, Mingyu didn’t think he disagreed, so he proceeded and said: “You see, your Red Robe Army is admired by the people.
All of you people are good.
Compared with our guards, we are too far behind.
Each and every one of them are not capable.
On the contrary, their eyes are higher than their heads, and no one was willing to change.The only one who can restrain them is the famous Red Robe Army.
That’s why Ben Wang borrowed someone from you to come and instruct them with their experience.
That is to let them grasp real fighting skills, so that they will not collapse at the first blow.
In this way, Ben Wang’s safety could also be guaranteed a little more, right?”

He said a huge pile of reasons, while Xie Yixiu was still as calm as before.
Ming Yu laughed twice, “So, how about letting the two generals Ji and Cao stay in the training camp for a while longer?”

Xie Yixiu lifted his eyelids and glanced at Ming Yu coldly, before he said, “Your Highness should know that one should keep one’s promise.
At that time, since it has been agreed for three months, then you should keep your promise.”

The smile on Ming Yu’s face almost froze, “Aiya! There must be room for negotiation in everything, right? How about Ben Wang ask General Xie to temporarily transfer the two generals for another three months? No! How about two months? Hai! Ben Wang guarantees to give them enough food to eat and drink, funds and provisions and so on, they will be paid twice as much as before, no! Triple! How about returning the two generals back safe and sound after two months?”

Xie Yixiu remained unmoved.
Ming Yu felt a little headache.
It seemed that he had not paid enough for it! He had also heard of a few deeds of General Xie.
It is said that in addition to the title of the General of the people, there was another renowned reputation of being a sly person, not letting the eagle go until he saw the benefits.

It now seems that his bargaining chips were not enough to move this person, but now that the training camp had just started, giving up halfway, the gains won’t make up for the losses.
To be honest, the Red Robe Army was indeed capable.
Relying only on the help of Ji You and Cao Jian, the guards of the camp had been changed to be submissive and docile now; that’s why Ming Yu was reluctant to let the people go.

Ming Yu touched his nose.
Nevertheless, he had no choice but to raise his head and laugh, “General Xie, think about it…” For the sake of his future plans, he had no choice but to be humble in a gentle manner.

It’s a pity that Xie Yixiu still stayed calm, only rubbing his fingers carelessly.
He wasn’t a bit moved by Ming Yu’s proposal.
Ming Yu cursed himself, there was no other way.
He couldn’t even use his power to suppress the other.
Who is this person in front of him? He’s the War General that one would need to give face even when in front of his Emperor Father, His Majesty.
What’s more, he was taking root here, doesn’t that mean in the future, he would have to rely on this ever-victorious War General?

Ming Yu’s face turned bitter, now he was already impoverished, and the money had been flowing out with a crashing sound these days.
His little money he had to begin with was about to be squandered empty by him.
How could he pay a huge price just to attract this person’s heart? Hai! Had it not been for the life-saving straw of His Highness the Crown Prince, he would be caught unprepared now!

Ming Yu thought of the goods that he checked earlier, his tightly clutched heart finally loosening up a bit.
It won’t be long before there will be income, and when the time comes, he will be able to let go of his hands and feet to implement all the plans and make a big splash on his own territory.

Yi! He suddenly remembered something.
He took a glance at Xie Yixiu, and showed a smile that was determined to win.
He stood up, strolled twice in a circle, thinking things through, then stopped in front of Xie Yixiu, with a pair of peach blossom eyes bent like crescent moon, “General Xie, how about we cooperate together…”

“Cooperate?” Xie Yixiu looked up at him when he heard the words.
He didn’t understand why Ming Yu said that.
What could be cooperated in between them?

And Ming Yu seemed to be sure that his proposal would be accepted by the other party.
With a card up his sleeve, he said: “That’s right, I heard that the red cavalry led by General Xie can compete with the iron cavalry of Suixi Kingdom.
One is because the general leads the army well and the soldiers are bold, powerful and fearless.
Second is because relying on good, precious warhorses, one could move like the wind, and anticipate the enemy’s move in advance to be able to resist and defeat them.”

Xie Yixiu tapped his finger on the table lightly, he didn’t express any opinions, as if waiting for Ming Yu to continue.

Ming Yu didn’t intend to keep the person in front of him waiting.
Xie Yixiu looked like the kind of person that was outwardly cold but deep and passionate inside.
It was better to take the initiative to speak up in front of this kind of person.
Throwing out a bad idea could potentially lead to something good, so he said: “The Red Robe Army triumphs in every battle and wins every fight.
But in the end, the numbers are too small.
If there are tens of thousands or even several tens of thousands of people and horses, how can the barbarians of Suixi Kingdom dare to do anything rashly? I heard there are only five thousand people in the Red Robe Army, but one has not dared to expand the army because there are no more good horses.” He saw Xie Yixiu’s fingers increase in frequency, and he knew he had hit it spot on, “It’s a pity! Good, precious warhorses, nevertheless could only be discovered but not sought in the Great Yan Kingdom.
However, what if I say that I can bring these precious horses over…..”

Before Ming Yu finished speaking, Xie Yixiu suddenly stood up in a flash, “What did you say?”

Ming Yu smiled like a fox, slowly turned back to his seat, took a sip of tea, and said unhurriedly: “Ben Wang can bring the horses here.
I wonder if General Xie is willing to cooperate?”

Xie Yixiu couldn’t believe it, what ability does Duan Wang have to get the precious warhorses? This matter was of great importance, how can it be treated as a joke at will? But looking at Ming Yu’s expression, it didn’t seem to be a joke.

Seeing the unmoved Xie Yixiu finally changing his expression, the corner of Ming Yu’s mouth could not stop rising.
He brought up his right half-fisted hand against his mouth and coughed slightly, covering the smile on his lips.
He said confidently: “General Xie, it’s normal that you don’t believe me.
How about this, half a year, let’s set a time limit of half a year.
During this half year, your two Ji and Cao generals will stay at Ben Wang’s training base.
After half a year, Ben Wang will send you five horses that are not inferior to any of the good horses in the Red Robe Army.”

“Half a year?” Xie Yixiu asked.

Ming Yu nodded, Xie Yixiu didn’t know where his confidence came from.
In half a year’s time, where could he obtain good horses from? Xie Yixiu lowered his eyes slightly.
It is a well-known fact that their Great Yan Kingdom lacked horses.
Because of this, the barbarians, who made a living on nomads, relied on their strong soldiers and horses to invade Great Yan Kingdom every year.

Xie Yixiu was about to break his head but he still couldn’t figure out how Ming Yu could have such a great skill.

Regardless of whether Ming Yu would be stealing or robbing, the more precious horses, the better.
This matter was greatly beneficial to Xie Yixiu.
Since it was profitable and harmless, Xie Yixiu naturally had no reason not to agree.

Now speaking to this part, Xie Yixiu naturally and logically agreed, “Alright! But the two generals’ triple pay by Wangye…”

Ming Yu twitched the corners of his mouth, the main part was already given away, would he even care about this little bit of silver money? He patted his chest and said, “Don’t worry, since I said it then naturally it will count.” However, Ming Yu silently cursed in his mind.
General Xie’s reputation as a sly person is indeed well-deserved.
It could be considered that he had finally gained first hand experience of it.

But now that Xie Yixiu agreed, Ming Yu was also happy.
He had reached the goal of keeping the two people behind, in that way, he was once again able to make progress again.

Ming Yu approached Xie Yixiu with a smile, grabbed his shoulders, and said enthusiastically: “General Xie, now that we are all familiar with each other, it’s better for us to cooperate more.
You see, our guard camps lack real swords, real spears, real combat experience, and your Red Robe Army has rich combat experience.
It just so happens that both of us can arrange a few real combat training sessions so that my cubs can grasp the actual combat skills as soon as possible.
Do your cubs also need this kind of sparring partner?”

Xie Yixiu’s face turned blue.
He had never liked to be close to people, but this person was too shameless to actually get this close to him, even putting arms around his shoulders and being intimate.
Is this really the fourteenth prince of the Kingdom, the current Duan Wangye? But how does he have the slightest demeanor of a Wangye? If Xie Yixiu hadn’t taken into consideration his status as a Wangye, he’s afraid he would have thrown a punch then gone out already.

“Wangye, please conduct yourself with dignity!” Xie Yixiu gritted his teeth and reminded.

Ming Yu released him, flicked his sleeves, returned to his seat, then curled up the corner of his lips, “Qi (whispering sound)! How boring.
I’m saying this to you, but you’re still young, why do you talk and do things like those old and stubborn people? Hai! Always sporting a stiff face, aren’t you tired of it?”

Xie Yixiu finally breathed a sigh of relief and ignored Ming Yu’s sarcasm.
Only then, did he have time to think about his proposal just now.
He didn’t know what this real combat training would do.
Could it be a new thing he made up again?

Before he figured out anything, Ming Yu had already explained it to him in high spirits, “It means that each of our two sides will come out with their true abilities, at an appointed place.
They will fight a battle, compete in tactics, commands, and strategies.
Teamwork and cohesion, as well as individual combat capabilities, and so on to see who wins and who loses in the end.”

It sounded like a good proposal.
Xie Yixiu has never seen such a competition before.
These days, it is quite peaceful in the borderland.
Having this kind of training could also increase the enthusiasm of soldiers in training.
It’s just… Xie Yixiu raised his concerns, “It’s just that the sword has no eyes.
If there are casualties during the practice, it will not be nice.”

Xie Yixiu obviously had the intent, but this concern was really nothing to worry about for Ming Yu. 

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