.” Now without a trace, no one will be able to say anything old fourteen’s gaps like this.

(Zhen: I, but speaking from the Emperor position, no other people can use this term besides the Emperor)

Old Fourteen raised this business method proposal, who knew if it was him just momentarily foolishly deciding.
It was unknown how it will turn out, but even if he throws himself into a terrible mess, he, as the Royal Father, can only help him take some responsibility in his place.
As for the ancestral rules, can he still be unclear? There was no explicit document, therefore, since Old Fourteen loves to act willfully and make a scene, then just let him be. 

Ming Ye was overjoyed, he bowed in salute and said, “Thank you, Royal Father!”

Although the Emperor said that he would not participate in anything, Ming Ye had already made up his mind.
It’s fine if the business was not successful.
If he could continue to do it in the future and make a profit, he would still have to take this share and give it to Royal Father to show filial respect in fourteen little brother’s stead anyways.  

Fourteenth little brother was not by Royal Father’s side, and right now Royal Father still thinks of him, but the monarch’s heart is hard to fathom.
No one can guarantee how this kind of holy grace and grand affection will change in the future.
Thunder, rain, and dew are all the monarch’s graces, he can see and understand it clearly.
That’s why he has to be careful to not make even the smallest of mistakes.
Since fourteenth little brother couldn’t think of this, then he, the older brother, should think more rationally for him.

This matter had passed through the Emperor’s mouth, and it was considered to have entered the bright, public road.
In this way, others would not dare to say anything sour now.

At this time, Ming Ye didn’t know how far-sighted his decision was until the future came when Ming Yu’s caravan became bigger and bigger.
Even the Emperor would covet their profits in envy, let alone other people.
However, with the Emperor’s reputation and name, it is impossible for others to intervene even if they are green with envy.

And when Ming Yu’s wings became more and more prosperous, and he establishes a firm foothold in Liangzhou, no one would dare to even do anything.
Also, because of Ming Yu’s strong backing, he will be able to steadily seat himself as the crown prince, no one among his good deal of brothers will be able to shake his position.

Xu Wen in any case finally understood most of his doubts.
It was almost noon at that time.
Qingping urged several times to send in the meal, but they were all blocked by the two people who were talking.
She waited with great difficulty for the two of them to finish talking.
With this kind of tough attitude, what else could Ming Yu say? He can just talk again after eating.

Ming Yu had no choice, so he had to let someone send in the meal, then he invited Xu Wen to eat with him.
Xu Wen wanted to reject, but thinking of discussing things later at the meeting, he readily accepted.
Over these past few days, Duan Wang has not been arrogant or whatsoever, and Xu Wen was also relaxed and comfortable.
The two people got along well with each other like teachers, like friends, and brought out the best in each other.

The two hurriedly finished the meal, then discussed some details once again.
This matter could not be accomplished overnight.
Because Ming Yu’s plan was unheard of by Xu Wen, Ming Yu had to spend more time explaining it to him.

Before long, he heard someone come to report that General Ji You asked to see him.

Ji You? Ming Yu was taken aback, didn’t General Ji go back to the Red Robe Army? Immediately he came to a realization.
It may be related to the matter that was given to General Ji last time.
It must have been settled.
He hurriedly ordered for the person to come in.

Ji You took Cao Jian into the room to pay a formal visit to Duan Wang together.
Ji You stayed with Wangye for some time.
In front of Ming Yu, he was not as cautious as Cao Jian, who had just arrived.
After a few polite words, he took out a paper from General Xie to transfer the order.
Mentioned on the document was the dispatch of Ji You and Cao Jian to Duan Wang’s guard camp for training.

“It’s only three months?” Ming Yu read the transfer order and was a bit dissatisfied.
What can a three-month training do to make the lowly people learn something? The time is really too short.
He originally thought that they could be temporarily transferred for about a year. 

Ji You has black lines on his head.
Three months is not short, right? If the time period was any longer, he definitely wouldn’t want to come.

“Your Highness, if there are any orders, don’t hesitate to instruct us, we will do our best.” Ji You cupped his hands and said.

Ming Yu nodded.
He also heard some rumors about General Xie.
He heard that this man’s nature was quite independent and icily arrogant, and he would never create false pretenses or put up and act.
He had also experienced it before, remembering General Xie pulling a long face and leaving directly in front of him.
Ming Yu twitched his mouth.  He originally made this request with the attitude of giving it a try.
If he agrees, then it is granted that he gave him some face.
In any case, after three months, he can just shamelessly borrow someone again.  

He stood up and said with a smile: “I have to trouble General Ji and General Cao now.
Our training base has already been built.
Carefully setting an auspicious date does not beat seizing an opportunity.
It would be better if we go and observe the situation first then we can decide what to do next.” 

He and Xu Wen had almost finished the discussion already.
And it was still early at this time.
Anyways, his heart had always been thinking about the training base, it just so happens that they can go and take a look together. 

Xu Wen was also full of curiosity when he heard this.
He heard Ming Yu say that the commoners could be trained to become soldiers in two to three months, and he somewhat didn’t believe it.
Thus, he wanted to see what the training base Ming Yu said was like?

How could Ming Yu not know, so he didn’t intend to leave Xu Wen out.
Ji You and Cao Jian naturally complied with him.
Therefore, Ming Yu ordered people to prepare for a trip without ostentation and set off immediately.

The training base was ten miles outside Liangcheng, next to a village called Baicun.

These days, the commoners of Baicun had been discussing enthusiastically a strange matter.
Every day when the sky hasn’t turned bright yet, there would be a team of people running around the road in front of the village when the chicken cries, and when they come back, the sky was already slightly bright.

(Chicken cries: usually indicated early hours that farmers or people in villages rise to prepare their work of the day, usually common in Asia region, I also hear it every day here too xD)

In the beginning, the commoners didn’t know what was going on, and all the curious villagers, the old and the young came out to watch the excitement.
Later, every day, regardless of weather conditions, there was nothing strange about it anymore.
They only knew that whenever this group of people bypassed the village, it will be time to start a new day of work now.
(use this troop exercise time instead of chicken cries now xD)

Later they also learned that this troop seemed to be the guards of a prince from the imperial court, and a military camp was set up on the back of a small hill, a distance away from their village.

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