“Your Highness, tell me.
Is it because I have a lot of money?”

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Cassion frowned.

“Is it because you think I would be good at fighting Julia?”

That definitely wasn’t the one either.
Cassion shook his head.

“Because I’m the sole heiress of the Irenberg family?”

If that was the reason, even if Irenberg’s heiress was someone else, would Cassion have accepted marriage if she made the same offer?

It’s not because you are Ireberg’s heiress.”

“Then, because I am pretty?”

The last one was just her prank.
However, Cassion’s face flushed red.

“T-T-That’s not it!”

Cassion stuttered and got tense.

“Why are you so angry? I was joking.
That aside, Your Highness, do you have a fever? How is your condition? No, forget it.
I will stop talking because you’re not listening anyway.”

Diana tried to make Cassion lie down on his bed after telling him that she was joking.
Cassion tried to resist, but he couldn’t beat Diana, who was older, taller, and stronger than him.

In the end, Cassion had to lie on his bed and cover his body with a blanket up to the end of his neck even though he was in much better condition than before.

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Diana patted Cassion’s tummy.

Diana treated Cassion like a child too much even though they were only two years apart.
She was a kid too.

Was it because Diana’s touch was soft? Cassion was getting sleepy.

“Thank you for accepting my proposal.”

“The reason why I want to marry you is…..”

Cassion mumbled because he thought he had to answer her question, but Diana stopped him from talking.

“I know everything.
I will take care of everything.
Please trust me.
I will buy you the twilight mansion! I will help you with your revenge too! And I am going to give you the throne too!”

“It’s not that….”

“You will get busy doing this and that.
I was planning to give you the twilight mansion as a dowry, but I will give you that as a wedding present instead! Your Highness, I will leave now.
Please get some rest!”

“Diana, I am not done….”

Even before finishing speaking, Diana disappeared like a breeze.

Cassion burst into laughter as he sat in a devastated state.

He felt way better than when Julia came to him and made him feel bad about himself without realizing it.
Cassion asked himself about the answer he didn’t get to say and closed his eyes.
A smirking smile decorated his face.

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During the same time when Cassion dramatically accepted Diana’s proposal,

“Phoenix Bank went bankrupt?!”

Julia picked up anything she had around her and threw it at Anderson.

The first and second things she threw were cushions, but the third was a vase.

The vase hit Anderson’s stomach, and it fell on the floor and broke.
Anderson thought he was lucky that he didn’t get hit on the head.

“Where did you hear that?”

“Is that even important? Is it true or not that Phoenix Bank is about to go bankrupt?”

Julia came close to Anderson.
Anderson stopped breathing in the deep scent of lily that came from her.

“It’s not true.
Many people are looking to draw their deposits, but we will take measures to prevent that from happening.”

Julia huffed over the desk.
She thought Diana was only making it up when she brought up Phoenix Bank.
Julia was angry because she didn’t know Diana knew such a rumor.

“Anderson! I told you to tell me anything about Phoenix Bank.”

For a moment, Julia pressed down her anger.
She had to relieve her irritation by meeting the person in charge later.
Anderson was a necessary person for Julia, so she couldn’t vent her anger on him.

“My apologies, Your Majesty.”

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Julia swallowed her words and sat on the sofa with a huff.

When Anderson beckoned as the maids approached Julia one after another.
The maids took off her shoes and massaged her feet continuously.

Julia closed her eyes.
She was deep in thought.

A little girl of the Irenberg family.

Why did she meet Cassion secretly? As expected, someone must be behind her.
How did she come in and out? Did she have a planted servant inside the royal palace to help her?

Julia knew she had a hidden purpose sneaking in and out of the royal palace, but if it was for Cassion, she didn’t think he could gain the Irenberg family any benefit.

“I will look into the matter about Phoenix Bank.”

Anderson said.

“No, I need you to do something before that.”

Anderson bowed his head.
When Julia beckoned at the maids, they went out.

Julia only started talking when the maids left the room.

“Diana from the Irenberg family.
Find out about that child.
Oh, and how the child entered the palace.”

A cold smile appeared on Julia’s face as she ordered Anderson to do a background check.

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“Let’s get rid of her door as soon as possible.”

Whether the door was a real door or a person.


As soon as I listened to Cassion’s proposal, I returned home.
There was something I wanted to solve before marrying him.

“Did you just return from somewhere?”

When I opened the library door, I smelled a familiar cigarette scent.
Red hair fluttered in the wind.
Zoe waved at me.

How could she smoke cigarettes in a study used by her niece, who wasn’t even an adult? When I looked at Zoe with a dissatisfied look, she pointed to the window behind her back.

“I left the window open.”

“I am sure you just forget to close the window after coming in.”

“You got me.”

Zoe laughed loudly, and I lost what to say.
Not only me, but Rupert also came in and out of this room.
And later, Cassion would also use this room.

It was better to break her habit of smoking cigarettes without minding the place.

Well, we could talk about that later.
Now, we should start talking about business.

“What happened to the Phoenix Bank case?”

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