“… dy, young Lady.
I told you not to sleep with your eyes open.”

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Every time my body was shaken, I could feel my head ring.
I pressed down my hurting head with my hands.

‘What? Head? Hand?’

That was strange.
I just got my head cut off with a guillotine; how was my head shaking?


“Cassion?? Which novel is Cassion the main character of? Young Lady! I told you not to read novels before you go to sleep.”

When I called the name of the person I saw just before I died, an old yet familiar voice scolded me.

‘What is happening?’

I grabbed my head and tried to get myself together.

“You know that today is the day to appoint Count Corcos as your legal guardian, right? How could you not come to your senses on such an important day?”

There was a series of nagging.
Guardian, royal palace, Count Corcos, and Janice’s nagging!

Like lightning flashed in my head, I jumped off the bed and ran to the mirror.

I reached my neck.

A guillotine cut off my neck, but there was no trace of a scar.

The scruffy look I had before my death was nowhere to be seen, and all I saw in the mirror was milky skin and a cute younger me.

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“How old am I, Janice?”

“Young Lady, are you sick? How old you are— Of course, you are 13 years old.”

I returned to the past! Back when I was 13 years old, on top of that. 

I got goosebumps.
I covered my open mouth with both hands. 

“I’m back! I’m back, Janice!” 

I hugged Janice.

“Oh, my, Lady?” 

Janice, who was surprised by the sudden hug, hugged me back in confusion.

‘Was the legend true? Was salvation came in the form of returning my life?’

Questions came up in my head one after another, but that wasn’t important.
Now that I returned, those reasons didn’t matter.

I set a goal for my current life.

‘Revenge that I was planning to take in hell; I will avenge it in this lifetime.’

And then,

‘Your Highness, Cassion, this time it is my turn to save you.’

I remembered Cassion coming to the execution ground to help me.

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He was the Royal Prince, whom everyone thought was dead.
Yet, he took my side when everyone falsely accused me of overthrowing the kingdom.

What happened to him after I was executed?

I couldn’t think of any good possibilities.

Cassion gave me too much for the little sympathy I gave him.

The tears of joy and relief of being back alive, also hope of avenging my revenge, welled up.

“Young Lady? Did you have a nightmare?”

Janice was anxious next to me.

I cried my heart out, not thinking of holding back my tears.

I wished what I had been through was only a nightmare, but the burning emotion that I felt in my heart proved that it wasn’t a dream.

That’s why this time, I would avenge my revenge.


It has been a week since I returned to the past.

I wiggled in my quilt, enjoying the warm sunshine on my face. 

The bright sunlight came in through my window.

The cozy bed cover with a subtle scent of lavender and roses decorating the vases on the table.

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I was so used to all of this that I felt somewhat awkward with it.

The comfort of the familiarity surrounded me warmly.
Though I wanted to sleep more, I sat up.


I couldn’t get him out of my mind since I returned.

‘I should have been strong at that time.’

I only helped him once, but he gave up a lot and came for me to the execution ground.

He must have been sick of the bustle of the Capital. 

‘I wondered if he’s doing well.
I am 13 years old, and Cassion is two years younger than me, so he should be 11 years old this year.’

I could feel my mouth felt bitter when I recalled his age. 

Even for mere pleasantries, I wouldn’t say that he had a nice life.

As a child, Cassion was unhappy.
He had to live as a Prince who the King shunned— He was so sad that his body became weak.

He was skinny, as if he had only bones and skin left, and he was much smaller than his peers.
On top of that, his clothes and hygiene were not taken care of well.
His scruffy appearances flashed through my mind.
That alone was pitiful enough, yet there was even a bully following Cassion all the time.

‘Dyson, that bast*rd.’

When I thought of the first Prince who drove me to my death, a trail of swearing flowed out my mouth.

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“Young Lady, Count Corcos is here for you.
Are you going to meet him again today?”

Janice broke my trance when she asked me that.

Count Corcos has visited me many times since I returned, but I made several excuses and sent him back.

Then I glanced to check the date.
I thought it was the time we should meet.

“Tell him to wait.”

I slipped out of my bed.

Will I be able to hold back my anger when I see Count Corcos’ face?

“Don’t be so pathetic and just die.
The more you try, the more you humiliate the Irenberg family.
You don’t have to worry about your family.
This Corcos will lead the family well by becoming the head of the family.”

I remembered the words of Count Corcos, who came to the dungeon, to me.

He pretended to love me and made a great sacrifice for me, but he showed his true colors when I was imprisoned.

Maybe he was the one who sent me to the dungeon.

He was a snake who tried to devour my family and me, whom I trusted enough to protect my childhood.

‘No, he is like the parasite that sucks people’s blood.’

Parasites of my life.

I was ready to go out to curse the life out of him.

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