‘What? Is she talking about me? How did Julia know that I came to the palace?’

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Who told her?

I thought I’d get caught someday, but it was too fast.
I didn’t get to prepare for it.

I could hear the sound of my chance to spend time with Cassion crumbled in my head.
I gripped the doorknob tightly.

Should I leave, or should I just come in?

It was like I was confirming her suspicion that I had been visiting Cassion’s palace if I went in.
If I did that, my range of movement would definitely become tight.

But what if I didn’t step up and just left?

Cassion had to endure Julia’s harsh words alone.

‘He must be sad.
He might get hurt.’

I could no longer leave him alone being lashed with Julia’s harsh words.

‘My purpose is important, but I’m not running away from someone in trouble.’

That’s what I learned from my parents.
The problem that would occur later could be solved calmly.

“Leave the cute lady alone.
Don’t be such a meanie.”

Julia pushed Cassion without giving him time to answer.

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You were the one who was being mean, not Cassion!

I couldn’t listen to it anymore.

I made up my mind and opened the door.


In the past, Julia was indifferent toward Cassion all the time.

If anyone was in the same situation as Cassion, they could end up with depression.

Julia did it on purpose.
And Julia’s prediction was somewhat correct.
As she wished, Cassion withered due to being neglected.

But there was a variable.
A person who paid attention to him appeared.
She didn’t see the one who helped him in person, but she could tell when she saw the palace.

It wasn’t that significant, but the evidence was Cassion’s dry lips became softer, the room had better lighting due to the pulled curtains, and the debris was missing.

“I’m telling you, don’t ruin the lady’s bright future–”

“Your Highness, Cassion!”

A voice rang, cutting Julia off.
Golden hair fluttered past Julia’s side.

The girl who suddenly came out of nowhere hugged the trembling Cassion.

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“Who are you?!”

Julia didn’t like how this little girl came into the palace offhandedly and the fact that she ignored her and acted as if there were only Cassion in this room.

Julia shouted, and the girl turned around.
Julia’s eyes got bigger.
Soon, her eyes widened.

Julia quickly realized who the girl was.


Anyone who knew the Duke of Irenberg and his wife would immediately recognize the young Princess of Irenberg as she looked like the late Duke Irenberg.

Diana put Cassion behind her as Julia murmured her name.
Diana turned around and stood in front of Cassion like she was protecting him.

Diana put her hand on her chest and lowered her knee deeply.

“Greetings to Your Majesty Queen Julia.
It is my honor; I am Diana Viola Irenberg.”

Julia replied in response to her greeting.
Then she waited for Diana’s following words with her eyes squinted.

Most people knew that Cassion was an abandoned prince, but they didn’t know much about Julia’s true behavior.

To be exact, no one had ever seen Julia’s evil deeds.
There was no evidence.

It was because Julia tried to maintain the appearance of a good Queen externally to make Dyson the King.

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If her reputation fell, it wouldn’t do anything good for Dyson.”

‘The timing is not good.’

Julia was worried if Diana had heard what she had just said to Cassion.

“I heard that you favor His Highness Cassion.
Are you here to talk to him despite your busy schedule?”

However, Diana’s attitude toward Julia was polite, which dismissed her worries.

‘I guess she didn’t hear what I said.’

If Diana had heard her screaming violently, she wouldn’t have been able to say that she ‘favored’ Cassion.

Julia looked at Diana.
She was smiling brightly like a child.

But why did she secretly go in and out of the Third Prince’s palaces?

At the same time as Julia wondered how pathetic Count Corcos was for struggling in controlling such a small child who was barely his chest tall.
Julia smiled and replied affectionately.

“That’s right.
Miss Diana.
I stopped by to see if he would be lonely by himself.
We were just talking about something funny.”

“Oh! What kind of funny story was it? No, wait.
Don’t tell me yet!”

Julia tried to make something up roughly, but Diana raised her hand and stopped her.

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Julia felt a little offended by Diana’s rude behavior.
Therefore, she was going to scold her.

Diana, who had a big smile on her pretty doll-like face, said.

“I want to guess.
Would it be okay, Your Majesty?”

‘I couldn’t tell if she was just being polite or not.’

Julia decided to observe Diana, who was unpredictable, a little longer.

“Hmm, what could be the funny story….”

The girl murmured, palming her forehead as if she were really trying to find out the answer.
Then, as if she had an idea of what it was, she clapped her hands and said.

“Ah! Was it about curses?”

That shocked her.

Julia’s left eyebrow went up.
Diana continued without giving Julia time to answer.

“There is one story about it, right? The story about a cursed doll! The people around him said a lot of stuff to the main character.
Something like I’ll die if I stay with you; we all are!”

Diana opened her eyes and screamed like a storyteller.
Julia overlapped herself in Diana’s appearance.
The image of herself screaming at Cassion.

‘Did she hear?’

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