At the end of Rupert’s words, there was an omitted expression implied.

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Janice and Zoe held their breath.
Rupert’s life, which wasn’t smooth, was eventually revealed.

The life he had gone through weighed heavily on our conscience.

‘I guess he had never received a genuine act of favor before.’

I could feel my heart was getting heavy.

‘He doesn’t have any proper adults around him.’

When I encountered the dark side of the kingdom that I hadn’t seen in my past life, I realized my lack.

‘I said I would be a great queen without even knowing the real situation.
I only looked at the bright and shining parts of the kingdom.’

I shouldn’t be such a person in this life.
I faced Rupert and vowed that I would meet the bad and the good part of the kingdom.

“Don’t try to give me something for free; let’s make a deal.”

“What kind of deal do you want to make with me? As I told you, I have nothing to give you….”

“Make a drug for me.”

Rupert’s eyes shook.
Blood was draining from his face.

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It was illegal to make and distribute unauthorized drugs in the kingdom.

Rupert lived committing a lot of illegal activity not against his will.
Therefore it was natural for him to be scared.

“There’s nothing to be nervous about.
I told you I would protect you.
You just have to make painkillers that don’t strain the patient’s body.
It’s not difficult, right? I know you are already making it.
Stabilize the medicine.
I’ll cover everything you need for your research.”

I explained it thoroughly before a strange misunderstanding was created.

I already knew about him developing medicine, and I had to make him believe that I didn’t intend to hand him to the authorities.

Everything I need for my research?”

Finally, Rupert began to be interested in our deal.

Even corpses, if you need one.”


Janice shrieked.

I would explain it in detail to Janice later because now I had to focus on persuading Rupert.

“What do you think?”

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You liked my condition, right? You desire it, right? You wanted to say “Yes” without even realizing it, right?

Sure enough, Rupert’s fingertips flinched.

‘I made an offer that he couldn’t refuse.’

In the past, before my death, Rupert was called a mad doctor.
It was because there was a rumor that he was obsessed with dissecting bodies.

It wasn’t a groundless rumor at all.

Rupert was willing to go wherever so that he could dissect bodies.

There was also a famous joke about him hopping from one anatomical research to another without sleeping all week.

‘He’s a natural lunatic.’

However, Rupert was obsessed with dissecting human bodies because he was crazy like how the gossipers described him.

He was just obsessed with researching effective medical treatments.

Didn’t it sound like what makes a doctor genius? The kingdom relied on divine power and magic for severe trauma and disease.

In short, it meant that only those with money could receive proper treatment.

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‘The problem would be solved if many people could use magic and divine power in the medical world, but those are not something that could be developed by effort.’

On the other hand, the medical field that Rupert studied and tried to develop could be learned by anyone.
Therefore, Rupert devoted himself to surgical treatment research for the sake of creating the medical world.

As we developed medical technology and trained doctors a lot, that was Lebert’s argument.
He wanted a perfect understanding of the human body to perform safe and ideal surgery.

Hence he arbitrarily dissected bodies, which were prohibited in the kingdom.

You can’t do that.
What do you mean by the corpse? Are you sure you’re talking about a dead body? You’re going to provide that?”

Janice asked in fear.

“You’ll be in trouble if you do that.”

Janice tried to stop me with a worried tone, but there was nothing better than that offer to make a deal with Rupert.

“Rupert, I will provide you with a body to dissect.”

Instead of responding to Janice, I looked at Rupert and said.

“T-T-That’s illegal, Miss!”

The answer came from Janice.
I turned around and looked at her.

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“There’s also a legitimate one.
Painters do it twice a year.

The association called painters to draw a perfect human body.

It wasn’t illegal.
It was just an era in which human-saving medicine was underestimated.

“I’ve never heard of an individual with no association being allowed to dissect a body.”

Janice cried.
Should I just give my handkerchief to Janice or Rupert?

“Nothing changes if you stay in that place.
If it doesn’t work, we can just make it work.
I’m going to make it possible to dissect bodies for medical research purposes, and if they wouldn’t allow it, I can just gather ten painters and build my own association.”

“I heard that it costs a lot of money.
Is it really that easy, Miss?”

The cost of registering an association was comparable to the price of three mansions in the capital.
In addition, I intended to create a shell association, which meant I had to hire fake members.

In short, it would cost me almost the price of five mansions to build an association.

‘Even if I exclude the cost of getting corpses, it’s still a huge amount of money.’

Creating an association for the sake of one person? It was something that others couldn’t even dream of.

But I could.

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