This year shouldn’t be the time for revision because it was revised back when I was 11.
But documents were returned?

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What bad timing.
It meant that a problem was going to arise.

‘Come to think of it, there will be a riot because of taxes this year.’

When exactly did that riot happen? I couldn’t remember it clearly.

“I’ll take care of it, so you don’t have to worry.”

Count Corcos hated it when I was interested in territory management, and around that time, he held a banquet every day that made me crazy.

‘There’s no way I can’t remember.’

“Give it to me.”

I reached out to Matthew.


Matthew asked confusedly.

These days, people make me talk twice.
What’s wrong with people? Should I make a magic tool that significantly increases the volume of the sound of speech so that it can reach their eardrums?

‘Come to think of it, the crazy doctor also made that tool, didn’t he?’

I couldn’t wait to meet him.
But before that, I had to look at the documents Matthew brought.

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“Didn’t you bring it to show me?”

“That’s true.”

“Then give it to me.”

“Can you read the tax law documents? It’s complicated.”

Matthew ignored me secretly.

But I wasn’t angry at what he said.

—because I was a 13 years old child who knew the world only from my study.
Though that didn’t mean I knew the world well after becoming an adult in my past life.

That’s why I was foolishly deceived by those who tried to stab me in the back and became a prisoner.
But even though it was hard to say this myself, I was a genius.

I learned that it was because I was determined to study to meet Dyson and become a good queen.

I mastered the five languages of the continent in a year and mastered all the continent’s history in my second year.

I helped the development of various lands in the Kingdom with my exceptional brain.
But the credit went to Dyson, not me.

“Diana, I don’t like you to stand in front of others.
Other people are looking at you.
Is my love alone not enough?”

“When did you come up with this? You’re going to announce it under my name, right? I love you for trying for me.
Diana, you know that my success is your success, right?

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“Diana, did you study tax laws? That’s good.
Even if you didn’t, there is something else His Majesty was interested in.
I’ll tell you when I get there.
I love you; you’re my best partner.”

I believed what Dyson said.
That he didn’t want me to get attention because he loved me.

I lived as his shadow by being deceived by the scum who said, ‘My success is your success.’.

I was a rare genius being looked for by the academies wound the world, but unfortunately, I lost a good life because I only studied and dated.

No, it wasn’t my fault that I messed up! They hit me in the back of the head! Those who didn’t even bother to be graceful.

“Lady? If you don’t understand, you don’t have to read it.”

Matthew, who mistook me for not understanding the documents, said as I frowned.

“No, I can read it.
Give it to me.”

Matthew put the documents on my desk with unbelievable eyes.

There were so many documents that the small table maintaining its center with three legs staggered.

If Matthew hadn’t held them well, the documents would have been scattered.

“Change my bedroom desk right away.”

“Didn’t you say you liked this desk? You like it because it’s pretty and small.”

I did say that.

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I kept forgetting that I was a 13-year-old child who liked cute and pretty things.

“Let’s leave this as it is.
I want you to put another desk.
I think I will have to work often in the bedroom from now on.
Do we have a lot of works related to the household?”

“Are you going to start working as the head of the household officially?”

Matthew’s eyes squinted.
He looked straight at me with his judging and evaluating eyes.

“Why? Do you not trust me, Matthew?”

I asked him a question as I glanced at his expression.

In my house, there could be a spy sent by Count Corcos.

I was worried that information about the household’s internal affairs leaked.

I didn’t trust anyone except Janice.

Matthew, the butler of the Irenberg family for three generations, was also a subject of my doubt.

If Matthew suspected me and interfered with my work, he might have been someone assigned by Count Corcos.
Whose side was Matthew on?

“No, how dare I.

Matthew’s voice shook a little.

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“Isn’t your dream to get married to a nice family and live comfortably.…?”

Did I say something embarrassing like that? My face turned red.

“I don’t remember that.”

First, I tried to pretend not to remember.

“You used to say that you want to live with Master for the rest of your life.”

If I was a genius, Matthew was the more genius one.
His memory was spot on.

“I remember that.
But that’s what everyone would say when they’re young.”

I was very ashamed of myself in the past, but I pretended to be insignificant about it.

Fortunately, Matthew moved on without mentioning it any further.
I naturally tried to change the subject to tax issues.

“Thank you, lady.”

But out of nowhere, Matthew bowed.

“I have no regrets if I die because you decided to continue the Irenberg family, no– if you become an official head of the family, I would die in peace.”

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