Who could that be?

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Cassion raised his eyebrows nervously.

He didn’t feel good.
He wasn’t feeling well either.

He wanted to scold her for coming into the Prince’s room, but it’s not just in front of Dyson he had to lie to.

“The walls of the palace have eyes, and the ceiling has ears.”

Cassion was reminded of his mother’s advice.

Maybe Dyson was the one who sent her to look at his condition.

“Who, who are you? H-how did you get in there?”

Cassion said foolishly, raising his eyebrows and blinking his eyes.

It was his play-dumb act.

“Oh, my God! You’re such a good actor.”

But the girl looked through his performance.

Cassion’s eyes, which had gone round, gradually became smaller.
His eyes that pretended to be innocent turned into doubtful looks.

“Did you hear what I said earlier?”

Cassion, who realized he had been exposed, shut up.

Silence was the best defense at times like this.

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The girl opened her mouth as if she had no intention of hearing back from him in the first place.

“Son of a b*tch.”

A profanity that didn’t go well with her fine lips came out naturally.

Cassion grimaced at that.

“What was it again? The spirit goddess Helva……….”

She has heard everything.

It was meaningless to play dumb when she had already heard it all.

Cassion leaned lazily on the sofa, relaxing his stiff shoulders.

“I won’t let them get away.
Not even Helva, the spirit Goddess of justice and destruction, will save them.”

Cassion himself completed the sentence that the girl was trying to recite.

“Oh, that’s right! It wasn’t a creative one, but it was still a curse.
Why didn’t you try to write it down all this time? You look talented,” the girl continued with a single smile.

“Who are you?”

Cassion did not stutter anymore.

When he opened his eyes, his innocent look disappeared and became sharp and meaningful.

The girl reached out her hand.

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Cassion stared down at her hand that was a little bigger and paler than his.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Your Highness.
Diana Viola Irenberg, the heir to Duke Irenberg.
And also the rope you need to hold on to live.”


“Who are you? How did you get in there?”

When Cassion saw me, he stammered and acted innocently.

Look at this cute thing.

If I hadn’t heard him swearing passionately earlier, I would have been fooled by Cassion’s acting.

That’s how pitiful looking he was.

It even went well with Cassion’s outward appearance.

Cassion looked so fragile that he would break if anyone touched him, and he had tears in his eyes and even breathed heavily.

It was a shame that he was sick, but it helped him play the character he was aiming for.

I thought I’d keep watching him because of his cute acting.

However, she would be wasting time.

It was easy to pull out his true face.

All I had to do was recite some swear words I heard from outside.

The smart Cassion knew that he couldn’t fool me and immediately revealed his true self.

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“Lady Irenberg, oh, shall I call you Lady Irenberg? Cough, damn it! What are you doing here?”

Cassion seemed to want to get a head start to intimidate me, but his body couldn’t keep up.

His eyes were glaring sharply, but I felt sorry every time he coughed, his body bent forward.

“The room needs to be ventilated.
Could you open the window, Janice?”

I had been bothered by the stuffy smell since I came into the room.

When Janice opened the window, bright sunlight poured in.
In the meantime, I took a better look at Cassion’s room.

‘This is awful.
You call this a Prince’s palace? But still, it’s good that this place receives a good amount of sunlight .’

The palace itself was well designed, but it wasn’t cleaned and organized.

Now that I had seen the room, it was time to take a better look at Cassion.

His skin was rough, and his lips had splintered.
His skin was yellow and dry, with cheekbones sticking out.

Apart from being sick, it was evident that he was not adequately cared for.

‘I am guessing he can’t sleep well from his dark circles.’

I understood his cautious attitude.

Anyone who was constantly bullied, poorly cared for, and sick, has no choice but to be sour at other people.

“What are you looking at?”

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Cassion said bluntly.

I was proud of him for showing his hostility while sitting quite upright yet looking as if he was about to collapse.

He was not an abandoned kitten but a wolf hidden in a nasty cat mask.

‘It’s going to take a lot of work.’

I need to warm up the mood so that it wouldn’t feel awkward.
What should I say first?

“Young Lady, can I get you some snacks and tea?”

Nice, Janice!

There’s nothing better than eating together to get close.

I nodded my head.

Janice moved quickly.
She took the pretty plate out of the big basket and put a sweet-smelling snack on it.

In addition, although it wasn’t the fancy one, she also prepared imported tea leaves.

She brought it just in case, but I was glad she did.

“Is it poisoned?”

But it was my mistake to expect the mood to be softened.

Cassion had been aggressive to the core.
Where should I start teaching bad-tempered kids?

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