The day for Edgar and the Robeheim mother and daughter pair to leave for Hespania came in the blink of an eye.

Early in the morning, the wagons and servants sent by the Robeheim family arrived at the Billhark family’s mansion, and were busy helping out because of lack of manpower.

“I have troubled you.
I’m sorry Sheffy.”

In the group of servants sent by the Robeheim family, Sheffy, Helena’s personal maid was also included.

Her pale green hair fluttering along the wind as she moved about busily, she gratefully accepted Edgar’s help.

Even though she didn’t have to be so polite, the sight of her drinking water with her head turned around made Edgar feel sorry all the more.

“It’s not.
This is the mistress’s order.
And to me, young master is the same as our young lady.”

“Thank you for thinking that way.
By the way, did Sheffy’s daughter come along with Sheffy today?”

“Yes, she must be loading the wagon by now.”

Whoa, it’s an unexpected harvest.

If possible, he would like to make his move before Ariel strikes, but he couldn’t leave alone by himself while the other servants were having a hard time.

But he doesn’t need to be so impatient anyway as he has a trump card.

All he had to do was to prepare his mind to punish the immature princess.

“Are you planning to take the sword with you, Young master?.”

“Yeah, I haven’t been able to completely change my body constitution yet.
If possible, I want to carry it around my waist like this even if I can’t use it well yet.”

Even now, with the sword hanging at his waist, he is only able to use no more than a certain amount of mana.

He at least should have the ability to swing the sword around with ease, so it should be said that this sword around his waist is just to show off infront of others.

Especially recently, he always carries the sword with him as there were many things relating to magic to show Ariel.

“It must be cumbersome.
But I heard from the mistress that you have made improvements….

“It’s all thanks to Madam Helena.
I am always grateful.”

Because he knew that his life would be one without magic if not for her.

To put it bluntly, Madam Helena was nothing but a benefactor who opened up a new path in his life.

Now with an even more precious offer held out to him than the previous one, it is difficult to know how long it would take for him to repay her debt.

It would be best if he could pay her back before he dies, but is that really possible?


Edgar walks down the stairs from the second floor after packing up his last bag, while all the way showering Helena with praises.

At the far end of the stairs, Ariel was waiting with her hands on her hips, looking quite annoyed for some reason.

“You’re late, Ed! Everyone is waiting!”

“Look at me.
With so much luggage, how can I finish it quickly?”

How can there be no windy days?

As soon as they met, Sheffy, who was watching the two childhood friends who were busy arguing, covered her mouth and let out a small laugh.

She feels like that every time she sees them, but they’re a really good pair.

Even if they were friends since childhood, how many people could really treat the only heir of the Grand Ducal this snarkily?

That alone is enough to prove that Edgar saw Ariel as a girl named Ariel, not as the heir of the Robeheim family.

“Tch, that’s why I wish I had prepared it in advance from yesterday.”

“You are not wrong.”

With nothing to refute, Edgar shrugged his shoulders and came down the stairs.

As he said, there was some luggages prepared in advance, but most of it was packed in a hurry this morning.

He heard that the Robeheim family will be sending carriages, but he assumed that they would only arrive rather late, and there is still some time left before they arrive.

So he slept for quite awhile after doing his daily training.

“What does Sheffy say? Everyone is saying if I’m too close to that guy.”

Edgar was dumbfounded when he heard this, but he decided to close his eyes for today.

Although his tongue itches to ask who is getting close to whom.

Meanwhile, Sheffy, who was carrying his luggage in silence, stared at Ariel with a strange smile as her protests were pointed at him.

Sheffy looked as if she was asking, ‘Can I say that?’

Ariel’s eyes blinked a couple of times at that, and then her face turned red as if she realized what Sheffy was talking about.

“Sheh, Sheffy, you can’t… … !”

Edgar tilted his head at the sight of her shaking her pupils as if she had felt betrayed.

“Is anything wrong?”

Regardless, Sheffy, with a playful smile tugging at her lips, skipped to his side with cheerful steps that are not suitable for her age and got near Edgar’s ear.

“Young Master Edgar, would you like to hear me out? That’s what she says, but actually this morning……”

“Cee! What’s wrong with you, following mom’s footsteps?”

[ Footsteps here means following Helena’s actions.

Infact, Edgar, who could be labeled as her mortal enemy that ever existed, and since then, a series of main enemies like Sylvia and her mom also popped out and now even Sheffy, who has always been trusted, has joined in.

As Ariel rushed in between them, lamenting over this terrible reality, the distance between the two naturally widened, and they ended up without telling the secret.

“You, just ask Sheffy later.
I won’t let you go.”

“Okay, why don’t you first put out the fire and talk?”

Edgar had a chill run down his spine as he saw the crackling flame in Ariel’s hand and hurriedly calm her down.

Fortunately, Ariel left the mansion first with a snort.

Edgar let out a sigh of relief at the fact that a battle of magic almost took place at his house in broad daylight, then he quietly followed after her.

If she is already this brute now, he wonders who will dare to ask her hand for marriage later.

[Don’t worry Eddy, she has already found her life partner at the age of two]

“Oh, young master.
There, that’s my daughter.”

“That girl, standing next to the wagon looking as if she doesn’t know what to do next? ”

“Yes, she’s still a little immature?”

Certainly, at first glance, he could see that the girl doesn’t resemble Sheffy.

Of course, it may be because she’s still young, but if Sheffy is the image of a resourceful woman, then her daughter feels like a small animal.

When they arrived in front of the gate on the road through the garden, the eyes of those who were gathered gathered in one place.

“Ed, is that the last one?”

“Yes, it’s delayed because I have more luggage than I thought.
I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.
That’s why I called for more helpers.
Oh, and it’s your first time seeing this Young Master Edgar.
At least come say hello.”

Helena called the girl over with light brown hair who was politely putting her hands together behind her.

The older girl did not know what to do and hesitated but in the end she still approached closer and slightly bowed her head.

The way she quietly came closer to him while hesitating and bowed her head low did not match the atmosphere of her age at all.

While they were greeting each other, Ariel had already climbed to her wagon first and took her seat.

“I want to ride widely, so Shuri sits next to Ed.”

“Yes, miss.”

Is that wicked master asking her maid to sit next to the man she met for the first time today?

Edgar clicked his tongue inside and shook his head lightly, and Ariel, who made eye contact with him at that moment, poked out her tongue.


And as if it were a catalyst, something intense passed through Edgar’s head.

“It’s now.”

The time has finally come to bring up the plan that he has carefully prepared for the past two days.

Edgar’s eyes glowed sharply.

“Hey, Shuri.
I’d like to ask you a question… Will it be okay?”

Then Edgar suddenly talks to Shuri, who sits next to him, in a subtle tone.

She could have been embarrassed by the sudden request, but she responded unexpectedly and gave an affirmative answer.

“Ask me anything.”

“Yes, a difficult question… It could be, but I want you to tell me the truth if possible.”


It could be a tricky question, what is it?

For a moment, Shuri was reminded of those kinds of questions that a man would ask to a woman.

As she naturally became a red radish, she was worried that she might have answered too hastily, but Edgar’s mouth opened belatedly.

“Don’t your master harass you?”


At an unexpected question, Shuri blinked her eyes, looked at Edgar’s face, and reconfirmed Ariel was still sitting opposite from them.

Ariel sat there with her arms crossed, seemingly disinterested, but Shuri could see the swirl of flames in Ariel’s narrowed eyes.

Why? All in all, why would he ask such a question when her very own master is in front of her?

Could it be that he is trying to play some tricks on her after arguing with Ariel?

She heard that this person also has a personality that likes to play pranks very much.

“Ah, if I’m just thinking of trying to get your mind off of Ariel’s favor, don’t worry.”

“… … !?”

Think for a moment.

Seeing him comment as if he had read through her thoughts, Shuri felt a chill run down her spine.

Does he think she can tell the truth when he asks this question in the first place?

What kind of family’s maid could say in front of her master, “My master is bothering me too much.”

Even then the opponent wasn’t just a stupid bastard in the family, but a girl who would become the owner of the grand duke’s family.

“I-over there… Lady, always cherish me… … .”



As she was about to bluff a mouthful of praises, Edgar’s hands rested on both her shoulders.

Then Edgar continues his speech in a very calm tone, not caring that she is in contact with a man.

Ariel, who was watching this from across from her, bit her lips.

“I promise you one thing.
Even if you completely expose that immature princess’ bare face right here, there will be absolutely no disadvantage to you.”

“Uh, how did you… … ?”

What she wanted to ask is, are you sure?

It was a natural question.

Even if Edgar is Ariel’s childhood friend, it doesn’t mean he can get involved in Shuri’s personnel system.

After all, the owner of Shuri was Ariel, and the Robeheim family.

Even so, Edgar’s smile was confident.
As if Shuri had a corner to believe in.

‘What is it?’

From Ariel’s point of view, she was able to hide her nervousness because she held the right to life and death of Shuri, but when Edgar laid out his speech like this confidently, her anxiety grew.

Just what the hell kind of thing does this man do to give out this kind of confident aura?

And this question did not last long.

“Actually, Mrs.
Helena told me that she was proud of me and that she would grant me at least one small wish.
If you tell the truth here, I’ll stop Ariel from doing anything to you with that wish.”

“… … !”

Shuri wasn’t the only one surprised by the unexpected answer.

In her running carriage, Ariel jumped to her feet, asking if it was true, and rushed to grab Edgar by the collar, and he only laughed at her with a deep sneer.

“Shu, Shuri! Do you believe that word!?”

“Come on, Shuri.
You just have to tell the truth.
What did that princess do after being teased by her friend to their heart’s content, and how she usually bullied you?”

Shuri’s lips trembled as her gaze flickered between her owner’s scolding and the owner’s friend’s soft voice.

Should I gamble on telling the truth right now?

Or should I safely hide the truth and return to my original place?

She was still unsure as to whether or not this boy had the ability to fend for her.

All she needs is her own determination.
Only that one thing.


Holding back the tears that were barely filling, Shuri held her heart tightly.

She thought that there was no one who would be on her side, but where did this kind of hope come from?

Her heart was so thrilled that she couldn’t even part her lips, but now she had to tell this boy the truth even if she had to hold back his tears.

The true nature of that vicious master.

“Oh… Actually, on days when Miss Sylvia comes to play with Young Miss… i! She gets angry every day, so…Hic!”

“It’s okay, so speak slowly.
You can ignore that brat.”

“Shu, Shuri! Are you really going to say that!? Your master is me!”

The inside of the wagon was truly a crucible of chaos.

Ariel tries to stop Shuri somehow, and Edgar in return tries to stop her.

And in the meantime, Shuri, continues to talk.

“And… hic.
On days when she feels very depressed, the temperature of the tea served as usual is not right… Whoops!”

“Shuri, that’s enough.
Stop crying… … .”

Edgar took out his handkerchief, which he often used, from his bosom, handed it to her, and raised his head to meet Ariel’s eyes.

“Gee, not really! Well, of course I made a little mistake, but that much… … .”

It was Ariel who hurriedly made an excuse, stuttering to the end, as if she had been stung for quite some time, but Edgar ended the story with one word, laughing as if her attempts didn’t work.

“This is your business, Ariel.”

Thanks to Shuri’s activities, the journey to Hespania was not boring at all.

Only Ariel’s mournful scream, who was being punished by Edgar, resonated everywhere.

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