At dinner that evening, Edgar announced to Helena his decision to leave for Hespania.

Although Helena was pleased with the decision he made which was way faster than she expected, she nonetheless set a schedule to gather in the drawing room after the meal because she would like to have a discussion about the details in depth again.

By the time the sun went down completely, Edgar arrived at the drawing room and all the people, including his parents, had already gathered together.

“You’re late, you fool.”

As a person with an impatient personality, Ariel hated waiting for others or making other people wait too.

As if to prove this, as soon as the door of the drawing room opened and Edgar appeared, Ariel scolded Edgar in a sharp tone.

Edgar did not intend to make many people wait for him, so he smiled awkwardly and apologized.

“Ariel, we didn’t set a specific time for the meating.
So you can’t scold your friend suddenly like that.”

“eww… I’m sorry.

Well, after all, Ariel’s early appearance wasn’t because of her intention of coming early either.

She was just walking around the hallway and her mother was walking into the drawing room, so she tugged along and waited together.

Had she not, she might have been the one now standing in Edgar’s shoe.

The mistake of pointing fingers at others shortcomings without looking at her own deficiencies was something that Ariel was always reprimanded for, by Helena, so this time, she obediently lowered her tail and expressed her apologies to Edgar.

“No, it’s my fault, huh? Don’t be upset and eat some sweets.
This is delicious.”

“Ok… … .”

She already knew that Edgar hated sweets.

Ariel was moved by the sight of him trying to change the topic by munching on snacks that he doesn’t usually eat, all just for her.

The adults who were watching their interaction, couldn’t help but feel warm.

“Every time I see you like this, I think that, Ed, deciding to have you by my daughter’s side was the third best thing I ever did.”

“The first thing must have been meeting the head of the Grand Ducal.
The second must be the birth of Ariel.”

“Huh, you’re quick to catch it.”

Perceiving that her mood had softened after a few sips of tea, Helena brought up the subject in earnest.

“So, you want to go to Hespania together?”


“It might be ridiculous for the person who proposed it in the first place to ask such a question, but let me just ask you one thing.
What made you decide to leave this place?”

Why did you choose to leave?

It was just a pure question.

Even if she had any doubts about his decision, this wasn’t a question asked out of desperation hoping to reverse his decision.

It is not an easy feat for a boy who had not yet reached adulthood to leave the house where he had been staying for most of his life and decide where to go next.

She had said that she would give him three days, but depending on his answer of approval, she thought of intending to give him more time.

But the answer he gave out in an instant was crystal clear without an ounce of fear or anxiety.

His answer was so relaxed as if he has long been waiting for this opportunity to come and seize it securely.

What was the reason for him to make such an important decision swiftly?

“I have thought about this before.
Even if I inherit the Billhark family in the future, the time will come where I will have to leave this place and venture outside to learn more about the world.”

“Well, it is not surprising for a child like you to have had things sorted out thoroughly.”

Helena, who nodded her head as if she had already guessed his answer, gave a satisfied smile.

She didn’t mean to disparage the Bilhark family, but even she knew that this place was not enough for this brilliant boy.

Helena has seen the still young Edgar, who had a large bowl but did not dare to put anything in it.

But even so, if he puts enough will, he will definitely be able to achieve something great in his life.

She had handed out this proposal because she had enough faith in this boy’s will and the result also means that her ideology has coincided with Edgar’s thus the current devolvement has occurred.

“Mrs Helena, may I ask you a few questions?”

“Ask however much you want.
It certainly is your right.”

There must be a pile of questions high enough to be a mountain he may wants to ask.

It’s not someone else’s business after all, it’s an issue regarding his own future.
So it is indeed natural.

Helena, tilted her head and promised that she would answer any of his questions with her utmost sincerity.

“If I go to Hespania, I would like to ask where I will be staying.”

“You will be staying at our family home.”

“Does that mean I will be living in the same residence as Ariel?”

“It will be like that.”

Edgar’s brow furrowed slightly when the answer he was most worried about came out.

Not good.

Of course, it was good to rate oneself highly.
Her considerate actions should be met with appreciation from him.

But her considerate thoughts were a hindrance for him to achieve what he sought for.

In order to minimize his meetings with Ariel, he had to find another place to live in.

“If possible, could you arrange a place other than the Robeheim family’s castle?”

“Is it because you are uncomfortable?”

“It’s similar, but it’s a little different.
To explain in detail, it’s a little long… Are you all right with listening?”

“Of course.
Don’t worry, tell me.”

She couldn’t do things out of the box without listening to the opinions of the most important parties properly.

Edgar turned his gaze for a moment to exchange glances with Ariel and nodded softly in response to her answer.

It was meant to convey what he had told her earlier.

From that, Edgar’s story has continued for quite a long time, but the summary was similar to what he had mentioned to Ariel before.

However, something like a few preconditions that he hadn’t discussed with her earlier were added too.

It would have a bad effect on Helena and Ariel—who proposed to have him stay with them— if they let a nobody who has not yet proved anything, into the Robeheim family directly.

He didn’t want to take a long time but before he has made a name for himself and shows his abilities, he needs a resident to stay at the interval of his progress.

The residence should be a place where it is impossible for Ariel to come across easily, but it should also be a place where he can meet up with her when it is needed.

When he finished explaining with his utmost enthusiasm, using all his hands and feet, Helena, who was listening to him blankly with her eyes wide open, belatedly came to her senses.

“That’s amazing.
Did you think of this on your own? Ed.”

Of course, there are many holes that I haven’t thought of yet.”

“No, even if there is a hole, it won’t be that big.
More than that, how did you come up with this idea……?”

This was not a matter of commendation or smartness for this conclusion is drawn out by a mere 14-year-old.

He was talking and planning as if he had been in the positions of the head of the Robeheim family and; Helena’s and Ariel’s positions.

Even if he is a natural talent and stood out among the bunch of kids in normal times, it’s not an easy feat for someone as young as him to draw out such conclusions which is limited due to his young age and the inexperienced ness that comes from lack of human relationships.

This is because, in most of the cases, such understandings can only be gained by directly experiencing them physically, and the difference between a personal one-sided conclusion and the conclusion that comes from real-life experiences are highly differentiated; like oil and water.

There was countless history about successors of some aristocratic families—which has been known from an early age— wandered into relationships with people and later disappeared into the background of the society quietly.

‘He has looked very far ahead into the future.’

She has also thought about what would happen if he was brought back to the Robeheim family suddenly.

Of course, there would be some noises at first, but she was definitely the mistress of the Robeheim family and had the power to put the noises to rest.

She simply thought that if the day came when he would prove his ability, everyone would then become quiet.

But Edgar had predicted further ahead than her.

The conflict that would arise between Helena and her chief retainers when he immediately entered the Robeheim family was a conflict that would not be easily remedied just because he proved his ability later on, and it could remain as a burden in a corner of his heart.

It was as if he was grasping the reality more calmly than she believed that it would be resolved.

“Son, isn’t it too much to think about too many things at such a young age?”

“I agree with my father.
I understand what you mean, but if possible, I think it would be better to stay apart from the Robeheim family for now.”

But is the heart of parents always the same?

It was very disturbing that he would decide to live separately for the time being and not receive the support of the Robeheim family, when he would be worried even if his child, who was supposed to be heading to a faraway country, slept under a golden blanket.

He, who has always been under their protection and slept under a golden blanket, suddenly decided to venture outside their roof was already a worrisome matter for them, to make matters worse he just has to ask to stay outside on a foreign land all on his own without the support of the Robeheim family.

Helena, as a mother, also did not approve of Edgar’s request because she shared the same worries as his parents.

“Your parents are right, Ed.
You don’t have to carry so many things on your shoulders at such a young age.”

Although the age of fourteen is not that small.

If you were from a prestigious family, you would already learn the family’s political affairs at the age of 14, and if it was really early, you would enter the social world and get acquainted with them in many cases.

However, there were very few people who chose it because they wanted it.

Most of them simply take on the duties of a family heir because of lack of choice.

In contrast, neither the duty nor the responsibility was given to him and there was not enough reason to fulfill the condition he asked.

Still, why is he trying to take so many things into account? Helene was just wondering about that.

At that, Edgar opened his mouth as he gazed at his childhood friend sitting next to him with a ray of smile.

“It’s not really a sense of duty.
Madame Helena, I have no intention of repaying the kindness you have given me.”

“Then why?”

“It’s simple.
Because no one wants to look at the back of their friend who has gone far ahead of them.”

A friend is someone who has to be by your side and walk with you shoulder to shoulder.

However, Ariel and Edgar’s relationship seems to be friends on the outside, but there are many differences in their positions.

Differences in family, origins, and talents.

If he includes all of that, the gap between him and Ariel will continue to widen.

Edgar’s willingness to take this path wasn’t exactly what he did for her, nor was it his sense of reciprocation for his benefactor Helena.

“I want to stand by my friend’s side.
That’s just what I want.”

At least, even if you can’t face shoulder to shoulder, to be able to peek at the profile of a friend walking towards your destination is fine.

It’s not just that I want to stand on equal lines.
I just want to be a person who is not ashamed of standing next to you.

Since your will is so firm, it wouldn’t be polite to stop you.
Ed, let’s do as you say.”

When Helena congratulated him and turned her gaze towards his parents, the two of them remained silent and only nodded slightly.

And her daughter, who was sitting next to her and was eating the cookies on her table like a squirrel, before she knew it, her hands stopped, and she was bending down with her face almost slammed into the table.

‘It’s cute too.’

Helena, who seemed to be able to convey her daughter’s feelings without even asking her directly, quietly looked away.

Why does the night with a thin crescent moon feel so bright today?

Maybe tonight is the most satisfying moment of her life.

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