The character’s hit rate was so low that the attack was missed.


Otto was stunned.

– ……?

The skeleton soldier turned It’s head around and glared at Otto.


Goosebumps broke out all over his body as their eyes met.

Eek! The skeleton soldier’s halberd flew right under Otto’s nose.


Otto instinctively raised his sword to block the blow, but he was helpless against the Skeleton Soldier’s next attack.


He was knocked to the ground and his sword broke.

Otto, who has gone from bad to worse.

– You….

A familiar voice spoke from the skeleton soldier’s mouth.

Nazrak’s spirit had possessed the skeleton soldier and spoke to Otto.

– How dare you betray me… and lead an army into this sanctuary…?


– Even if I perish here… I will kill you!

That moment.

‘Shit… shit.’

Otto realised that he was really in trouble.

At the same time, all the undead monsters in the vicinity turned their heads to glare at Otto alone.

[Notification: Warning, warning!]

[Notification: Nazrak has eyes on you!]

[Notification: Nazrak’s minions have eyes only for you!]

[Notification: Flee!]

[Notification: They will not stop until you are dead!]

Every undead monster in the sanctuary began to swarm towards Otto.

And Otto was….

“Help, help, help!!!”

He ran for his life.

* * *

– My subjects! He must be killed! Kill him! You must!

Hundreds of undead monsters rushed towards Otto in unison.


Otto ran and ran, dodging attacks from all directions.

“My lord is in danger!”

“Protect the lord, all of you!”

Then the soldiers of the Lota Estate stepped forward and began to fight the undead monsters that were charging at Otto.


Camille also joined the defense of Otto, killing the skeleton soldier that was targeting him.


Otto shouted at Camille.

“Go! Go!”

“What do you mean?”

“There’s a portrait deep in the sanctuary! The soul of the Lord of the Undead is contained in that portrait! So go! Go and destroy the portrait!”


“I’ll survive somehow, don’t worry, Hurry! Go!”

The reason Otto was shouting like that was because extinguishing Nazrak’s soul was the only way to overcome this crisis.

If Nazrak was not defeated, the undead monsters would continue to regenerate.

Not to mention the fact that the reborn undead monsters would target Otto.

Defeating Nazrak was of the utmost importance, and it was up to Camille to do it.

Camille was the only one who could defeat the high-level undead monsters guarding Nazrak’s portrait.

“Your orders… I accept.
Please be safe.”

In the end, instead of protecting Otto, Camille decided to destroy Nazrak’s portrait deep within the sanctuary.


A quest window popped up.

[Notification: A quest has occurred!]

The content was as follows

[Survive! Otto de Scuderia!]

Description: Survive until Camille destroys Nazrak’s portrait.

Type : Time Attack Quest

Progress : 0% (0/1)

Reward: Orb of Destruction

Time Limit: 600 seconds

‘All I have to do now is hang on.
Then it’s over.’

Otto gritted his teeth and ran.

This quest was something he’d encountered countless times in the course of his playthrough of the game.

There was no need to panic.

‘Let’s just do what I’ve always done.’

Remembering his experience, Otto used the terrain to make a quick escape.

And his move proved to be a great help to Lota forces.

“Stop them!”

“Don’t you dare! We’ll protect the lord!”

Otto’s use of the terrain to escape made it much easier for Lota’s soldiers to keep the undead monsters at bay.

Moreover, since the aggro was only attracted to Otto, the Lota soldiers didn’t suffer any damage.

It was as if the tank was drawing aggro and the dealers were killing monsters in the meantime.

The problem was, Otto wasn’t a tank.

“*Rough Breathing*”

Otto ran with all his might, trying his best not to get hit, no matter what.

He ran, rolled, and dodged with all his might.

But there was only so much he could do.

“*Pant* *Pant*”

Her body wouldn’t listen to him.

Otto was a heavy drinker and smoker, and hadn’t exercised in years.

His poor physical condition made it difficult for him to run away.

“No, no more… *Pant* *Pant*… Ugh!”

Barely holding back the rising tide of vomit, I took off running.

– Where are you running!

Just then, Nazrak, this time possessed by the Skeleton Knight, blocked Otto’s path.


– I’ll kill you… only you….

“W-wait? let’s talk and settle this amicably….”

– Die, you despicable b**tard!

Just then, two knights and three soldiers from the Lota Estate appeared and confronted Nazrak.




– F**k off!

Unfortunately, they were no match for Nazrak.

The Skeleton Knight was more powerful than the average skeleton soldier, and with Nazrak possessing it, its combat power was immense.


The knights and soldiers who had tried to protect Otto fell.

– There is no one to protect you now.
You despicable b**tard… for a traitor like you… there is only retribution!


Otto screamed, rolling over and over between Nazrak’s crotche.

Then he crawled through the rubble of the collapsed ramparts.

– You little rat.
You’re nothing but a rat on the run now.

Nazrak stabbed his sword through the rubble.

The next moment.

A gasping eacaped from Otto’s mouth.

The tip of the sword was in front of his face.

Nazrak’s blade had stopped a centimeter from his nose.


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