The army of the Lota Kingdom, which entered the battle, was like a pack of wolves released into a flock of sheep.

“Hahaha! These weaklings!”

“Where are you running off to?”

“You’ll pay the price for underestimating us!”

Thanks to the physical and military training received from the legendary commander Spooner, the combat power of the Lota Kingdom’s army had become incredibly strong.

Spooner’s special skill, “Elite Formation,” an S-class hero, increased the soldiers’ combat power by about 20%, and their stamina and tactical skills had greatly improved.

In addition, the Vecten Territory Army and the Seoden Territory Army were heavily exhausted from the battle that had just taken place, making them no match for the vigorous Lota Kingdom army.

Even if they fought in perfect condition, the Lota Kingdom’s combat power was dominant, and in a tactically disadvantageous situation like this, even fighting was impossible.

“Those who surrender, leave them alone! Instead, show no mercy to those who resist!”

Camille led the Lota Kingdom army while riding a horse.

With their momentum, the Lota Kingdom army swept through the Vecten and Seoden Territory armies, showcasing their combat power.

[Notification: Experience gained!]

[Notification: Experience gained!]

[Notification: Experience gained!]

As the Lota Kingdom army was active, Otto’s experience points also increased.

[Notification: Level up!]

[Notification: Reached level 54!]

[Notification: Reached level 55!]

[Notification: Reached level 56!]

In ‘Territory War’, as players win battles, expand their territories, or grow their countries and territories, they also grow together with the players.

However, Otto was not satisfied with just leveling up to this extent.

“I should fight too.”

Otto drew the mace containing Kairos’ soul.

Fighting alongside soldiers is always one of the best ways to level up!

Otto wouldn’t miss this opportunity.

Was it because he knew Otto’s thoughts?


The mace vibrated strongly.

[Oh! Young man! Are you trying to make a name for yourself?]

“I guess so.”

[Go! Let me lend you some strength! It’s a good opportunity since I was getting bored!]

“Let’s go.”

As soon as he rushed onto the battlefield, Otto swung his mace at any enemy that came his way.







One shot, one kill!

The enemies hit by his mace fell down, screaming in agony, never to rise again.

The destructive power of the mace was so great that even one hit meant certain death.

Even the knights were not exempt.


The knight who charged at Otto was wearing full plate armor, but that didn’t save him from death.



The mace easily crushed through the armor and crushed his chest completely.

[Notification: Experience points have increased!]

[Notification: Experience points have increased!]

[Notification: Experience points have increased!]

As the number of enemies falling to the ground by the club increased, so did the gained experience points.

[Notification: Level 57 achieved!]

[Notification: Level 58 achieved!]

[Notification: Level 59 achieved!]

[Notification: Level 60 achieved!]

The level also increased steadily.

Otto was so excited that he swept away the enemies as they came.

Six months ago.

When he first landed in this world, he was trembling with fear, but now he was like a ‘Shark’ in water on the battlefield…

It was clear that the saying ‘Humans are creatures of adaptation’ was not wrong.




The battle was over in an instant.

Both the Vecten and Seoden forces were overwhelmed by the overwhelming combat power of the Lota Kingdom’s army.

About 12 soldiers were injured from Lota Army, but there were no deaths.

It was a landslide victory.


“We won! We won!”

“Lota! Hurray!”


“Hail to the king! Hurray!”


The Lota Kingdom army cheered loudly, enjoying the joy of victory.

“Bring out the prisoners!”

“Yes, sir!”

At Camille’s command, the soldiers dragged Lord Ventura and Fernando to Otto.

“Otto, you son of a b**ch!”

“You rat b**tard!”

The two lords cursed and vented their anger as soon as they saw Otto’s face.

It was only natural for them to be furious, as they had been thoroughly humiliated by a local nerd trying to pick a fight with them and ended up defeated and ruined.

“These guys still haven’t come to their senses.
They even threatened to attack us if we didn’t surrender, the nerve of them.”

“How do you want to handle the prisoners?”

“Execute them.”

To Camille’s question, Otto answered clear

“There’s no need to show mercy to these guys.
Just show mercy to their families and end it by banishing them.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Ventura and Fernando received a death sentence from Otto and were swiftly beheaded on the battlefield.

Was this the final fate of the bullies who had bothered the local nerd?

“Congratulations on your victory.”

Camille approached Otto and knelt down on one knee after the execution of Ventura and Fernando.

[Notification: You have occupied Vecten Territory!]

[Notification: You have occupied Seoden Territory!]

[Notification: Your territory has been expanded!]

[Notification: You have gained experience!]

[Notification: Level 61 achieved!]

[Notification: Level 62 achieved!]

[Notification: Level 63 achieved!]

[Notification: Level 70 achieved!]

With each territory captured, Otto’s level increased by 5 levels, for a total of 10 levels, reaching level 70.

“That’s it.”

A smile crept up on Otto’s face.

Level 70.

He had reached the minimum level to gain power in ‘Sanctuary’.


That night.


Otto collapsed to the ground.

In exchange for using the power from the mace, which was inhabited by Kairos’ soul, Otto had to bear enormous aftereffects.

“My body can’t handle it.”

The mace was like a type of stimpack.
It greatly increased combat power when used, but the burden it placed on the body was immense.

(Notes: Stimpak (occasionally referred to as a Stimpack, Stim pack or simply Stims), short for stimulation delivery package, is a type of hand-held medication used for boosting the body’s own regenerative properties.)

It was like feeling one’s vitality draining away.

If he continued to rely on the mace, he would undoubtedly become an invalid.

‘Well, it doesn’t make sense for me to rush into battle in my current state anyway.’

Even if he leveled up somewhat after the curse was lifted, Otto, who wasn’t even level 100, couldn’t possibly sweep away enemies on the battlefield.

He was so awkward in his movements because he didn’t even know the basics of swordsmanship.

‘Anyway, since I don’t plan on relying on the mace for long, I’ll rest and recover first before heading to the Sanctuary.’

Based on experience, after conquering the Vecten and Seoden territories, he was relatively safe from threats posed by other factions.

Since the Vecten and Seoden territories were located near the border of the continent, if he stopped advancing here, there wouldn’t be much aggro drawn.

Moreover, Duke Wazir was holding the internal affairs of the territory firmly, and Commander Spooner was strengthening their military power.

It didn’t seem like there would be any major problems even if Otto left for a while.

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