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The crocodile guy fell down while screaming in pain.


He drank poison gas and stumbled like a drunk man.

Eventually, thump-

He fell down.




After that, he didn’t move at all.

Hmm, is he dead?


It was a futile ending that was different from the opening.

It was an excellent attack.


“…Yes! Everyone, another person went to hell.
Thank you.
Thank you.”


[Mango Stick! Mango Stick! Mango Stick! Mango Stick!]

[Breaking News from Villain These Days) When other villains come and terrorize, he kills them.]

[Hero Association, you need to make him an official hero right now.
I have already said it 3216 times.]

[Ah-hah Haha.
I can already see the headline from the 9 o’clock news.]

[I think GukPpong TV will upload tons of videos on Youtube.]


The chat window is overflowing with compliments about me.

I came out instead because I was afraid that Stardus would have to show herself and people would begin to take pictures because of the incident, but the viewers have no idea and keep praising me.

Anyway, I killed him because he started a fight with me first.


“Uh-huh… Everyone.
I didn’t kill this guy for the public good.
I only handled it because he publicly insulted me.
Would I step out for you guys? It was the same when my supporters gathered last time, and also this time, they both crossed the line that I set, so I had enough.
There are no other reasons.
Do you understand?”


I lowered my voice and talked to them in a serious tone.


[Yeah, yeah.
I’m sure you do.

[Thank you for loving the villain Egostic.
From now on, he will come out as hero Mango Stick.
Thank you.]



Of course, no matter what I say, the viewers will not understand.
Yeah, just keep thinking like that, people.


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I was just laughing slyly at the chat window.
You people, I wonder if you will still be able to say so next month.


“Hmm… Well, I hope someone can come and clean up the gas.
I don’t know how to clean it up.”


Crocodile Man lay unconscious among the still blistering poisonous gas.
Is he dead? Well, he’s probably dead.


I rummaged through the sack and found a gas mask for myself.
This is why people should be well prepared.
I’m weak, so I will die if I drink that poisonous gas.


I put the guns back in the sack that I had roughly hung behind.
Honestly, it looks cool to put them in with my telekinesis, but my body is at its limit now.
I cannot use any more of my telekinetic power.


How hard did I suffer today? After putting Seo-eun and Soobin home, I teleported right to this place.
It’s not easy at all.
I’m about to run out of energy.
I teleported again while fighting that crocodile.


So I should have submitted an admission report with my body.
A report saying that if I use your power one more time, I will collapse on the spot.
If I use a little more of my telekinesis, I will open my eyes at the Superpower Detention Center of the East, also known as East Carcer, after collapsing.
Actually, even if I go in there, I can just ask Seo-eun to rescue me… But it’s not time to go in there yet.


So the bottom line is, just like the female gleaners, I’m holding guns in my hand, and putting them in the sack one by one.
Gosh, I’m tired.


He was flying around a moment ago, but why is he taking them down by hand one by one now?]

I don’t understand what he is doing.]


Be quiet, you brats.

I have some deep problems that you guys don’t know.


By the time I put almost all the guns in the sack.
I saw something flying from the sky far away.


She flew over with her blonde hair.
She’s Stardus.

She seemed to have flown in a hurry, and was sweating like rain.


“Huff… Huff…”


As soon as she arrived, she turned her head and looked around.
She saw Crocodile Man lying on the floor first, and then me wearing a gas mask.

Does she realize that the situation is over only after flying here? Once again, she was shocked as she looked at the place where that crocodile guy had collapsed.


“…Did you knock him down?”


“Yes, that’s right.
I knocked him down.”


I didn’t deny anything, but answered it lightly.
There is no reason for me to deny it.

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She frowned slightly as I nodded gently.
As if she doesn’t understand the situation yet.




“Well, I was just resting, and all of sudden, they suddenly had a freak show on TV.
So I thought, ‘Our Stardus has become popular.’ and was getting some popcorn.
But he suddenly mentioned me? He said you and I were hanging out or something.
It made me feel mad.
What did I do?”


I continued with a shrug.


“And according to my dictionary, I need to educate people who play tricks on me.
To set an example, I played with them.”


Listening to my answer, she relaxed her expression as if it was for that reason.
A madman like me convinced her that I could do things like that.


As I have done this far, I can go home now.
I can go now.



I don’t know if I should say it.


I thought for a little bit, then I decided to say it.


Yeah, let’s tell her.

This could happen one day when I cannot come forward.


I muted the camera that was filming us for a moment.

Now they cannot hear what I’m going to say, except her.


“…And I’m saying this because we are on mute.
From now on, don’t even think about going out and revealing your face like today.
The moment you do it, your life will be very difficult.”


Her expression was stained with embarrassment.

She looked at me in surprise.
Whatever, I unmuted the camera again.


“Okay! That is all for today’s broadcast.
I’m very tired because I came forward without any plans today.
There will be a big thing coming next month, so please look forward to it.
I will see you next time.


I smiled at the camera and waved my hand.
Aren’t I a professional showman now or what?




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I ignored as she was saying something behind, I just teleported home.
Of course, I ended the broadcast before that.


[E-bye (means Ego bye)]

[E-bye? You overdid it…]

[OBangAl*] *TN: “오늘 방송 알찾다 (Oneul Bangsong Alchatta)” = Today’s show was meaningful.

[Today’s show was meaningful.]

[Wait, I think it’s on mute.
What’s wrong?]

[Gosh… Their secret communication…]

===[The broadcast has ended]===



I arrived somewhere deep underground in Seoul.

What I did as soon as I teleported home.




I was vomiting blood.

I fell on my knees.
Oh, shit.
I’m dying.


“Cough, cough.”


With one hand on the floor and the other on the chest, I kept vomiting blood.


Am I going to die like this?

Did I overdo it?

My head twirled, and the world began to get darker and darker and darker.


Before I collapsed completely, I heard someone calling me ‘Oppa’ from afar.


I lost my consciousness, just like that.




[[Official] The Superpower Association of Korea confirmed the terrorist at the ice cream festival was ‘Crocodile Man’.
His condition is fine… In custody.]


[Hundreds of people injured in this attack… The amount of property damage is also astronomical.
Fortunately, there were no fatalities.]


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[Hero Association’s poor response… No hero came to help.]


[[Lee Jaebum’s Editorial] A society where villains are better than heroes.
Can we call it a healthy society?]


[Poisonous gas in the middle of the city.
Association ‘already taken care of it’, it was not a strong poison.]


[[Kim Kyungjin’s Issue Plus] Egostic.
Who is he? Trying to discover his identity.]


[Villain Egostic teases, “A Big Thing is Coming Next Month”.
Hinting another terrorist attack?]


[The members of Egostic’s fancafe has risen sharply… ‘The Best Ever’.]


[15 TMI that you don’t know about Egostic.]


[The whole world was shocked by the K-Villain Egostic! Why couldn’t the head of the Hero Association of Japan keep his mouth shut when he saw the guy single-handedly killing an A-class villain? Currently, Japan’s top real-time trend! “Having a villain like Egostic, Korea is the world’s strongest country.” Concentrating on analyzing the responses of Japanese netizens!]


[Hello, everyone.
This is 9 o’clock news.
Today, an A-class villain appeared at the festival site in Seoul and caused a terrorist attack, and another villain appeared to prevent it.
Reporter Choi Dahye will find out more about the situation.]


The egostic craze that shook Korea again.

The story that a villain suddenly stepped up and blocked a terrorist attack, which heroes failed to prevent immediately, was enough to become a hot topic of Korea.


Now that so many people are talking about Egostic.


Shin Haru was also thinking about Egostic.


“…And I’m saying this because we are on mute.
From now on, don’t even think about going out and revealing your face like today.
The moment you do it, your life will be very difficult.”


She continued to reflect on what he said.


How did he know that she had that idea in mind?


Did he mean that it was a situation where I had no choice but to reveal my face?


…What was he thinking, giving me such advice?


Shin Haru’s thoughts only deepened.

Yeah, that day.
Something was really strange on that day…

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