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‘Ugh’, the crocodile groaned as I slapped the back of his head.




Reaching the back, the guy tried to swing his hand at me.

Of course, I have already teleported and gone far away.


“You punk!!! Don’t run away like a mosquito!!! Fight me like a man!!!!”


“Hey, it would be unfair to fight a big guy like you with my bare body, right? It’s even less manly!”





Hmm, he didn’t even listen to me in the first place.

Is he being so hostile to me just because I got on the wrong side of him?

Aren’t villains supposed to have internal intimacy with each other? I know that we have never met before, but being the enemy of heroes is our common ground, we should be working together… That’s what I wanted.
Why is he rushing at me all of sudden?


Honestly, I planned to stab him as soon as he came on to me, so if he already realized that, then isn’t he ignorant?


However, seeing the guy running like a bull toward me again, I was sure that he was ignorant.
I mean, he doesn’t even have the ability to learn?


I teleported out right before this guy attacked me again. Sigh, sigh.
Honestly, I’m starting to reach my limit now.
I teleported back and forth from here to our house, so it was exhausting.
I’m already tired, and I’m getting more tired little by little as I move quickly here.
I even have to keep a sack behind my back like Santa Claus, and hold the microphone on the other hand.


However, the best guy does not show his tiredness.
I grinned as if nothing had happened.


“Are you going to be like this all day, my friend?”


“You!!!!! You despicable thing!!!!!!!!”


He called him a despicable thing! Hahaha]

[That crocodile guy seems to be mad.

[ Of course, he would be mad.
Egostic keep going back and forth like a mosquito.

[Is that Mango Stick a mosquito? Is that Mango Stick a mosquito? Is that Mango Stick a mosquito? Is that Mango Stick a mosquito? ]

[MosquiStic* Hahahahahahahaha] *TN: Mosquito + Mango Stick.

[But he is seriously so strong.
The cement floor is hollowed out when he rushes.]

[He is strong, but still lacking wwwww]

[The more I look at that Crocodile guy… I find him cute.]

[Pull yourself together.
Those brats caused terrorism and people died.]

[Covering up a villain is crossing the villain]

[Are these kids mad? They covered that brat and called him cute.]

[They are so hostile, they are white washing Egostic.

[Gosh, Egostic caused zero casualties.

[Egostic is a villain.]

[Mango Stick is the official A-class hero of the association.
it’s even recorded in the SuBakDo.[

[This brat.
Not SuBakDo, it has to be MangoDo.]

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[But seriously, why did Egostic go there?]


The chat window is still chaotic.

One of them caught my eye.

Why did Egostic come?

Yeah, I have to explain this well.

If I make a wrong statement, people will make a fuss and call me a hero again. 


I yelled at Crocodile Man, who was getting ready to run at me again.


“Wait!!!! Hear me out!!!!!!”


I grabbed the microphone again and shouted out loud, then the crocodile guy stopped.


He blew his nose out and shouted at me.


“Alright!!!!! Speak!!!!!!!!”


“Yeah!!!!! Answer me first!!!!!! Why did you attack me all of sudden?”


He answered my question with a snivel.


“Isn’t that obvious? I targeted Stardus! But you seem to be interested in Stardus, too! Then you are also my enemy!!!!”




What is this weird logic?


The reaction from the chat window was also enthusiastic.


[That brat.
wwwww That stupid villain knows that Mango likes Stardus.

[Wait, how does he know that Egostic likes Stardus but doesn’t know about his teleportation ability? Hahahahaha.]

[Two men fighting over a woman]

[Isn’t Egostick actually running here on behalf of Stardus?]

[He called for Stardus but Egostic came… They called it marital harmony though… Are they really…?]

[What is going on between the two of them?]

[It seems like they are filming ‘We Got Married’* villains edition.
Hahahaha] *TN: An old reality show in Korea where they paired up celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married.

[Seriously hahaha.
Not ‘We Got Married’, this is a real deal.

[Well, why did he come?]




I bawled back into the microphone.

My voice from the speakers seems to ruin my ears, but perhaps it’s just me, right?


“For such a ridiculous reason!!!! You attacked me?!!!!!!”


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“No!!! In the first place!!!!! Weren’t you the one to tell me to surrender first?!!!!!”


Did I say so?

I don’t remember.

Just make an excuse first.


“When did I do that?!!!!”


The crocodile guy’s eyes were shaking as I shouted out my denial.
Suddenly, he spit out a stream of words.


“What did you say?!!!! You said to me [Listen up, you crocodile.
You are surrounded.
Surrender now!] Didn’t you say that?!!!!!”


What is wrong with him? His brain works well at times like this.


As I blabbed my mouth at his sudden attack, the chat window started to go wild again.


The other guy hit the nail on the head, he can’t find the words to say.

[That fucking crocodile.
Why is he talking so well all of sudden? Hahahaha]

[It was aired live.
Why is he insisting? Hahahahahaha.]

[The shameless Mango Stick is also cute!!!!!!!! Aweeee!!!!!]


Hmm, I shouldn’t lose my face at times like this.

I can only succeed if I have the nerve to be thick-faced.


There was a saying in a self-improvement book which I read when I was young.

Life is like an iron-plate fried rice.

The rice that was fried on an iron plate is delicious.

Honestly, anything will be delicious when you cook it on the iron plate.

The same goes for life.

If you live with a thick face*, everything will work well.
*TN: “철판”: literally means ‘an iron plate’ (cooking pan) but Korean people also use it as the meaning of ‘thick face’.


Recalling the proverb, I put on my thick face and spoke up.


“So what?!!! I didn’t ask!!!!!”


“……? You obviously just asked me when you did that!”


“Enough!!!! Weren’t you the one who was calling for Stardus and suddenly asked if she was sucking and kissing me when she didn’t come out?!!!!! Why are you whitewashing yourself?!!!! Apologize!!!! Apologize since you insulted me!!!! If you apologize, I will forgive you!!!!!”


The guy finally lost his mind at my words.


“You crazy brat!!!!! I’m a fool for listening to you!!!!! Go to hell!!!!!”


As he ended his sentence, he suddenly had something inside his mouth.


Isn’t that an attack?


As soon as something started shooting out from his mouth, I teleported right to the other side.
Crazy brat!

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Since I was moving in a hurry, I dropped the microphone by mistake after I teleported.
Ugh, I only used it to sing karaoke a few times at home.
I guess it already got smashed.


As I teleported by a close call, a stream of water was being shot in the direction where I was standing before.


That’s Crocodile Man’s lethal move, Extreme Water Spouting.


Well, that’s what he named it himself in the original comic, but in reality, it’s nothing more than a water cannon.
But if you get hit, you will die immediately.

I don’t understand what being a crocodile and shooting water have to do with each other, but in the original comic, Stardus was hit by that unexpectedly and almost died.
Even though I know it, I can barely avoid it.


“You rat!!!! I can’t believe that you avoided it!!!!”


The guy wiped the water off his mouth and made fun of me.

Does he dare to use an instantaneous attack on me?

It was really a surprise attack, so if I couldn’t avoid it, I would have died.

Anger is rising inside me as I think about it.

Does he even know about safety? How dare he use this?

I can’t let him get away with this.

I was only going to scare him and send him back, then eliminate him on another day.

But let’s just do it today.

Today’s dinner is crocodile meat.


I untied the sack that I had been carrying for a while.

And I started powering up my telekinesis.
I have been charging my telekinesis for a while, it must be enough now.


I raised my body with my telekinesis.

And at the same time, things that I had put in my sack began to float in the air one by one.


They are just a bunch of guns.


Floating around me in the air, countless guns that I had packed began to rise.


“Hey, you crocodile.”


I started loading the guns with my telekinesis.

Okay, they are ready.


The crocodile’s eyes began to shake as he saw countless guns floating in the air aiming at him.


Right before firing a bunch of guns at the same time, I said something to him.


“See you in hell, you son of a bitch.”


And I fired the guns.




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A bunch of guns began firing at the same time, and a tremendous roar began sweeping the rooftop.




Crocodile Man, with his head down and arms crossed, covered himself and began to get shot.


Perhaps because he was shot by too many guns, the place where he stood began to be filled with dust and it was hard to see him.


Landed back on the ground, I casually said a word.


“Are you done?”


[Oh… If you say that…]

[He is done.
100% he’s not dead yet.]

[But how can he be alive after being shot that much? No way.]

[No way! He wouldn’t have survived.]

[Breaking News) Another one was caught.]


The dust has already cleared up.


Where the dust has cleared up, there is only Crocodile Man standing firmly without a single wound.


“Hahahaha!!!!! Did you think that you could hurt me with such a poor physical attack?”


Laughing out loud, the guy looked forward again.


An empty rooftop.


Suddenly, a voice is heard from above.


“I told you that I would see you in hell, baby crocodile.”


Teleporting over his head, I crashed and threw a glass bottle straight to his head.


Crash- The glass bottle broke into pieces when it hit his head.




An unidentified green mist came out from the glass bottle.


That man sniffed, wondering what it was, then he suddenly began to scream in pain.




You resisted physical attack?

Then I just need to make a special attack.


Taste the poison gas, you brat.

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