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9-12 minutes 14.06.2022

“Stardus!!!!!! If you don’t come out, I will destroy everything!”

In the middle of the city, where the festival was taking place.

But it was no longer a festival but turning into a funeral instead.


People were screaming from all sides.

Citizens who had already been attacked unexpectedly were lying everywhere.


The buildings, the booths, the streetlights.

The monster was approaching and smashing everything.

This guy with his whole body covered in green scales is Crocodile Man.

He appeared in the middle issues of the original comic.

I remembered this scientist guy was doing some experiments with an alligator then an accident happened and turned him into this.

The important thing is he is not supposed to appear here.

It’s not the right time for him to appear yet.
I haven’t put him into my priority list, yet why did he pop out all of sudden?

“Stardus!!!! Why are you not coming out?!!!! Or are you busy sucking and kissing that Egostic?!!!!!!!”

……Uh, is that the reason why he popped out?

It’s a sight to see him suddenly smashing around while talking.

“Sniff, sniff…”

People fell down and groaned softly.

Most people already ran away, but many people were caught up in the accident so I can hear a lot of groaning.

This guy usually lives like every normal person, but he is a little more vicious as he turns into a crocodile monster whenever he wants.

Ugh, if it was not because of his transformation form, I would just teleport to attack him, then shoot a bullet and it would be done.
I shouldn’t slack off and beat him instead.

Anyway, it already happened.

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He came out of nowhere and screaming, “Stardus, come out!”

Crocodile Man.
He is probably the first one that actually looks like a villain that people have ever seen.
He has been hiding all this time.

The Association later graded him as an A-class villain.
Honestly, it seems like it would be normal even if they graded him as class S, because it doesn’t really matter to them.
In the early stage, the Association grades the villains very generously more than the heroes, so I don’t understand why they graded him as class A.

Anyway this guy, he was a tough deal in the original comic.

Basically, his skin is covered with thick scales, so physical attack barely works.

He’s a monster whose body can withstand guns, bombs and more.

In fact, he’s a tough enemy to deal with for Stardus, who only has superhuman strength as her ability.
He can withstand no matter how hard Stardus hits him.

Particularly, the big problem is that he is obsessed with Stardus.
He’s not the first person in the series to make a fool of himself, he’s the one who calls out Stardus.
Honestly, when I called out Stardus, I actually referred to this guy from the original comic.
I mean, the righteous Stardus somehow ran to me when I called her out.

Anyway, it’s an emergency now.

Somehow, this bulky green-haired tanning guy is trying to steal Stardus’ attention from me.

No! Do you think I’m going to lose my Stardus to a green brat?

And timing wise, he launched a terrorist attack in a situation where it was very difficult for Stardus to step up.
It will be delayed if she stops by the Association to get the derecognition device because she was here.
Everyone will die before that.
What will happen to those people who are falling down and bleeding?

Yes, it’s 100%.
A 100% chance that Stardus will step out without the derecognition device.

That cannot happen.

During the episode ‘Revealed’, from the last parts of the original comic, the world became hell to Shin Haru.
All kinds of malicious comments, terrorist attacks, and sniping poured down on Shin Haru like a waterfall.
The accusations happened continuously.

That’s right.
I swore that I would make Stardus happy, so I cannot let her fail in front of my eyes like this.

So I have no choice but to step up.

What if they call me an anti-hero again?

So that’s why I have to make an excuse… I mean, an explanation.
And how will I do that?

I’m going to turn on the broadcast.

Gosh, honestly, I don’t know if I’m a villain or a Youtuber anymore.


“Stardus!!! Are you still not coming out?”

Crocodile Man shouted while knocking everything down.

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The man clenched his fist angrily.

His fist is almost as big as a human’s head.

“Well then, there is no choice.
I will kill all the people here!!!!!”

With his fists clenched, he strides to the place where people were gathered, they collapsed onto others.

When the collapsed people saw that Crocodile Man was walking toward them, they turned their bodies around and tried to escape, but they were already in tatters and couldn’t move.

When the shadows of that Crocodile Man covered them, they were terrified.

“D-Don’t kill me…”

“Don’t blame me, blame Stardus!!!!”

And he raised his first in the air ready to punch, people shut their eyes tightly as they felt the hunch of death.

In this quiet place, suddenly music was playing.


Crocodile Man tilted his head.

Suddenly, cheerful rock music was played even though it didn’t suit the current atmosphere of the place at all.

When the noisy electric guitar solo was heard somewhere, Crocodile Man turned his head to the direction.

It was me standing on the rooftop of a nearby building.

I stood on the railing of the rooftop, looking down at Crocodile Man.

Then on my right, a Bluetooth speaker in maximum volume was spouting loud music.

I’m standing on the rooftop, dancing to the beat of the music.
Not too much, just slightly shaking along with the beat.
Sometimes, I also clap to the beat.
The first appearance is supposed to be loud, you know.

And on my left side, a camera, which I was holding with my telekinesis, was streaming me on Youtube.

Shall I do the greetings now?

Now, let’s get back to my concept.

“Hello, everyone! We met again after the last time.
The real villain of this era, Korea’s public enemy, Egostic.
Nice to meet you!”

[Mango Stick! Mango Stick! Mango Stick! Mango Stick! Mango Stick! Mango Stick! Mango Stick! Mango Stick! Mango Stick!]

[He’s here! My porn*!] *TN: It seems like this person means watching Egostic’ video is addictive like watching pornography

[God, is that Mango Stick? God, is that Mango Stick? God, is that Mango Stick? ]

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[Fuck, he calls himself the real villain, the public enemy.

[Yako’s* enemy.
Hahaha] *TN: A Korean cartoon character.

[Did he just make a mistake? Shouldn’t he call himself the real hero of this era?]

[Wasn’t he the public hero? I really don’t know.]

[Hahahahahaha, it’s already funny from the beginning.
Why is he dancing? Hahahahaha]

[Wait, so where is he now?]

[Isn’t this the place where that green monster is terrorizing?]

[I think it is!]

[I mean, why is he there again? Hahahahahahaha]

Still, I was hanging a sack on my back that I brought with me from the underground base.

I rummaged something from there and took out a wireless microphone.
Let’s see… If I pair it with that speaker? Okay, done.

Before I knew it, the song stopped and the mic was connected to the speaker.

I tapped the mic.



I tapped the mic and then the heavy sound came out from the speaker.

Yeah, it seems to be connected.

“Ah, ah.
Mic check.
Mic check.”

As I spoke to the microphone, the speaker next to me sounded very loud.
Oh, fuck.
I’m going to be deaf.

Perhaps because Seo-eun specially modified the speaker in the past, so despite its small size, the sound is as loud as a big speaker at the concert hall.
Yeah, he can hear me well from under, right?

I put the mic on my lips and talked to that Crocodile guy down there.
Should I speak formally like usual? Nah, let’s just drop the honorifics.

“Listen up, you crocodile brat.
You are surrounded.
Surrender right now.”

Crocodile Man, who was about to start slaughtering the citizens down there, turned to look up at me, and then he walked toward my direction.

He asked me in a loud voice.
How can he be that loud? He doesn’t even use a speaker like me.

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“Who are you?!!”

“I’m Egostic, the one you were slandering a few minutes ago, you punk!”

“What did you say?!!”

Crocodile squeezed his eyes as he looked up at me.
After staring at my face for a while and realizing who I was, the guy raged and started shouting.

“You!!!!!! Aren’t you that Egostic?!!!!!!!”

“Yes, I’m Egostic.”

“You punk! I will kill you!”

Then suddenly, he started running to me.
I was surprised by the sudden rush.
What did I do?

By the way, I’m on top of a building and he wants to come to me? Will he take the elevator?

Before I could think of it, he hit his hand on the outer wall of the building and began to climb up.
He is totally crazy!


“What are you doing?”

The guy screamed while climbing up the building.

I just stood still and looked around.
He does climb up faster than the elevator.
The building doesn’t have many floors so he comes up quickly.


The man crawled himself up.

When he landed on the rooftop with a thud sound, the whole building was shaking.

“You punk!!!!! I’m going to kill you!!!!!!!”

“Wait, let’s talk first.”

As soon as he came up to the rooftop, I easily avoided him by teleportation while he rushed to me.
I just have to teleport behind him.
I don’t even have to go far.
The speakers were just on the ground and I only moved with the microphone on my hand, and also the stuff on my back,

The guy was confused as he could not hit me because I kept disappearing.
He must have learned about my teleportation skill through the news, right? What is he doing?

He turned his head and looked behind his back to look for me, so for a while, I kept teleporting to the spot where he couldn’t see me.
The guy was so shocked.
Wait, was he always this stupid?

Eventually, I couldn’t hold it and slapped the back of his head.
Yes, slapped with my hand.

“What are you doing, you punk?”

He seems to be a stupid guy…

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