“The weather is nice.

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At this place, where the warm spring breeze blows by.

The last time I came out to terrorize was already last week.

I haven’t been out since and I have been stuck in the house, so it has been a long time since I came out.


On the way to the festival.

Seo-eun and Soobin were walking on the street after a while.

Oh, it has not been a long time for Soobin.
She has always been back and forth for grocery shopping.


Anyway, I felt better since I could see the sun after a long time.

Seriously, people sometimes need to sunbathe like this.
In the sun, what is that called again?… I heard someone say that it contains vitamin D.
So you cannot stay inside for too long.


“Oppa, are you wearing black again?”


Seo-eun is scolding me again.

I have known this since we have lived together for quite a long time, but there is a standard for Seo-eun calling me between ‘Hyung’ and ‘Oppa’.

She usually calls me “Hyung”, but she only calls me “Oppa” when she wants to ask for a favor or when she feels good.

…Can’t you just call me oppa?


Honestly, I think she will call me oppa if I grab and scold her.

But I certainly don’t want to go that far.
Because It would make us feel awkward and distant.
I will wait until the day she opens her heart.
Someday, she will constantly call me oppa for good, right? I’m sure that day will come.


Anyway, I’m happy to hear her calling me oppa because she’s in a good mood now.
But why am I wearing black again?


I checked my clothes.
I’m wearing a black coat.
Normally, I would wear it underneath.
The coat is covered so no one will see it anyway.


But as a result, I’m wearing all black like when I’m Egostic again.
No, I look the best in black.

I decided to tell Seo-eun the truth that she did not know.


“Seo-eun, black is for men.”


“What do you mean?”


Seo-eun said it with a smile.
Huh, she’s not usually this bright.
I’m quite surprised since I have been waiting for her to throw away that contemptuous face.


I guess she is really in a good mood now as she hums along the way.

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Seo-eun, so you were really into ice cream.

Or is she feeling good because it has been a while since she went out?


Soobin was also smiling happily while covering her mouth as she found how cute Seo-eun was.


Perhaps because of Seo-eun’s unique silver hair, people are glancing at her, and Soobin is also a pretty girl, so even if she is just walking on the street, people begin to pay attention to her.
What’s wrong with them?


FYI, the first time Soobin was on broadcast, she put on a derecognition filter.
Of course, the derecognition filter itself is a function that makes people who see them limited to their faces into facial recognition disorders, so it doesn’t work for me who already knows how Soobin looks.


It’s fascinating now that I think about it.
I just have to wear a mask and a filter on all kinds of shows, and then I can confidently walk around with my bare face.
Soobin must have the filter on whenever she goes out.


FYI, this derecognition filter is also the crystal of the latest technology.
An American genius researcher invented it saying, “Until when do the heroes have to wear weird tight masks?”.
When they put it on as a decoration, the derecognition filter works on their faces for a certain period of time…


There’s one in each office of the Hero Association, and somehow Seo-eun looked at the design and recreated it, so there’s another one in our underground base.
Thank you, Seo-eunemon*! TN: Seo-eun + Doraemon = Seo-eunemon


If I don’t have this filter, I’m doomed… Soobin could not go grocery shopping either.

If Soobin cannot go outside, she has no choice but to order delivery food for three meals.
Even though that is what you call a ‘homebody’…


“Oh, I can see it!”


Seo-eun shouted in excitement.

Yeah, I can see it, too.


[The 13th International Ice Cream Festival]


At this place, where there’s a big banner, it’s the sight of an ice cream festival that I had no idea about its existence.

Every street is full of booths with refrigerators.
I couldn’t help but wonder how much the electricity bill used for this festival would be combined.


Seo-eun is already excited, she is looking around in all directions.
And Soobin is also looking around because she is amazed.


“Oh, it’s rice ice cream!”


Seo-eun is running towards somewhere.
Hey, wait for me!

Soobin and I slowly followed.
Seo-eun already bought the ice cream and was holding it.


White ice cream in a cone.


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“It tastes good! Do you want to have a bite?”


Seo-eun asked, her eyes sparkling.

Rice ice cream.
I have only heard of it, but I have never tried.


“Alright, give me some.”


I took the cone that Seo-eun gave me and took a bite.

It’s delicious.


I thought it would taste like Haetban*, but it tasted similar to vanilla more than I thought.
TN: A Korean brand of instant rice.


“Oh, it’s edible.
Soobin, have some, too.”


“What? I-I…”


Soobin’s face is turning red as she is flustered.
What’s wrong with her?


“It’s delicious.
Aren’t you going to try it?”


“Yeah, dig in!”


Soobin’s face gradually turned red as Seo-eun repeated aggressively, and eventually she dropped her head.


G-Give me some please.”


She stuttered and reached out.

Why did she turn into the timid Soobin of the early days again?

Is it because we are forcing her to eat it? Is the nightmare of the first we met coming to life?


“…Ugh… This is… indirect… Am I the only one… think it’s weird?”


She muttered something but I couldn’t hear her because her voice was so tiny.
Then, she closed her eyes and took a bite.
Wait, why is she being so serious over eating ice cream?


“Hmm… It’s good!”


She took a bite saying it was delicious with her eyes shining.
Right? It’s more savory than I thought, so it was worth trying.


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After taking a bite, the remaining cone went back to Seo-eun’s hand, and she finished the rest neatly.
She is eating well.




So we went around the festival and tasted ice cream for a while.
Eating so many of them somehow made me feel like I just spent money like water, but there was no problem because all I have is money.


I could see all sorts of ice cream, perhaps because it was a world-class festival that was held around the world.
Basic ice creams such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and mint chocolate, to brand ice creams such as ‘My dad is an alien’, and ‘Shooting Star’.
And besides those, there are a lot of ice creams that you cannot see anywhere else.


Wasabi flavor, cold noodle flavor, steak flavor, ramen flavor, terrible combination of ice cream flavors.
But the steak tasted better than I expected.
I guess it somehow tasted like eating grilled meat flavored ice cream? I have no idea what I’m talking about either.


And there were also flavors that should not exist in this world, such as desk flavor, booger flavor, and ear wax flavor.
Why are you selling that for money?


…Of course, we played rock-paper-scissors and decided that the loser had to buy the booger flavor.
Soobin, who lost with scissors, suddenly changed her expression after her first bite, then she just threw the rest away.
Don’t eat it, just give it to the trash can.


Right now, I’m eating mango-flavored ice cream.
I don’t know why I have to eat mango flavor here… Don’t you think so, Seo-eun?


When I asked reproachfully, she whispered confidently without being ashamed.
What she said after tiptoeing and putting her words in my ears was…


“…You are the leader of Mango Union, so you should eat mango-flavored ice cream!”


“Seo-eun… Honestly, don’t you think mango or anything is a bit of a headache now? It’s not fun if you eat too much.”


It’s fun every time I do it.
And no matter how much you deny it, your fanclub name is Mango Union.”


Seo-eun burst into laughter.
Now she finally lives for the fun of teasing me…


Alright, as long as you are happy.


Looking at this and that, I came to the event corner.

This place sells collaborative ice cream such as Frankenstein ice cream, Mickey Mouse flavored ice cream,…

There is an Egostic ice cream over there…


Wait, what flavor of ice cream?


“Now, you can only eat it here! Egostic ice cream!”


There was a woman in the booth who started touting.

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What the hell.

This is a violation of superpower rights!


You also have ice cream.


Seo-eun bursted into laughter. Is it funny to you?

Wait, Soobin also turned her head and laughed, too.


The funniest thing is that people are standing in line only for that one.
In front of us, there are a lot of people holding ice cream and taking pictures.
Is it for their Instagrams? I feel dizzy…


At the strong request of Seo-eun and Soobin, I eventually lined up and bought my own flavor ice cream.
I wonder what it tastes like…


The ice cream itself is a common vanilla with a half mask, which is my trademark, made of chocolate.
They even made my eyes and mouth with chocolate… which made me feel so strange.
The difference is that there is mango inside.


Fortunately, it was worth eating.
Will the person selling it ever know? That Egostic came and ate her Egostic ice cream.


A little further down, there was a game booth.
Throwing darts at the balloons.
If you get a lot, you will get a prize.
But perhaps since it’s an ice cream festival, the prize is also ice cream.
10 layers of ice cream? What the.


“Seo-eun, I will show you.
I used to be a master of dart throwing.
I will get you a 10-layer of ice cream or something.”


“Da-in, are you trying to trick me with your telekinesis?”


Stunned by Seo-eun’s words, I decided to play the game normally.
That is why I don’t like quick-witted kids.
The booth was designed for two people to play at the same time, and there was no one, so I could play it right away.


“Phew… This heavy but chilly feeling.”


I was talking nonsense to Seo-eun with a dart, and someone came to play the game next to me,

Without thinking, I glanced to the side to see who had come.


My brain stopped working.


The silky blonde hair.

The beauty that is prettier than anyone in this world.


It was Stardus, Shin Haru.
She came to play the game.


Uh… Why are you here?

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