there is a high possibility that he is the same person from last time.”

As the police continued, another officer who was searching the house spoke up.

Also, considering that the victim is also a villain, I think that’s correct.
And that trace is indeed…”

The police officer suddenly shortened his words.

It was because he was speechless at the terrible sight.

A dead body with an exploded head behind it.

There is red blood.

Death to a worse man than me.

Death to someone weaker than me.

To you, Stardus.

Cheesy and crooked handwriting as if they were written by some middle schooler.

But is it because it was written in blood?

For some reason, the writing was quite creepy.

“Crazy fucker…”

Shin Haru murmured with a firm look as she saw it.

No evil men should die in this way.

They should be punished in court, through a fair trial.

“…To Stardus he said.

She doesn’t understand why he aimed at her.

But if this is his way of trying to provoke her, she would say that it is splendid.

A villain who went murdering people in such a terrible way.

This guy.

He is going to pay for provoking her.

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Keeping a firm look, Shin Haru left the scene.

No matter whether the victim was a villain or not.

What is more important is that there is a villain who hurts people.

She is going to stop that person, whoever it is.


[Today at 7 pm, A-class villain Rhino was found dead in his home.
He appears to have exploded at the scene, and the criminal is currently unknown.
The Hero Association has designated the person who eliminated Rhino as an A-class villain, defining him as “A villain who imposed terrible and cruel personal sanctions.”.
It seems like he has telekinesis….]

The news came out on television.

Oh, are they talking about me?

Lying on the sofa and playing games, I then turned to watch the TV.

Shin Haru’s face is shown on screen now.

[…The A-class superhero Stardus revealed he’s an unforgivable outlaw, and she’s doing her best to arrest the villain who targeted her.
We still don’t know his reason to target Stardus…]

Oh, they finally found out.

I did a disturbing thing a few days ago.

Turning on my phone, I watched some news on the Internet.

Body text, body text, body text.
And… comments.

[But honestly, if he kills villains then doesn’t that make him a hero? Why did they define him as a villain?]

[I love vigilante hahaha.
That’s right.
When you put villains in jail, they always end up breaking out.
I’m rooting for killing them.]

[I’m rooting for that villain.
Stardus, just don’t catch him.]


I fell into deep thought.

Somehow, I seem to be friendly to the Internet.

Looking through the news and communities, they seem to see me that way.


Is it because I only eliminated the villains?

Yeah, at this rate, I have nothing to say even if they call me an anti-hero.

Is it an anti-hero? Or a bad hero? Anyway.

“……This is tough.”

Yes, it is tough.

If I keep getting praises from the public, then Stardus would get criticism.

I cannot let that happen.

She is the real hero in this world and my favorite character.

I hunted down the villains all for her. 

Although she will never know.

My goal is to let her walk along a pleasant path.

I want her to live well without fighting over her life or wearing out her character.

However, she is the main character.

She has to take some hardship to be stronger.


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What should I do?

A way to turn public opinion around and help her improve.

There is.

My official villain debut.


[Stardust!] is not the only comic I have read.
I also watched many other popular superhero comics and movies.

If I were to pick something in common in successful comics.

I will definitely pick the “impressive villain”.

Okay, and I will eliminate all of the impressive villains of this comic.


If this was really a comic, I would have been cursed so much.

I am going to make them focus on only one main villain.

Unlike other comics, [Stardust!] is the one that I enjoyed the most.

In fact, not did I enjoy reading it, but I was like a manic who read, chew, tasted, and enjoyed it.

TN:This expression in Korean is used when you are really into something and know it very well.

So, since I am living in this world now,

Shouldn’t I take the leap forward myself?

As someone who loves this world more than anyone else.

As someone who admires the main character deeply.

I’ll be the villain of this world.

I mean, a real villain.
A bad guy.

Honestly, what would I do after living as an ordinary citizen?

I have read a lot of superhero comics before falling into this world.

Maybe, the next event is going to be my debut.

I have to be impressive.

“…Find some bombs, find some people…”

I am going to be very busy.


At the office of the Hero Association of Korea.

“Miss Stardus! Please turn on your TV now!”

Someone suddenly came in as Shin Haru was looking through the documents.

“What’s the matter?”

“That villain, that villain is hijacking the radio and doing a broadcast!”


In a rush, the woman turned on the TV on the wall in the office.

A man appeared standing against a black background on the screen.

A gray mask covers half of his face.

He spoke up.

[“Hello, residents of the city.”]

The mystery villain has finally revealed himself.

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