A peaceful day.

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Everyone else was doing their job or their own thing.

But, here I was, alone.
Standing on the rooftop of a building and spying on someone’s house through their windows.


Talking to myself on the top of a building makes me crave cigarettes.

But I do not have any now because I already quit after falling into his world.

Tsk, maybe I should smoke again.

No, I came halfway already, I should hold it in.

Black hair, black robe, and even black cape.

A man in all-black fashion with a gray half-mask covering his face.

This is how I look at the moment.

Yeah, seriously, I look like a teenager going through puberty.

In the real world, if I take the subway wearing something like this, I will be all over the Internet with people talking about me like ‘Recently, on the subway line 3……’

But this is normal in this world.

I mean, this is how a villain’s outfit should be.

Because this is the world of [Stardust!], a superhero comic.

I am certain that I was just reading the last episode of the comic but somehow I ended up waking up in this world.

Besides the fact I got a little bit of telekinesis and can teleport, I know nothing at all.

Yeah, I should be thankful that they give me some abilities.

It’s much better than being possessed by an ordinary human. 

…But, is that all? Telekinesis and teleport?

No wonder I was quite frustrated after my ability test.

Of course, some people might ask me. 

“Isn’t it good enough to have two superpowers?”

They can criticize me for being greedy. 

But a disappointment is a disappointment after all.

In the second half of the original comic, most of the characters have the ability to cheat, and that also includes the main character.
And I have to survive to the end with these sloppy abilities.

I mean, that is the story of the far future. 

First of all, that is not the point.

All I have to do is work hard.


First, kill the villains.

Kill the current S-class villains or the villains who have a possibility to become an S-class and threaten the main character.

Honestly, it would not make sense for a loser like me to kill them.

But I am beyond common sense.

I am the one who already read the comic and knows about the future.

I know the main villain’s name, the hideout, and roughly the face.


Alright, it is time to start moving.

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I glanced at the man through the windows one more time, then loosened my hands.

It is time to assassinate a villain.


A quiet house.

In this place that is full of sunlight,

A man was tearing the bread with a grumpy face.

And an unidentified man behind his back.


He noticed him belatedly, as he turned around…

It was too late.

“Goodbye, Rhino.”

His face suddenly turned pale at the murmur of the stranger.

“Ack, gack?”

All of a sudden, he choked up as if he was suffocating while eating.



It is grotesque.

I was tongue-tied by the horrors I created.

It was not my first time, so it was less repulsive but… Ugh.

The guy I killed was worth killing.

A-class villain, Rhino.

A madman who used his horns to kill people.

You can say that he is a wide-known villain in this city.
That is why I decided to kill him first.

Why? Because there is a chance that he will evolve into an S-class and become a crazy killer…

Of course, he is still a strong villain at present, so I have no choice but to do it this way.

I secretly teleported behind his back and killed him.
The weaklings have their own way of fighting.

Because the limit of my telekinesis is a single attack.

Goodbye, Rhino.
Still, it was fun to see you in the comic.

But I had no choice but to do this because I was afraid the sight of you crushing people might become a reality…

Well, perhaps since it was my second murder, I was much less repulsive than before.
Does that mean that I’m quick to adjust?

…But from now on, let’s just take care of them quickly with a gun.

This is going to be the last time that I blow someone’s head off like this!

After appreciating the scene a little more, I then passed by the living room, which is now already a bloodbath.

I rummaged through this brat’s closet.

As expected.

I found out about Rhino’s mask.

A mask resembling a rhino.
Okay, should I put this in front of his body?

If I do that, they will know it is Rhino when they find the body.

All right.
Let’s go home.

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No, I should keep something as a souvenir.

What should I do?

After thinking for a bit, I came up with an idea.

Yes, if I do this, people will be drawn to this aggro.

TN: ‘Dragging attention’ In Korea, the slang is used to talk about attention seekers or attention-seeking behaviors

I made up my mind and began to move my hands in black gloves.

Ugh, I am not doing this again.


The Superhero Association of Korea.

Also called The Hero Association.

A-class hero of the association, Shin Haru.

Hero name, Stardus.

She is now speechless at the sight of the terrible horror at this private home.

“….So, you’re saying that this is a trace of Rhino?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

The pale-looking police officer standing next to her continued.

“When I arrived after receiving a report from the residents, it was already over.
The killer seems to have already gone, and

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