Chapter 15.
Alchemy Castle (1)

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Krasue, who was Charlotte’s younger brother, had fierce eyes and looked just like her.

It was inevitable that he would arouse her interest.

“Ah haha! Well, what can I do for the youngest member of the Valheim Family? Or maybe you fell in love at first sight.”

Krasue pretended not to have heard her and got straight to the point,

“I know you’ve been doing a lot of research lately on the erosion of the world.”

She was a little taken aback at his unexpected words.

Her bright smile, which was even reflected in her eyes, slowly began to fade.

As questions invaded her mind, a provocative smile spread across Krasue’s face.

“Is this enough for you to take me seriously?”

Darling immediately let out a soft laugh.

“What a provocative kid.”

She leaned forward, bringing her face close to Krasue’s.

“I hope what you have to say is worth it, otherwise you will have to pay the price.”

He wasn’t worried.

‘No one knows the information she’s curious about better than I do.’

Krasue nodded and turned away.

In the future she would be called the Queen of Alchemy, the number one alchemist in the world.

Darling Danfellion, Lord of the Alchemy Castle.

It was time to build a relationship with her.


Later, Krasue and Darling met in a room alone.

As soon as Darling entered the room, she casually sat down on the bed and smiled at Krasue.

“Don’t you think we should have known each other better before we entered a place like this?”

“Don’t molest a child.”

“A child wouldn’t understand what I just said.”

‘Well, that’s true.’

Krasue pulled up a chair and sat across from her.
Meanwhile, Darling rested her chin on the hand that had the elbow on her knee.

“How old are you?”

“If you know my older sister’s age, you should be able to guess mine.”

“Are you thirteen? You have a baby face, but you don’t look like one at all.”

That was unavoidable.

Inside the thirteen-year-old Krasue was an adult who graduated from Rachellene Academy.

“What does that have to do with what we’re going to talk about?”

However, there was no reason for Krasue to agree with her.

It was already winter.

He had at most two years left before he entered Rachellene Academy.
Until then, he had a lot of work to do.

He didn’t even want to waste time on puns with her.

“All right.
Let’s get down to business.
To be so confident about the information you have about the erosion of the world, you must have managed to get it from your family, right?”

In truth, Darling wasn’t all that interested in what Krasue might say.

She thought that no matter what he knew, it would be of little help to her research.

“The method for curses to neutralize each other sounds familiar to you.”

But the moment Krasue hit the nail on the head, Darling’s smile turned stiff.

“Specifically, a study on how with other curses to erase the curses of the erosion of the world, which even the disenchanters have not yet been able to break.”

Darling’s eyes began to widen slowly.

“Have you made any progress recently on that research?”

Krasue asked.


Darling ran her hand through her hair a few times.

When it came to alchemy, Darling was a natural-born genius.

At an early age she obtained the title of second-class alchemist, a feat that was difficult for even adults to achieve.

She has recently been studying how to neutralize curses at Danfellion’s Alchemy Workshop.

It was a thesis that she began to prepare ambitiously in order to obtain the title of first-class alchemist, but no matter how hard she researched, she couldn’t make any progress.

Of course, it was to be expected.

‘She doesn’t have a test subject.’

As much as she had a theory, she had no way to test it, so her research stalled.

She gave up on it in the future, which hurt her pride.
She dedicated herself to other research to finally obtain the title of first-class alchemist.

However, she would carry it out later.
All because she met Krasue.

‘I’m indebted to her.’

After all, she was the one who made his body, ruined by the curses he recklessly stole, partially recover.

“I’ll help you with your research.”

At those words from Krasue, Darling’s eyes turned cold in an instant.

“Don’t underestimate alchemy.”

It seemed to hurt her pride as an alchemist.
She responded sharply because she wouldn’t accept that someone without knowledge in the field would dare to speak about her research lightly.

Darling used to have a light-hearted attitude, but he took it seriously when it came to alchemy.

“Don’t worry.
What I want to help you with is the test subject you need.”

Doubt was reflected in Darling’s eyes.
She hadn’t expected to hear this from Krasue.

“What do you mean by test subject?”

“I can steal curses.”

For the first time, there was a glint in Darling’s eyes that wasn’t mischievous.

It was the reaction of an alchemist who finds new material.

“Kid, are you serious?”

“I made a contract with a deity who gave me that skill.
Is this enough to help your research progress?”

“It’s more than enough.”

Darling slowly smiled again.

“But it sounds like you want something from me.
What exactly? Do you want a girlfriend?”

Her mischievous smile didn’t bother Krasue in the least.

“I’ll steal some curses in the future.
I want to ask you to make a potion that will weaken them.”

Krasue now knew for sure that he could steal skills.
However, that would not be sufficient.

Even the Azure Sky Order, which had extraordinary skills, was unable to prevent the destruction of the world.

Therefore, Krasue intended to use all means to break the limits.

Now he would be the one to take advantage of the curses.

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