Chapter 7: The Ugly Duckling

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Jun-woo's party went down south.

Because each person's movement speed was diferent, it was necessary to match the speed of the slowest person.

Due to the nature of the job, it seemed that tanks without agility were relatively slow.

The Swordsman 33 seemed relaxed as if he had increased his agility, not to mention the archer's couple.

Wizard 40 seemed to have taken a certain amount of agility and relaxed.

The strange thing is that the low-level Clergy30 ran without being pushed.

Perhaps her shoes had increased the agility associated with the movement was a good thing.

Thanks to the fact that they were acquaintances, Clergy 30 ran side by side with Jun-woo.

Jun-woo said in a low voice.

“Thank you so much.”

“No, you came from afar, and I think it’s too much to ask you to leave suddenly, and above all else, we decided to go together.”

Jun-woo traced his memory.

He made a room and came in and asked Clergy30 who wanted to go with him, but…

“That’s it… Anyway, thank you.”

“Let’s do it well, just like beginners hunting for the frst time.”

“Yes, I will do my best.”

Swordsman 33 stood next to Clergy30 and asked.

“How do you two know each other? Lovers, perhaps?”

“Oh, no, it’s not like that.”

“It is said that strong disagreement is true.”

“Not, so… at church, we are members of the same church.”

Clergy 30 had a face that seemed to have made a plausible excuse.

Swordsman 33 repeatedly asked if he had many questions.

“Aha, church, which church do you go to?”

“Golden Wings Church in Gangnam.”

“Wow, that’s great; you go there; I need to move there too.”

“Any church, Rudiel-sama will watch over you, so you don’t have to.”

“Since when did you go to church?”

“Me? Since I was born…”

“You’re a mother-in-law of faith~ I heard you feel something diferent, and your job is rare?”

“I’m epic; it’s Epic level 30.”

“You can also be a level 30 Unique if you haven’t awakened in a while.”

Clergy30 laughed awkwardly.

“I want to be unique, though… haha…
… .”

Jun-woo was a legendary class that could be raised to level 120, and there were about four people around the world with a legendary rank.

So it felt a bit stingy.

After that, Swordsman 33 continued to talk to Clergy30.

Talking about the church, talking about people related to it, or eliciting a conversation in any way, the Swordsman 33 showed a glimpse of his true intentions.

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“Do you have a boyfriend?”

It wasn't a lot of talks; it was a firtation.

The probability that men and women will meet at a party is very high.

There are a lot of situations where the eyes meet while protecting each other in a crisis.

“Oh, no.”

“Of course, I thought you had one, but it’s surprising.
Is this your frst time hunting?”

“Yes, this is my frst time.”

“Clergy, it’s okay even if it’s the frst time; as long as you take care of the injured person, you have to avoid attacks in moderation, and I’ll cover that somehow.”

“Thank you.”

“Let me explain a little bit more… … .”

An explanation that anyone would understand if they had received compulsory education followed.

The role of the profession, according to the party, is the focus of education each year.

Jun-woo is a blacksmith by profession, but his role is a shield knight.

He couldn't become the main tank because he didn't have skills, but he was able to do the second tank because he had power.

As Swordsman 33's boring story continued, Tank 38 stopped and said.

“It’s all here, now; let’s go on foot.”

As he walked, Tank 38 was assigned a role.

“I'll take the main tank, and I'll make possible orders.
The blacksmith and the swordsman, please focus on the monsters that attach to people from a distance.”


Jun-woo was wary of his surroundings, recalling the role he had learned through NuTube.

Wizard 40 tapped Jun-woo on the shoulder.

“Is this your frst time hunting? Don't be nervous, do what you learn in school, do what you learn, and angry, I will have a high ideal, so many people will come to me, stop those who stick to me.”


The level 40 wizard, who was no diferent from the swordsman, would have the best attack power.

Monsters tended to attack the opponent who inficted the most damage on them.

And the scar-faced monsters rushed at them, just looking at the shield.

Because the shield had an option called angry.


A goblin, a green humanoid monster with a height of about 160, appeared with a heavy sword.

Two guns rushed towards Tanker 38, one from the left and one side by side.

It was Tank 38 who received the frst attack, if not hit.

Flames gathered at the tip of the Magician40's staf, and the bowstring was pulled from the archer couple's grip.

Flames from the staf's tip hit the oncoming goblin's body, and the goblin fell backward.

“It’s magic, but it’s level 13, like a goblin~.”

Level 10 is the maximum to raise your skill level with money.

However, it could be increased by quest rewards and exclusive crafting items or characteristics.

The goblin, who fell into the fames, sufered quite a bit.

The other goblin on the other side had two arrows lodged in its body but came bleeding and swung a heavy sword.

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The sword that collided with the shield and the damage taken by Tank 38 was probably zero.

The option of shield defense, which is applied only when blocking with the shield part, was quite good.

The goblin quickly rolled his eyes to attack on a diferent path, while Tank 38's sword, which opened the guard, cut the goblin's shoulder sharply.


The staggering goblin was cut one after another, and the goblin fell.

The other was struck by an arrow and could not get up as if dead.

Tank 38 smiled as he looked at his shoes, rising from the goblin he had killed.

The item that appeared in the white light meant that it was his, and it was shown to Tank 38.

Tank 38 picked it up and put it in the item window.

“Good start, let’s keep going.”

The item that fell on him was his.

Whether a few million won worths of magic fell or billions of unique items fell, it was unconditionally theirs.

There was no distribution.

This was a rule that was applied even when hunting in guild units.

Because Tank 38 just wore out the shield's durability and other armor when blocking the goblin's attack with the shield, and the durability of the sword when attacking with the sword wore out.

The durability of own items.
The money was consumed, and the monsters were caught, so there was no obligation to distribute them to the party members.

The system may also be assigning items for that reason.

So no one complained.

If the item didn't fall on him, he was just out of luck today.

“It’s a good start, but there’s no clergy buf?”

Due to the question of Swordsman 33, he must have missed the clergy.

“Ah, it’s just the start of the hunt, so I’ll bet now!”

She held the Bible in her left hand and stretched out her right hand to specify the subject.

As the clear light gathered in her grasp, the shape of a sword made of light landed on the subject's head.

Tank 38 looked at Clergyman 30 with a slightly surprised face.

It was a more aggressive attack than he expected.

Then, every 10 seconds, the same thing fell on everyone.

[The weapon's attack power is increased by 30 for 30 minutes by the efect of Hanna Jang's sacred weapon.]

Attack power increased by 30, at the level of a quarter of the weapon.

It was a fairly high-level buf.

In this case, the given skill level was good, the skill level was high, or the magic power was high, one of the three.

“Wow, good skill; what other skills do you have?”

“There are a total of 4, including healing, defense buf skills, and shields.”

“Oh, so the defense buf?”

[Defense increases by 30 for 30 minutes by the efect of Hanna Jang's holy shield.]

As the shield penetrated, it took efect, and this time, the defense increased by 30.

“Mana, are you okay?”

“Maybe not enough… Mana recovery is fne.”

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“Next time, don’t apply defense bufs to distant people.
Archers will be able to avoid it on their own, and if it's betting, it's only for the wizard Hyung.”

“Yes, I will.”

Using the buf skill 12 times in a row for 120 seconds, the level 30 clergy had no choice but to run out of mana.

Thanks to the clergy's buf, the hunt was expected to go faster.

“Then let’s go in.”

In a normal hunting ground, the number of monsters increased as the monsters inhabited the center.

As we went further inside, three goblins appeared one by one, and one of them was a ranged archer type.


Tank 38's shield blocked the arrow shot by the archer goblin.

Then, he changed the target, got closer, and aimed his bow toward the wizard behind him.

“He’s a smart guy.
Can you stop arrows like that, Blacksmith?”

Jun-woo blocked the wizard's front.

Arrows few at high speed.

He thought he was a wizard, but the goblin archer slightly bowed before shooting.

Jun-woo hurriedly ran two steps to the side and blocked the front with his shield.


“I thought I was smart, but she was a clergyman, and she’s also a smart guy.”

Flames were fred from the tip of the staf, and arrows were fred from the bow of the archer couple.

“It comes from both sides.”

At the words of the wizard 40, the swordsman 33 went to the right and Jun-woo to the left to block the approaching goblin.

In a situation where there was a one-on-one confrontation, Jun-woo looked at the goblin's movements.

The goblin frst grabbed a sword and ran towards it.

A sword that jumps slightly and drops sharply, Jun-woo was trying to block it with a shield, but he struck it sideways, avoided it, and stabbed him in the side.


The goblin slipped to the side and hurriedly rolled over and got up and ran.

After dodging the attack once more, this time, he drew a big cut on the guy's side.

Blood gushed clearly from the goblin's abdomen and wet Jun-woo's face.

With one hand, the goblin looked at Jun-woo dangerously, holding his side with a big cut.

Jun-woo approached him.

The goblin hurriedly drew his sword, and Jun-woo avoided even that and beheaded the guy.

Looking down at the goblin's body with the body and neck separated, Jun-woo felt puzzled.

'It's so slow…'

The goblin's movements seemed too slow.


It felt like he knew where the goblin's attack was coming from, even if he didn't see it with his own eyes.

Jun-woo was bewildered by the strange phenomenon, but he felt it.

The attacks that come to him.

Even now, Jun-woo only slightly raised his shield to block arrows fred from outside his feld of vision.

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Blocking the attack without seeing it meant that the mana sensing ability was high.

To feel good mana, the frst was stillborn, the second had a high rank, or the third had the highest level.

In the case of Jun-woo, the probability that it was the second was very high.

Jun-woo quickly responded because he could see how an attack would come because of his mana detection.


When the arrow was blocked, the goblin archer turned the arrow aimed at Jun-woo to the long-distance dealers.

At that moment, fames few and hit the archer's face, and the archer fell over.

Jun-woo ran quickly, trampled the archer's stomach with his boots, and pierced his chest with his sword.

Jun-woo, who drew his sword, walked in line, dripping with blood.

He could see the face of the magician level 40, which was tinged with fowers.

“What the! That’s your frst time.
Are you doing well?”

Clergy30 also had a surprised face.

“Is this your frst time?”

The archer couple looked puzzled.

“Are you done watching?”

“I think so… Do you know how to feel mana?”

“The blacksmith is great.”

Swordsman 33 returned with a handsome look on his face after dealing with a goblin confronting him.

“Did you see them tidy up one by one? Since I am confdent one-on-one, the support is… … .”

Everyone's heads turned to Jun-woo, so Swordsman 33 stopped talking.

“What happened?”

“The blacksmith is pretty good, it’s his frst time, but he’s better than we expected; he can go a little deeper.”

“Is that so?”

Said the Swordsman33 with a slightly bewildered face.

As the hunting continued, Swordsman 33's face became more perplexed.

He tried to get some points because he was trying to look good to the clergy, but the blacksmith fought much better than himself.

“Hahaha, even if you’re a beginner, you fght well; which academy did you go to?”

“No, it’s just from the Nutube….”

He'd never done anything special other than practicing through Nutube.

So Jun-woo himself felt stunned.

'Is it the power of grades? … .'

When the class of the class changes, the memories related to it permeate, and the sense of battle increases dramatically.

In the case of Jun-woo, such memories did not permeate.

However, there was only an improvement of all stats by 10.

And because the mana was felt well, the movement of the surrounding objects became clear.

It was the frst hunt, but Jun-woo gained quite a confdence in the hunting.

With a somewhat satisfed face, Jun-woo spoke slowly.

“Then… Shall we go on?”

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