Chapter 4: I Became a Mechanic

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[Level has risen.]

[A bonus stat has been created.]

As his level goes up, strength, agility, intelligence, stamina, attack power, defense power, and magic power rise by 1.

A bonus stat of 1 was added there.

He had to take pictures of what he wanted to photograph.

Strength 2 gained two physical attack power and one agility.
He can lift approximately 60 kg and run 2 km per hour faster.

Agility 2 gained one physical attack power and two agility.
He can lift a weight of approximately 30 kg, and his running speed has increased by about 4 km per hour.

Intellect gains one magic attack power, ten mana, and mana recovery, while stamina gains 20 life and life recovery.

Levels are so important that there is a saying that levels are like cheat sheets.

After waking up, Jun-woo, standing still for four years, felt startled when his level went up.


It seemed that he had gained crafting experience while sleeping.

For the first time in the generated stats, Jun-woo thought about what to shoot.

In the past, regardless of the reason, all stats were invested in strength, but now it seemed that strength was not necessary.

The hard work was done by Captain the Robot.

Since he didn't know what kind of skill he would develop, Jun-woo put his stats on hold for now.

“Good job, Captain; let’s go buy some magic stones.”

It would be nice to have Captain continue to make items, but now there are no materials.

Jun-woo put Captain robot into the item window for the first time.

After arriving in Yongsan, Jun-woo sold all the items he had made and picked up Walker's business card to buy a magic stone.

When he called, Walker, who was in Yongsan, came to him in less than 3 minutes.

“Hello, thanks again for visiting.”

“Come on.”

“Did you need one?”


“Here it is.”

The transaction was made.

“Thank you, do you need anything else?”

“I need titanium.”

“I have titanium.
How many do you need?”

“60 pieces.
Is this also discounted?”

Walker sold the magic crystal at the lowest price.

Because it’s Jun-woo, who asked.

“Since ore is a basic material, it is difficult to get a discount.”

“Ah, yes, I’m sorry, only 60, please.”

“Okay, instead of ore, it’s 24.4 million gold.”

“Thank you.”

“No need for pleasantries.”

The deal was made, and Jun-woo asked for tomorrow.

“Are you still in Yongsan tomorrow?”

“If there is nothing special, I think I will.
What are you doing?”

“I think I will leave again.”

“Call me anytime.”

“Yes, I will contact you, so until then….”

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“Please go home safely, and good luck in your production.”

Jun-woo, who broke away from Walker and returned to the workshop, immediately started his production.

After making two heavy swords, Jun-woo went to Yongsan and sold them, then bought titanium again with the money and made them late at night.

And the next day, without any doubt, he went to Yongsan again early in the morning.

He had to move diligently to sell the weapons he had made.

The sale went very well, so the transaction was made quickly, and Jun-woo, who had gold, found a worker.

“Give me 1 Lesser Magic Stone and 60 Titanium.”

“I’ll have it ready.”

Jun-woo, who purchased materials, made it and carried two heavy swords, repeated the same thing.

A daily routine similar to yesterday continued for a week.

Six heavy swords were made a day, and one out of nine was a great success.

The money he earned without a break for a week was about 230 million gold, of which he had only bought one day's worth of materials and kept the rest.

'Let's buy a crafting hammer first.'

He wanted to buy a hammer for Captain the Robot with his saved gold.

The blacksmith used an item called a crafting hammer when crafting it.

It is a one-handed hammer, and it is a hammer used for production, and it was a hammer that made it possible to expect a better efect during production.

-Rank: Epic

-Classification: One-Handed Hammer

-Durability: 500/500

-Attack power: 123

*When crafting an ore item, the item's value is increased by 1%.

*When crafting ore items, the chance of success is increased by 1%.

-Item value: 192,454,521

It was new and the lowest Epic.
It cost 192 million gold.

The options for the crafting hammer were roughly like that.

It meant that if you made an item with a crafting hammer, it would increase the options so that the item's value was raised by 1%.

Since it is an epic grade, it is a hammer that can hit the same epic mithril, and it has high attack power, so it would be a great help in reducing the production time.

If you buy that, you won't have enough material, but you can diligently go to and from Yongsan again.

Jun-woo immediately contacted the seller and proceeded with the transaction.

It was handed over to the Captain Robot as it was.

The silver hammer was told by Captain robot to Jun-woo.


All the materials were handed over, so all he had to do was order what to make.

After making and selling 40 swords with similar options in a week, Jun-woo could feel the speed at which messages arrived slightly decreased.

'Well, shall we make something different today?'

The arms were made and spread widely.

And titanium items are so consumed that they are called national sets so that you can make and sell anything.

“Today, let’s make only armor out of titanium.”

“Very well.”

Melting the titanium skillfully, Captain began to make armor.

The material to be entered was ten titanium, and there was no need to compress the ingot, just like the sword.

Since the materials used were one-third, the production time was also about one-third.

Of course, the finished price was one-third.

Jun-woo completed the armor by only helping with the simple finishing work connecting the front and backplates.

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And the armor, which was made like a heavy sword, was sold out.

On the first day, he makes and sells armor.

He also made and sold gloves on that day.

The next day, he made and sold boots.

The other day, he made and sold shields.

In the afternoon, while turning around and making a heavy sword, Jun-woo reached level 30.

[Level has risen.]

[The skill 'Safety First' has been created.]

[Quest has occurred.]

[Lv.1 Safety First]

-Rank: Legendary

-Passive: Defense increases by 5.
Increases immunity against status ailments by 5%.

The status abnormality was to become immune to all phenomena that were harmful to him, such as stiffness, poison, paralysis, slowing, and curses.

After checking the skill, Jun-woo confirmed the quest.

Quests were generated in special cases or units of 10 levels.

The quests in units of 10 levels were important enough to be called the main quests.

[Find the blueprint.]

-Description: It looks like a goblin from the Garaktrico tribe has the blueprint.
Find out about it in the relevant area.

-Method: Hunt the goblins of the Garaktrico tribe and obtain the blueprint.

-Reward: [Stat Bonus +10]

Once upon a time, there was no area on Earth where the Garaktrico tribe goblins were.

In 1982, two years after creating the system, a gate, a connecting passageway to another world, was created one by one on Earth.

The other world we encountered through the gate was unknown and expected to be ten times larger than Earth.

There were monsters at the gate, and you could get items and gold by catching them.

These monsters were reborn in an invisible place and wandered around the place.

Many people started looking for gates to raise items, gold, and levels, and game hunting is still popular.

However, Jun-woo had never even entered the gate.

'It's hunting…
I’m going to be okay, right…?'

I had never hunted before, so I was rather worried, but I had to go unconditionally.

I learned that I had to do the quests, not the main quests.

The rewards weren't bad either.

A reward that raises the stat bonus by 10 is not common, as Jun-woo knew.


Preparing to go hunting, the best thing Jun-woo could do was maintain his items.

“Chief, let’s make each part until great success appears.”


So Jun-woo arranged the items to go hunting.

“Jackpot, jackpot.”

Day by day, Jun-woo's items were filled with optional rare items.

Heavy swords, armor, gloves, boots, and shields were 5,000 gold, but the grade was rare.

Walker made an interesting face after wearing the new item for over two days.

“Did you make all of them yourself?”

“Yeah, why’d you ask…?”

“It’s nice to see your progress.”

“Thank you.”

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“Now, what materials do you need today?”

“Is there about four lesser magic crystals and 600 titanium?”

All in all, it was worth 300 million gold.

Jun-woo asked carefully, wondering if there would be any more, but Walker said it was natural.

“Of course, I will open the trading window.”

Suddenly, Jun-woo wanted to see the item window of the person named Walker.

'How many ingredients do you have?'

The trade window opened, and the value of the materials raised by the walker was added.

Among them, Jun-woo had to cut 200,000 gold for each magic stone and raise it.

“Thank you for the transaction, but today why did you get four so suddenly? Are you making something?”

Hunting doesn't usually end in one day.

He didn't know it would be three or four days when he camped, so he had plenty of things to prepare for Captain.

“Yeah, um… That’s right, I’ll see you soon.”

Jun-woo got up, muttering his words.

“Then I wish you great success.
Good luck.”

Jun-woo handed over the ingredients he had brought to Captain.

Captain made it with it, and Jun-woo got information about the Garaktrico tribe on his smartphone.

There were many tribes of goblins, and their strengths were different accordingly.

The level differs depending on the tribe, but the Garaktrico tribe was a level 30 goblin.

As Jun-woo, who is a beginner and has no fighting skills, couldn't go alone, so he needed a party.

First, he connected to hunting go, an app that finds parties.

It was his first time using it, so he had to register.

He placed his national ID card, occupation and level, and the average grade of the item.

-Occupation: Blacksmith [Magic]

-Level: 31

-Item: Rare

His job was legendary, but he didn't feel the need to use it.

Above all, even if he wrote the truth, no one would believe him.

Since he changed from a blacksmith, he wrote it as a blacksmith, and since he was level 31, he wrote it down as Rare.

After setting up, Jun-woo searched for Garaktrico.

Several Garaktrico parties were seen.


Jun-woo clicked on the phrase “even beginners are welcome.”

[Blacksmith 31 has entered.]

Before even saying a short hello.

[You have been kicked out.]

Jun-woo was sent of.

It wasn't that he didn't understand.

He was a blacksmith, level 31, and the item was rare, obviously not attractive to the party.

[You have been kicked out.]

[You have been kicked out.]

[You have been kicked out.]

He wondered if they needed to act rude.

Even if he formed a party and hunted, he could not gain experience unless Jun-woo contributed to the hunt.

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Items dropped on monsters could only be eaten by the item's owner with a contribution.

Jun-woo quickly tapped the batter with an embarrassed face.

-Blacksmith 31: Hello

[You have been kicked out.]

“ah… … .”

There were only six exits, and now there was no room to enter.

So he made his room.


The number of people was set to 8 for safety.

After looking at it for a while, no one came in.

Jun-woo helped Captain the Robot and waited for a person.

When the phone vibrated, Jun-woo hurriedly looked at the phone.

[Tank 40 has entered.]

Jun-woo hurriedly taps the keyboard.

-Blacksmith 31: Hello.

-Tank 40: It looks like you're looking for a party for a quest.

-Blacksmith 31: Yes, that's right.

-Tank 40: Would you like to come to our party? There are 6 level 40 players.

-Blacksmith 31: Will it be okay?

-Tank 40: Oh, of course, it's not free.
It's 20,000 gold per hour.

-Blacksmith 31: Pardon?

-Tank 40: People who work in production, honestly, it's hard to find a party, someone wants to go with you, you have to pay money to go and do quests.
I'll help you put in deals as much as possible.

-Blacksmith 31: Ah…
Because I don't know.

Jun-woo confirmed the information about Tank 40.

In the Rare class, the average item was rare.

And the ratings of those who partied with him depended too.

It has a 3.2-star rating and 14 review comments.

The reviews were half praiseworthy and half vaguely written.

– Hunting is weird, but it's okay.

-I'm not good at managing aggro, but I try to work hard.

-A good tank among the rare class.

He could write a review if he stayed in the same room for more than 24 hours, so these were the comments left by people he had a party with.

To delete the review post left by you, you had to write a paid item in the app or open a new account.

This man didn't have any malicious comments, but considering that his rating was 3.2 out of 5, it seems that he deleted the malicious comments he had as an item.

-Blacksmith 31: I'll look for a little more.

-Tank 40: That's right.

[Tank 40 has left.]

After waiting for a long time, no one came in.

[Wizard 40 has entered.]

Jun-woo hurriedly picked up his phone.

[Wizard 40 has left.]

I could see the wizard leaving the room as if he had entered the wrong room.

“ah… … .”

Hunting was not an easy feeling.

Jun-woo's cell phone check slowed as he saw only people who came in or came in by mistake a few times and then left without a word.

That day, Jun-woo seriously considered the proposal of Tank 40 in bed.

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