Nam-Hyeon Jeong, a 55-year-old mantis guild member with an epic-level skilled blacksmith job, returned to his office after working in a workshop for a week.

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“Bring me some coffee, call the clients and tell them to come to pick up the goods.”


“Yes, sir.”


Nam-Hyun Jung went into the President’s office, sat down on a chair, and turned on the fan and air conditioner.


“It’s hot, it’s hot.”


The iced coffee he always ate was placed on a tray and entered the President’s office.


The secretary put the cup down to Nam-Hyun Jung and asked.


“When do you plan to start your next production? boss?”


“Are there any reservations? Start right away.
Just cut out 5.
If possible, only with a sword.”


“that… There are only two swords on standby.”


Nam-Hyun Jeong, who was about to drink coffee, rolled his eyes and looked at the secretary.


“Did you guys go on vacation while I was working?”


“It’s not… Overall, the number of requests has decreased.”


“Did it decrease again?”


Nam-Hyun Jeong looked at the secretary suspiciously, and the secretary said hurriedly.


“As we were trying to figure out, Lewis is making an epic, so I think many people are drawn to that.
The fee is cheap, the skills are good, and above all, the speed of work… … .”


“Lewis? How much is the fee there?”


“I’m getting 50,000 gold for 10 million gold.”


“Even if you make 100 million, that’s 500,000 gold, right? Why is it so cheap? Is it because the cheap ones aren’t enough, so the skills are good?”


“Yeah, looking at the reviews… Satisfaction is extremely high.
It seems to work incredibly fast.”


“That’s it.
Isn’t that what they did?”


“I don’t think so.
If you look here, you’re doing great… … .”


Jung Nam-Hyun frowned as he looked at the data presented by the secretary.


“I can’t even see this.
So, it means that the stock has decreased because of Lewis or someone doing something.”


“I think other workshops are like that as a whole.”


“yes? I should make a phone call.”


Nam-Hyun Jeong picked up the phone and called the blacksmiths he knew.


“Oh, it’s me.
The number of people entrusted with production has decreased, so I contacted them.
Are you too?”


“It has decreased a lot.”


“I heard it was because of Lewis or something.
that’s right?”


“You seem to go there a lot.
You get 50,000 gold as a commission without morals.”


“No, I don’t think it’s a fee issue, but I figured it out.”


Nam-Hyun Jeong also contacted other blacksmiths.


There seemed to be a lot less work there as well.


Jung Nam-Hyun had a confused face.


“No, the hell… How fast does the work speed decrease? Does that child work without even sleeping?”

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Nam-Hyun Jeong gathered the blacksmiths who made Epic and went to the association.


About 30 blacksmiths from around the world began to sit in the conference hall.


As soon as they sat down, they chatted.


“Who the hell is Lewis?”


“You said you were young.
Are you working that fast?”


“Did you lose your job too? Should I lower the fee?”


They were blacksmiths who specialized in Epic productions, just like Namhyun Jeong.


Their job ratings consisted of Rare to Epic.


When the President and vice president of the association entered side by side, the meeting room became quiet.


As the association president sat down, Nam-Hyun Jung spoke as the representative.


“As the President of the Association, my job has been reduced because someone does something like this in Lewis.
He seems to have the skills, but I get a cheap fee, the workload is fast, and if we keep going like this, all the rare and Epic blacksmiths like us will starve to death.”


The association president looked around at them and nodded.


“Yeah, I heard about complaints coming in.
We charge fees based on skill.
If it’s Lewis’ skill, it’s definitely not enough to get the current ship.
Can you suggest that I increase the fee?”


Namhyun Jung raised his voice a little more and said,


“Please recommend rather than suggest.
At least three times what it is now.
It’s all about making a living, but you have to pay any fees.
A skilled blacksmith receives a low commission, so what will we live on? President of the Association.”


“I see, I see.
I’m going to force you to raise my fees.
Was that enough?”


They couldn’t suggest anything other than raising the fee.


In his head, he would like to tell them to reduce the amount of work, but that was overkill.


Then, Jun-woo opened the door of the conference hall and entered.


Jun-woo, who glanced at the crowd once, introduced himself by bowing his head.


“Hello, seniors.
My name is Junwoo Lee, who runs Lewis.”


The blacksmiths who saw Jun-woo for the first time were surprised by Jun-woo’s appearance.


He was too young for a blacksmith.


If he was young and had excellent skills, Captain’s talent was corrected by the job.


In their opinion, Junwoo was at least Epic+, maybe unique.


“Come on.
Even if you don’t, many people say that you are getting your fees too low, so it’s gathered like this.”


“I will raise that part to 150,000 gold.
As I am a newbie, I lacked the concept of fees.
I’m sorry, seniors.”


When Jun-woo bowed his head, the blacksmiths gathered there felt relieved.


“Hmm, it can be.
I heard that he has great skills, but 150,000 gold is on the cheap side.”


“If it were me, I would have received 200,000 gold.”


Jun-woo looked at Nam-Hyun Jung at his words.
The mark of the Mantis Guild was affixed to his shoulder.


“Then I will change it to 200,000 gold.”


Jeong Nam-Hyun looked at Jun-woo and nodded his head.


“You are a confident young man.
Nice to see.
That’s right, cancer.”


With 200,000 gold, the work going to Jun-woo would spread a bit.

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But even so, ultimately, if Jun-woo does not reduce the amount of work, the amount of work that goes to them will not be much different from what it is now.


“Isn’t it just making production day and night? I heard that the production speed is also fast… Then you get hurt.”


It was Jeong Nam-Hyun, who was suggestive of luck.


“Even if not, I am thinking about reducing it a bit.
It was difficult at times when I made it with less sleep.”


“Yeah, that’s right.
well, though Production is something like that, you have to take a break to achieve great success.”


Nam-Hyun Jung drew a smile that was satisfied with Jun-woo’s words.


The President of the association interrupted while looking at Jun-woo.


“It’s not that Namcheol is wrong.
For a blacksmith, rest is a time to recharge.
I have a feeling that the odds of an invisible jackpot increase during rest.”


People looked at the President of the association.


“Anyway, thank you for giving up for each other, Junwoo-kun.”


No concessions.”


Fees were initially planned to be raised.


In the future, the amount of work was naturally reduced as the plan was to focus on blueprints rather than production documents.


It was just Jun-woo who came to the association after receiving a call from Director Oh.


And he wanted to have a blacksmith from the Mantis Guild here, but there was one.


“It looks like everything has been sorted out, so get up first.”


The President and vice president of the association got up and left the meeting room.


The vice president smirked and whispered.


“I think this is the first time this has happened.”


“That’s the way it is.
That said, the child’s abilities are excellent.
He’s a great talent.
You are shaking up the manufacturing market.”


“maybe… Unique, right?”


“You’re the third in Korea.”


The President of the association laughed and got on the elevator.


* * *


Even with Lewis’s huge commission increase, the orders did not stop.


People are not stupid.


If the item to be made rises more than how much, it was calculated to be a crafted item with more than the commission.


Considering Junwoo’s average growth rate, 200,000 gold was on the cheap side.


Jun-woo left only Captain and the craftsman to make recipes, and the assistant only made watches.


The production speed of the production book was obviously slowed down thanks to the assistant’s independent route.
Still, considering the assistant’s income, it was incomparable.


Of course, that was when the sale of the watch began.


Jun-woo sat down at his desk and caressed the watch, a treasure trove.


It was a product that could be expected to make huge profits if sold worldwide.


However, no alchemist in the world can process Adamantium.


If you sell this, it would be like announcing that you can process Adamantium.
It would pay attention to Junwoo around the world.


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There are obvious advantages to being famous, but you could also be exposed to the risks that come with it.


Currently, Jun-woo is level 68 and has a legendary rank.


The maximum level of the legend level is 140, and the level rises even if you breathe up to level 120.


Although he always accompanied a bodyguard, he had not yet reached half of the maximum level, and Jun-woo did not want to expose himself.


He tried to find a sales channel in consultation with Walker, but Jun-woo did not speak, and it became a burden to sell directly.


So Jun-woo was thinking of selling it to the purchaser.


Buyers in this era were popular.


Many people were hunting at the gate, whether it was expected, magic, or rare.


Among them, the lucky ones got items that they couldn’t afford.


In that case, he used the purchase shop.


You can hide your identity and receive gold right away.


Jun-woo took a picture of the watch he was going to sell and sent it to the Benjamin Buying Shop in the US using the messenger app, which is said to have excellent security.


The Benjamin Guild was the largest in America.


We operate purchasing offices worldwide, but we also have a branch in Korea.


Jun-woo waited for a reply.


* * *


Benjamin Buying House, USA.
The rune checker looked at Jun-woo’s watch and shook his head in disbelief.


‘crazy… This is a revolution.
Did the alchemist finally find a way to process Adamantium?’


Jun-woo’s watch had the name Adamantium watch written on it.


This was a name that only appeared when more than 50% of Adamantium was included.


‘It wasn’t even made as a blueprint, but it’s such an effect… Looking at what they want to buy, they still want to hide their identity.’


Jun-woo checked the message in English.


[Benjamin: Where would you like to trade?]


Jun-woo answered the question in English.


[G: Korea, Seoul]


He was contacted by the purchaser of the Korean branch affiliated with Benjamin.
If the buyer refused, he was about to ask the purchaser of the nearby China and Japan branches about their intention to purchase.


As soon as Benjamin, the purchaser of the Korean branch saw the delivered message, he reacted similarly to the rune checker.


“The Alchemy Society will be overturned.
Who? Are you Korean?”


Putting aside his curiosity, Benjamin, the Korean branch purchaser, sent a reply.


[Benjamin Korea Purchaser: I will receive 5% of the item value as a commission.]


Since it is a product that guarantees a profit just by buying it, the buyer offered the lowest commission.


[G: October 21st, Yongsan Station Dury Cafe 2:00.
Are you okay?]


[Benjamin Korea Buyer: I see.]


The next day, Jun-woo went to the meeting place wearing a sweatshirt, a black hat, sunglasses, and a mask.


When the appointment time came, Jun-woo sent a message.


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[G: Black hat, sunglasses, mask.]


Sabu-sang and his three bodyguards, sitting in the cafe, got up and sat down in front of Jun-woo.


The four were wearing plain leather armor and sunglasses.


They, too, were trying to hide their identities.


The buyer greeted him awkwardly.


“Hello? Things looked good.
Perhaps… Are you a producer?”


The transaction did not require dialogue.


And we didn’t even talk at first.


All they had to do was trade the promised goods and amounts without asking or questioning.


But he was curious about the purchase.


Was it made by the person in front of you, or was it sold by a proxy?


He just wanted to talk because he had a lot of questions.


‘You look young.


Jun-woo applied for a transaction instead of answering.


“Sorry… … .”


The buyer hastily accepted the transaction, making a transaction between the two.


Of 50 watches, about 7 billion won, 350 million were deducted as a 5% fee.


After one transaction was over, the buyer asked as if wondering.


“The number of items is 6 times 50, a total of 300… … .”


Jun-woo opened a small moving box next to him.


The box was filled with a softly shining Adamantium watch.


‘That… You brought it so ignorantly?’


Each watch occupied one item slot.


This was the only way for Jun-woo to bring the remaining 250.


He put 50 in the item window and put it back in the trade window.


The buyer who received the item handed the watch to his colleague.


6 times like that, 6.65 billion gold each.
About 40 billion gold entered Junwoo’s item window.


The watchmaker’s name was G.


The things that were made anonymously were also changed to G by Junwoo.


“G, do you have any more items to sell?”


Jun-woo lightly picked up his hat and bowed his head to the sad purchaser.


Then he left the cafe.


Jun-woo went into the bathroom of a building, changed clothes, and moved to the underground parking lot of the next building using the change of location.


And when he leisurely left the underground parking lot and walked to my office, he thought briefly about what skill level he would raise.


‘It would have been better to increase the number of robots than improve the design.’


Now that you have gold, it’s time to meet a new robot that will help you craft it.

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