Chapter 2: I Became a Mechanic (2)

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Slam! Smash! Slam!

A hammer machine struck the drawn iron ore.

Lee Jun-woo moved the iron ore with tongs and skillfully shaped it using a hammer machine.

The level of Jun-woo, who turned 23 years old, was level 20, the highest level a normal could reach.

[Lee Jun-woo]

-Level: 20*

-Occupation: Blacksmith [Normal]

– Health: 400 Mana: 200

-Stat: Strength: 43 Agility: 20 Intellect: 20 Stamina: 20

-Attack power: 20

-Magic Power: 20

-Defense: 20

Jun-woo's job was still just a blacksmith without any modifers, and it was also the lowest grade, Normal.

70% of the total population has a normal grade job, and the normal grade could be raised to level 20, except in special cases.

The grades are divided into Legend, Unique+, Unique, Epic+, Epic, Rare, Magic, and Normal.

Jun-woo has been a normal blacksmith since birth, and now no one recognizes him.

To get out of the ordinary, a high-ranking job and level must support it, but Jun-woo has not changed until 23.

In most cases, once normal is lifelong normal.

Of course, there were countless exceptions.

Among them, there were the most cases in which the job grade was improved through the quests given by the system.

[Iron Ore Master]

-Content: Live your persistence highly.
This is a crafting quest again.

-How to: Craft 100,000 iron items that can be crafted from iron ore.


At frst, he did 10.

Then he made 100.

Then he made 1,000.

Then he made 10,000, and then this was it.

Completing the quest will reward you accordingly.

Ten pieces gave 100,000 gold, which is 100,000 won worth of gold, 100 pieces gave 1 million gold, and 1,000 pieces gave 10 million gold.

And thank you for the 10,000 stat bonus 4, which is invested in strength.

It wasn't that great of a reward, but Jun-woo clung desperately to see the quest's end.

Machines did not assist the frst 10.

When crafting items with a machine, the system did not provide a good option.

It is the same sword from the outside, but if you make all the steps yourself, if your attack power is 10, it has been reduced to 5 with the help of a machine.

However, even if it was made with a machine, the quest counted, so Jun-woo was thoroughly helped by the machine.

With the help of a machine, it could be made three times faster.

With the help of the machine, the option of the dagger did not improve, but even if it was made like this, the count of the quest went up.

So Jun-woo thoroughly used the machine to make 100,000 pieces quickly.

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The iron ore was polished with a hammer machine, and the dagger's blade was sharpened with a grinder.

Of course, the value of the item was poor.

[Iron Dagger]

-Rank: Normal

-Attack power: 8

-Item value: 64,332 gold

Considering the cost of 3 iron ore is 60,000 gold, it is a business that leaves 4,000 gold for each, but because it is supplied in large quantities to kitchen knife suppliers, it was only 2,000 gold that fell to Jun-woo.

2,000 gold was the same as 2,000 won, and Jun-woo made 50 iron daggers every day.

He earned a ridiculously small amount of money compared to when he worked, but earning money was something to think about after the quest.

As time passed, Jun-woo reached the point where he had to make one more iron dagger to complete the quest.

He wanted to make it himself to give it meaning, but Jun-woo just made a dull blade with a grinder.

He wanted to know the end of this absurd quest given to him even for a second.

[The iron dagger has been completed.]

[You have completed the quest 'Iron Ore Master.']

As soon as it was completed, the text by the system appeared in front of his eyes.

[You can choose a mechanic job as a reward for the quest 'Iron Ore Master.']

An interface with a brilliant golden border vastly appeared in front of him.


Class: Legendary

Description: Machines throughout your crafting have helped you.
So you can get this job.
This profession applies scientifc theories to systems to create useful objects for modern society.

[Are you sure you want to change jobs?]

Jun-woo's job was the lowest level job that 70% of the world's population had, while the job with the normal rank was a job with only four people counting around the world.

The system's question was a bit absurd, but there was no reason to refuse, so Jun-woo answered directly in his mind.

[Occupation has been changed to 'Mechanic']

[All stats are increased by ten due to class improvement.]

It was the last system phrase that didn't appear anymore.

As if somewhat surprised, Jun-woo's mouth did not close.

Although he was hoping for a promotion, the goal Jun-woo had dreamed of was Epic.

However, it was a legend that could not even be compared with Epic.

[Occupation: Mechanic]

Class: Legendary

Description: You can apply scientifc theories to a system to create objects useful in modern society.

Passive: Removes ore crafting penalty from mechanical aids.

There was one passive efect attached to the job.

That meant that he could now make high-quality products even with the help of machines.

'Legendary class job…
… .'

Maybe it was the frst time in Korea.

Jun-woo stopped working and sat down on the old sofa with the skin covered with iron powder.

On the table in front of the sofa, cup noodles and piles of garbage were piled up.

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Jun-woo sat on the sofa and stared blankly into the air.

'Now what do I do…
… .'

Delivery of iron daggers ended yesterday.

The 90 million won debt had long since been liquidated.

If promotion was made as a quest reward, there must have been a lot of things I wanted to do, but I couldn't clearly remember what it was.

First, Jun-woo opened the skill window to check what skills the existing skills were changed to.

[Lv.1 auxiliary robot creation]

-Rank: Legendary+

-Active: You can create a secondary robot to help you craft it.

Craftable list: Blacksmith Robot x1 [Material consumption]
As if it was a good skill, there was a + that was one step higher than the grade of the job.
Jun-woo checked the ingredients.
[Blacksmith Robot Material]

Iron Ore x 1,000

Titanium x 100

Adamantium x10

Lesser Magical Stone x 1

There were simply three types of normal, magic, rare ores, and magic stone used as a material, but the price was not cheap.

‘Isn’t this about 100 million?'

One hundred0 million in skill use, the efect was still unknown.

Currently, the blacksmith robot is x1.
Maybe if the skill level is raised, it can become x2, and he wondered if it would be possible to create another robot.

Gold is required to raise the skill level, but in the case of Unique, 5 billion gold was required to increase the skill level from level 1 to level 2.

When raising the 3rd level from the 2nd level, it was 10 billion, which is 5 billion more.

In the case of the legend, there was a saying that it was 40 billion from the beginning, but he has to check whether it is true or not.

[Not enough gold.
You need 40 billion gold to raise the 'Generate Auxiliary Robot' skill.]

So, the cost of raising the skill to level 10, the maximum level, was 1.8 trillion won.

It was unimaginable for Jun-woo, who had less than 300 million won with all the items, to raise his skill level.

However, it is not necessary to raise the skill level by spending gold.

Time is weak, and the skill level rises according to the accumulation of experience points.

The only problem is that it takes a long time.

Jun-woo confrmed the following skills.

[Lv.1 Quality Improvement]

-Rank: Legendary

-Passive: When crafting, increase the item's value by 3%.

It was a skill in which the options were calibrated to increase the item's value.

His skill is level 20, so there are only two skills.

He can get one job skill every ten levels, and he can learn a skill through the skill book every 20 levels.

After checking the skill, Jun-woo felt something strange.

It was the memory of the job involved.

He'd heard that usually, when he gets a job, the memories associated with it permeate.

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If he gets a job as a swordsman, his battle-related memories will permeate inside him, and he will be able to handle the sword better, and in the case of a wizard, he will learn how to handle magic better.

But strangely, no memory permeated inside him.

Not only that, but he was also level 20.

When the promotion of the job grade occurred, the level was usually raised to some extent.

There were even cases where the student went up to the maximum level at once with a low academic rate.

On the other hand, Jun-woo did not go up to level 1.

It is a rare case that the level did not rise even by one, and people called this case a growth-type promotion.

Unlike the max level promotion, the growth type promotion has a better advantage if you can raise the level to the max level because you can expect a reward through a quest every ten levels.

However, people hoped for a full-level promotion if promoted.
This is because it is not easy to reach their highest level, and it takes a long time depending on the deviation.

In any case, Jun-woo's job was legendary, and the level would go up without stopping until he reached level 120, and he had to raise the level.

'First… Shall we start with this?'

To use the auxiliary robot creation skill, close to 100 million dollars would be consumed.

There was no such thing as 100 million dollars.

Because He'd been struggling

However, the things that could be called property were being worn as items, so I did not know how many of them would have to be sold to save 100 million dollars.

Jun-woo opened the equipment window he was wearing and picked out what to sell.

Using the neighborhood market, an app that arranges transactions on a provincial level, Jun-woo posted his ring and necklace.

While waiting for a call, he made an iron dagger that he always made.

The iron was hammered with a hammer machine, and the blade was sharpened with a grinder.

In the beginning, he did it to save time, so he didn't care about the value, but now it's diferent.

Even with the help of the machine, there was no longer a penalty from the system.

[Iron Dagger]

-Attack power: 15

-Rank: Normal

-Item value: 95,030 gold

The proft generated by the same item was eight times higher.

Jun-woo felt confused.

‘I don't have to worry about money…'

The promotion seemed to generate huge profts.

Jun-woo looked around and organized the ramen containers on the table.

The interior was then neatly cleaned with iron dust.

Jun-woo, who fnished cleaning and went home, took a shower and pondered.

'Should I raise my level?'

There was a saying that the level is like a thug.

A level 20 legend had similar stats to the level 30 magic.

However, his memories and legendary skills obtained through job change were diferent, but in the case of Jun-woo, there was no memory permeated to him, neither skill nor combat skill.

At any time along the way, if he got caught up in the crack, he would surely die.

'Change the items to good ones…
… .'

Jun-woo decided to focus on raising his level and making money.

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He got a text message on his phone telling him to buy the posted item.

Jun-woo headed straight to Yongsan, the largest exchange in Seoul.

Yongsan Exchange, the largest trading place in Korea, was an area under the management of the largest Daehan Guild in Korea.

Jun-woo, wearing his magic imbued iron equipment, got of the subway.

The armor, boots, and gloves made of iron are not inconvenient to use.

Even if it was an iron item, the item was as thin as leather, and it was soft enough that it would not be uncomfortable to sleep on it.

And when these equipment items are attacked, they show an efect equal to their defense power.

Because of that, people wearing various items of equipment rather than regular clothes walked around Yongsan Station.

There were a lot of people wearing good-looking items.

Jun-woo, a blacksmith, went to the meeting place, scanning the items.

When the person who had taken his equipment for a photo came in wearing the same equipment, Jun-woo raised his hand.

The two met, and a trade window was opened, and a trade was made according to the item's value

When he sold the two rings and a necklace, he got even closer to 100 million won.

Jun-woo searched for materials scattered around Yongsan and additionally found a magic stone.

The price diference was not large, but there was a place that sold them even 0.1% cheaper, so he went there and bought the ore.

So he waited at the building entrance to meet the person he would meet to buy a lower-level magic stone.

“Are you a magic crystal buyer?”

“Yes, that is correct.”

“Nice to meet you.
My name is Material Merchant Walker.”

Jun-woo, who suddenly grabbed his outstretched hand, shook his hand once.

“Here is my business card.”

He was probably in his mid-20s, a tall, good-looking man.

Jun-woo, who received the gold business card, glanced at the business card once.

Before the system was implemented, the value of gold was quite high, but now it is just a shiny stone.

“Are you a blacksmith?”

In a way, it was kind of like that.

“Yeah, why…?”

“You’re a young blacksmith, if you use Magic Stone, you are probably at least making an epic item, but it looks like you’re good at it.
Do you take any crafting requests?”

“I don’t think as of now… I am in the process of producing.”

Walker glanced at Jun-woo once and asked.

“Umm, have you just been promoted?”

There were several promotions, but there was no need to respond.

He is not used to talking to people, and he wants to use his skills quickly.

“Um… If you made a deal then…”

“Ah, sorry, I was presumptuous.
I am Ma Jeong-seok.”

When the deal was made, Walker nodded.

“Nice to meet you.
I wish you good luck.”

Jun-woo slightly bowed his head and hurriedly left the Yongsan Exchange.

Now that he has purchased all the materials needed to use the Legend + skill, he can fnally try it.

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