Jun-woo, imbued with the vast knowledge of an alchemist, was convinced that if he studied a little, he could apply it.

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So, I started studying.


Jun-woo’s grades in elementary school weren’t wrong.


After middle school, I slept in class, so my grades were terrible, but I was so proud that my memory was good.


In addition, the trait ‘seeker’ or alchemist’s knowledge made me feel better.


Jun-woo read a book in a noisy workplace.


[Intellect increased by 1 by the attribute.]


And on the first, second, or third day, I got a call from the construction wizard.


Jun-woo ran to the construction site.


“Once you enter through this site, you can go inside.”


Junwoo and the construction wizard went down through the long passageway connected to the vent.


The two walked side by side, illuminating the interior with a portable lamp.


“I polished the stones and polished them a little.”


Stones as shiny as white marble formed a square.


“Protecting the entire wall has been completed.
It’s safe even if Meteor falls.
You might sweat a little when you break through the door.”


“You did a great job.”


“The work tools and furniture you requested are on the other side of the wall.
Here is the receipt.”


The crater and furniture that Jun-woo had requested in advance were located at the end of one wall.


It was cumbersome to bring it in later, so I put it in beforehand.


“Thank you.”


“Are there any other requests?”


“Yes, it is neat and nice.”


“Then I will finish work on the two vents and work so that no one can walk around.
Let’s go out first.”




Jun-woo climbed up the vent.
The construction wizard followed.


“If you work now, you won’t be able to even get in here.
Are you okay?”




“We will finish the two vents naturally so that they are as inconspicuous as possible.
I think the work will be finished by the end of today.”


“Thank you.”


The next day after paying the balance, Jun-woo moved the studio there.


Jun-woo, who moved from the ground to the underground using the location change, released three robots.


A semi-permanent lamp made by an alchemist was attached to the ceiling.


A large fan was installed in the vent.


Although it is a ventilator that runs on electricity, Jun-woo used it because he could make electricity with a magic stone battery.


This was also an item made by an alchemist.
It was an item that changed the mana energy in the magic crystal into electrical power.


However, this item is rarely used.


Electricity is cheaper than magic stone, so it is not practical unless used outdoors.


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Jun-woo installed three craters at each location and placed an extended workbench behind them.


After diligently moving around, the workspace was completed.


The underground workshop was spacious enough to overflow with space even with that.


Jun-woo said while pouring water into something like a drum.


“Come on, let’s start over.’


Charcoal was put in the crater, and a flame was ignited.


The heat in the underground workshop rose rapidly.


Jun-woo left the work and moved to the top.


There was a small house built right above the forest road.


It was an ordinary house with only a desk, a chair, and a bed.


Jun-woo sat at his desk, opened his bag, took out a book, and read.


The name of the book was ‘Basics of Mechanical Engineering.


I was reading a book for a while when the phone rang.




“This is the Blacksmith Association, the one I visited the other day… ….”


I had promised to go after the Quest.


How did he know his personal number? It seemed like he was really going to investigate?


“Oh, yes, hello.”


“Are you still on the quest?”


“Tomorrow, I will prepare and leave by 1:00.”


“Thank you! Then I will see you at the entrance of the Seoul branch.”


Jun-woo accidentally made an appointment, and while thinking about what to make tomorrow, he chose the sword he was most confident in.


The next day, Jun-woo visited the Blacksmith’s Association as promised.




As soon as I entered the entrance, the staff waited for Jun-woo.


Jun-woo entered the studio under his guidance.


Several craters were arranged at regular intervals in the studio.


There were several chairs on the wall, and various people, from middle-aged to old people, were sitting there.


They talked for a while, and when Jun-woo came in, they stopped talking and looked at Jun-woo.


They all had splendid forearms.


Jun-woo looked at them and asked the guide.


“Who are they?”


“Ah, um… Supervisors.”


There were five supervisors.


Junwoo was the only person taking the test.


But Jun-woo knew that they were not supervisors.


The old man sitting in the middle was the president of the Blacksmith’s Association.


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Perhaps they were the Blacksmith’s Association officials who came to watch over them.


“Can I start right away?”


“Ah… Yes, you can start after showing me the recipe to make.”




Jun-woo showed the heavy sword in the rare recipe that he brought.


The staff widened their eyes.


The blacksmith certification exam method is as follows.


First of all, the blacksmith who took the test had to bring two items that were a great success through crafting.


Bring an item with two great successes, bring a recipe with the same grade like that, and start making it in front of the supervisor.


After that, if the item value was improved by more than 5%, a certificate was given to it.


“Rare… Is it correct to test with the recipe?”


“Yes, that is correct.”


Jun-woo, who is at level 54, cannot create top-level epics.


I haven’t tried it, but it definitely won’t work.


So, I have prepared a rare recipe that can be easily and quickly succeeded, and even if I passed the test with this, I was able to become a third-class blacksmith.


One of them, the supervisor, got up from his seat and shouted.


“Are you kidding me now? Bring the rare recipe?”


Jun-woo looked at him and asked.


“Isn’t it okay?”


“Of course not.
Do you think we’re here to make a rare recipe or just watch it?”


“Why are you together?”




He was speechless and looked at Jun-woo as if to kill him.


“Heh heh heh, please sit down.”


The supervisor stood up at the president’s words and sat down in the center.


He was an old man in his 70s with a white beard on his chin.


“Hey, may I ask why you brought the rare recipe? Because we know you’re the mastermind behind Epic’s top tier.”


“I am a little too sensitive.
If someone approaches or watches, you can’t show your skills.”


“Heh heh heh… There are more cases like that.
Sensitive blacksmiths… Okay, where to start.
I’ll take that into consideration and watch it.”


Jun-woo went to the fire pit, put charcoal in it, and started a fire.


The crater’s heat was raised through the bellows, and titanium was added when the heat was ripe.


Titanium heated up.


Jun-woo took out the heated titanium with tongs and tapped it with a hammer.




Junwoo’s strength was not low compared to his Level.
Because there were 30 all-stat rewards.


However, since his intelligence was very high, Jun-woo borrowed mana from the hammer and struck it down.




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A soft blue hammer struck the stretched titanium.


If you borrow mana and hit it, your mana will decrease, but you can see the effect of increasing your attack power.


At that sight, the five people who were sitting as supervisors roared.


“Are you hitting with mana?”


“Did that guy have his intellect?”


“It’s not impossible, but… Do you have enough mana while crafting?”


It was close enough to hear all the buzzing, but Jun-woo didn’t mind and went to work.


Smash! Smash! Smash!


“Certainly… It’s a good rhythm.”


“There is no fluctuation even with a certain mana.”


“You are skilled for your young age.”


They could immediately recognize Jun-woo’s ability as a captain.


The method of giving power was different from other blacksmiths.
Still, only skillful movements were the appearance of a first-class blacksmith.


Forging was continued to create the shape of the sword.


The bellows were used, so the crater’s heat did not cool down, and titanium was put back at an appropriate temperature.


Smash! Smash! Smash!


The molded sword was carefully placed in the loess water from the blade part.


Pushing the hardened sword with both hands, he ground the sword on the whetstone.




Jun-woo closed one eye and raised his sword to examine the blade closely.


I could tell by looking at the blade which way to grind.


That’s how a blade was made on the sword.


The sword’s blade was finished, and finally, the wood was cut to make the handle.


When the carved handle was inserted into the sheet, which is the sword’s handle, the sword was completed with black color.


Although it was rare, the item was given the name Shining.


It was a great success.


“It’s over.
Who can take the test?”


“I am.
Would you like to share it and show it to everyone?”


The president of the association stepped in.


“All right.”


Jun-woo approached the president of the association and opened a trading window.


Two shiny, Epic items and a rare item made by Junwoo were uploaded in the transaction window.


All producers were named Lewis.


And a red pattern was drawn around the name.


Systematically, the names could be the same, but the patterns could not be the same.


No matter how many times I checked, it was clear that all three items were from the same maker.


“Obviously, it’s all your creations.”

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“But the ones made on-site are rare, President of the Association.”


The association’s president stroked his beard at the supervisor’s words, who was angry with Jun-woo.


“This is the first time this has happened.
The two created are Epic, and the one presented here is Rare.
Whether it’s a 3rd grade or a 2nd grade, I would like everyone to give their opinions.”


“Even so, it’s third grade.
Follow the rules.”


That blacksmith seemed to have a crush on Jun-woo.


But the other three disagreed.


“The two jackpots we’ve made are top-notch epics.
I wonder if I can keep mana even when refining Adamantium, but I think it’s okay to give it a 2nd grade.”


“It’s second grade.
I definitely have the skills.”


“I have to understand that I am susceptible during production.”


They treated Jun-woo generously.


Not surprisingly, they knew how blacksmiths had to survive.


It’s cooperation.
They gave strength to their necks because they were all working together.


If Junwoo did individual actions without joining the association with such trivial qualifications, there was no regret for them as much as that.


The president of the association knew it well.


“Then, it seems that the decision was made to the second grade by a majority vote.”


It was not a bad result for Junwoo, who came to pick the 3rd grade.


“Thank you.”


“Now that you have been officially issued a certificate, will you join the association?”


Please take good care of me, seniors.”


When Jun-woo bowed his head to greet them, they smiled, satisfied.


One of them, who was looking at Jun-woo with a face that he did not like, relaxed his expression and held out his hand first.


“I don’t like the fact that I brought the rare recipe, but I’ll keep an eye on him because he’s a good friend.
I am Chan-Seok Jeong.”


Chan-Seok Jeong was a Grade Epic+ Blacksmith, an executive of the association, and a member of the Gold Coin Guild.


“I will leave it up to you.”


He would have to pay the association fee for the second grade, but it did not burden Junwoo at all.


“This is Lee Myung-soo.”


They introduced themselves one by one, and Jun-woo held their outstretched hand.


The Blacksmith’s Association was the most influential in Korea.


Next, there was the Tailoring Association, which made leather clothes and robes.
The Jewelers Association, the Manufacturing Association that made potions, and the Alchemists Association, followed by the Alchemists Association.


Their individual strength may be weak.


However, once they form a group, no guild can touch them.


Suppose all association members do not receive a boycott or production request for a specific guild.
In that case, there is no place in Korea where they can leave their belongings.


Because, from the Epic+ recipe, only the recipes they picked have a silvery light, members of the association did not receive a proxy request that did not have a silvery glow.


So, the guilds never touched the production association members.


In particular, the blacksmiths who could make the most weapons and armor using minerals did not even touch it.


“Welcome to being a member.”


“Thank you, President, of the Association.”

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