e? The gate fee will be applied for activities within the gate for more than 20% of the week.”


“Maybe both.
I don’t know how.”


“Then, after applying the gate security fee, the district security fee will be reduced if it does not exceed 20% of the usage time.”


“Yes, what is the fee?”


“It also depends on your experience.
To give a rough explanation based on the 24-hour local security standard, among those registered with our company, those with 3 or more years of experience earn about 35 million a week, and those with 2 or more years of experience.
You can think of it as 30 million silver, 25 million gold for more than one year, and 20 million gold for those under one year.
The value of durability that is damaged in battle must be compensated by the client.”


If you have experience, the price goes up.


“I want to hire two people with more than one year of experience.”


“Is there no other job group you want?”


After thinking for a while, Jun-woo said.


“I think it would be good for someone who focuses on agility.”


“Many people are looking for quick and agile bodyguards, so the price is about 5% higher.
Are you okay?”




It felt like an extra charge was added to the additional cost.


“Thank you for waiting.
Fortunately, two agility-related swordsmen are about the level 80 you are looking for.
One has security experience at level 80, 6 months, and 9 months twice.
The other is level 76, 7 months, and 8 months.
Do you have a history of protecting yourself? Is it okay if I match you with these two?”

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“Now I have to write a contract, and I have to meet you in person for this part.
I need to make an appointment with the two bodyguards and the contract-related staff.
When is it convenient?”


“The fastest.”


“Where are you located?”


“This is Seoul.”


“I have to pay 200,000 gold for a business trip to write the contract.
Can you negotiate the time after writing the contract? I will call your account number, so can you deposit it?”




“Once the deposit is confirmed, I will set up a time and contact you as soon as possible.”


When I deposited the money, I got a text confirming that it was established.


[Payment has been confirmed, I will contact you in the afternoon.]


There was plenty of time until the afternoon.


Jun-woo took a deep breath and took out a book from the item window.


[Book of Alchemist Change]


-Class: Unique


-Effect: You can become a unique class alchemist.


-Item value: 50,000,000,000 gold


In the case of Jun-woo, the system informed me because it was legendary.


[If you use the Book of Alchemist Change, your job will not change, and only the knowledge related to the Alchemist will be acquired through this book.
Do you still want to use it?]


Bind items could not be traded.


Instead, if you go to the gold shop, you could sell it for 100%.


No matter what knowledge it contained, Jun-woo opened the book, hoping it would be worth 50 billion gold.


A clear light permeated the book.


The book disintegrated, turned into powder of light, and mysteriously flew into Jun-woo’s forehead.


Junwoo closed his eyes.


Alchemy began as a study to convert iron ore into ore higher than adamantium.


As a result, it failed, but the alchemists made many inventions using the ore and made many advances in chemistry.


The knowledge related to it flooded Jun-woo’s mind like a water wave.


Using mana to move the iron, mana to strengthen iron, how auto mails, mechanical golems, etc.
are made, and what materials are mixed to make what was created, etc., was enormous and vast knowledge.


It felt like I knew them from the beginning.


Junwoo slowly opened his eyes and looked out the window.


‘This… It must have been a pity.’


‘Should I sell?’ It was helpful knowing that I was stupid, and I thought it would greatly help my future production activities.


And looking at the promotion stone in the item window, I remembered what the goblin had said.


‘I’ve been searching all my life… ….’


The promotion stone was like the dream material sought by chemical alchemists.


There is no way to use it right now, but the day will come when it will be necessary.


Jun-woo opened the quest window in gratitude for the alchemist goblin’s gift.

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[Shooting practice]


– Description: You have acquired skills related to firearms.
It looks like it needs some practice.
Grab your weapons and hunt monsters.


-How to: Before reaching level 50, catch 1,000 giant bees with firearms.


-Reward: [Bonus stat +10] [Skill: Fire Master’s level +1]


Since he is currently level 48, he had to start hunting in a hurry.
Still, now that he has more than 10 billion won, Jun-woo enjoyed shopping with great effort before going hunting.


[Warrior’s Armor]


-Rank: Epic


-Classification: Armor [Plate]


-Durability: 140/500


-Defense: 40


*Increases HP by 160


*Increases defense by 10


Item Value: 16,972,110 gold


If the armor you are wearing is the same as above.


[Ice Witch’s Robe]


-Rank: Epic+


-Classification: Armor [Robe]


-Durability: 500/ 500


-Defense: 49


*Increases health by 245


*25% chance to reduce damage by 53 when hit


*50% chance to reduce damage by 26 when hit


-Item value: 1,984,700,410 gold


This was what Jun-woo wanted to buy.


The equipment includes sheet metal, leather, and robes, and the defense and options are almost the same.


The difference is that if you wear sheet metal, your defense increases.
If you wear leather, your attack power increases, and if you wear robes, your magic power rises.


So, if it was a magic plate, the defense increased by 2, and if it was rare, it was 3.
Epic war 4, and Epic+ was 5.


Jun-woo found the rest of the gloves and shoes in the Epic+ Robe series.


The firepower of the revolver was related to magical power, so I was planning to wear a robe.


And to implement the plan, Jun-woo bought items one by one at a cafe in Yongsan.


5 billion was spent on armor, gloves, and shoes.


It cost 3 billion won to buy two rings, a necklace, and a bracelet.


The weapon was pictured with the idea of making a pistol soon.


The 10 billion won was almost gone in one day, but Jun-woo was very satisfied.


I definitely felt a sense of reassurance just by changing the item.


Now it is time to enjoy this reassuring feeling and process the quest quickly.


With a bodyguard and another person.

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