his hair.


“Hey, hey, come to your senses.
You have to make it.”


“Whoa… What’s going on?”




He slapped his cheek again.


It was a mind-bending shock.


“Where are you sighing? You’re a cheating bastard.”


“What a scam.”


“If Saggy, who didn’t even get a license, pretended to be an Epic Blacksmith, what would it be if it wasn’t a scam?”


“I never cheated or tried to cheat, did I? It’s not the test day yet, so I just haven’t gotten it.”


“Are you saying that a scammer is cheating? Hey! You bastard didn’t go to high school?”


Kim Chang-Seok answered with a smile.


“I didn’t go to high school, so I only made kitchen knives and sold them.”


“After all, you’re an under-educated bastard, so you’re cheating.
Didn’t you tell me if you saw it, Chang Seok-ah?”


“I guess so.
I saw it a while ago.”


“Today, I need to educate myself because this bastard is a hawk.”


Jun-woo did not understand them.


“As it was in middle school and now, can’t you just leave me alone?”


“You try to cheat and see how shameless you are?”


Actually, it wasn’t the morale that was the problem.
It was self-esteem that was the problem.


Lee Seong-Cheol knew that Jun-woo was an Epic blacksmith and even apologized by breaking his pride.


I was so angry that I felt like I was being made fun of by a lowly normal person.


“I’ll remind you of some old memories today.”


Seong-Cheol Lee grabbed Jun-woo’s hair and pulled him.


Jun-woo’s body fell from the bed and fell to the floor.


Kim Chang-Seok laughed at the sight.


“Kuuk, that bastard, there’s someone else to cheat, don’t we know you?”


Lee Seong-Cheol untied his hair, looked down at Jun-woo, and kicked Jun-woo’s stomach with his leg.




Jun-woo’s body flew off, hit the wall, and fell on the bed.


Lee Seong-Cheol suddenly felt puzzled.


It felt like it didn’t seem like Seong-cheol’s body.

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“Be gentle, Seong-Cheol-ah.
Your stomach is going to explode.”


“This kid… It’s better than looking at the item.”


Lee Seong-Cheol thought that the item was good.


Jun-woo sighed and looked at them alternately in front of him.


“Are you really okay? You will definitely regret it.”


“Seong-Cheol, do you think that bastard is really out of his mind?”


“So, you need to be educated properly.”


When Lee Seong-Cheol posed as if he was about to hit Jun-woo with his fist, Jun-woo took out his revolver.


“I’ll ask you again, are you really okay?”


“It’s ridiculous.
Shoot it, even if it’s a unique weapon, it’s rare if you guys have it, you bastard, shoot it.”


Kim Chang-Seok laughed.


“It’s a toy gun.
Did you buy it for self-defense with the money you earned? Are you really clueless? What level is Seong-Cheol, with that… ….”


Jun-woo’s gun was directed at Kim Chang-Seok.


Mana was infused, and the revolver was pulled.




Kim Chang-Seok could not dodge and be hit on the forehead and fell right behind him.


“ね… … .”


The friend who followed watched it with a surprised face, and what surprised me the most was Lee Chang-Seok.


“What, you?”


The revolver’s attack power far exceeded expectations.


It was an attack power that the level had to support.


Or maybe the revolver is a unique high-end gun.


Jun-woo’s gun was aimed at Lee Seong-Cheol.




Lee Seong-Cheol hastily blocked it with the gauntlet.
And as he was about to open his fist, Jun-woo twisted and charged through the window.


Here on the 6th floor, Jun-woo’s body fell quickly.


As he fell, he somehow managed to balance and touch the ground from the soles of his feet.




Jun-woo, who landed on the floor, pointed the revolver at the window.
Lee Seong-Cheol was also coming down through the window.




Seong-Cheol Lee blocked it with his gauntlet and fell.


As soon as it fell, Lee Seong-Cheol swung his fist.


Jun-woo’s body was pushed to the back by the back moving.


Bang! Ting!


He blocked the bullet with the gauntlet, but the tingling sensation came as a sufficient shock.


“This bastard!”


Lee Seong-cheol’s legs swelled up.


The speed was a little faster.




Seong-Cheol Lee tilted his head to avoid the bullet, fiercely followed him, and clenched his fists.


As Jun-woo jumped, his fists split open air.


Jun-woo looked down at Lee Seong-Cheol and aimed his gun in the air.


Lee Seong-Cheol kicked the ground and ran towards Jun-woo.



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A bullet was lodged in Lee Seong-cheol’s shoulder, but the speed did not slow down.


And when the distance between them met in the air, Lee Seong-cheol’s waist quickly turned and struck Jun-woo’s body.


He blocked it with his elbow, but Jun-woo’s body flew in the opposite direction with the impact.




Its body slammed against the outer wall of the building as it was, smashing the protective fence to some extent.


“Is it a fight?”


“Let’s take a look.”


“It would be fun.”


People passing by showed interest in seeing Jun-woo falling from the wall.


At that time, Seong-Cheol Lee ran fiercely.




Seong-Cheol Lee dodged the bullet, stepped on the wall of the building as the ground, jumped up, and fired blazing fire fists.




There was a hole in the wall behind Jun-woo, and Jun-woo rolled to the side and ran.


I saw Lee Seong-Cheol running and throwing a dropkick when I turned around.


‘To avoid… ….’


As if that was a skill, the flying speed was fast.


He would have avoided it if he had been a little quicker in his judgment, but Jun-woo’s mind was walking in a haze.




Due to the dropkick on his back, Jun-woo’s body flew forward and rolled to the floor.


Lee Seong-Cheol, who soared up, sat down and took Jun-woo’s torso down with his knees.




“Ugh… ….”


Lee Seong-cheol first fell straight down towards Jun-woo’s head.




In shock, Jun-woo’s head was buried in the ground and smashed.


His body was crushed by Lee Seong-Cheol.


The perfect best position was lost.


Also, for fighters.


He tried to shake him off by force, but Lee Seong-cheol’s body was quite heavy.


It gave strength to the whole body with mana and increased the weight to endure it.


Junwoo had neither the strength to escape nor the skill.


However, Lee Seong-Cheol clenched his fists and looked down at Jun-woo with a bewildered face.


The stopped fist did not come down.


“You… What? Did you really get promoted to Epic?”


In the midst of this, Lee Seong-Cheol seemed to be necessary.


Jun-woo, with blood on his lips, burst into laughter.


“Now that I’m an Epic, what does that have to do with you?”


The Epic Blacksmith was a talent sought by Lee Seong-cheol’s guild.


If Jun-woo joined the guild on Lee Seong-cheol’s recommendation, Lee Seong-Cheol could be promoted to one more level within the guild.


But that wasn’t the problem.


If Jun-woo joined the Blacksmith’s Association and was active, and the Blacksmith’s Association boycotted his guild, he was expelled from the guild.


Touching an outstanding blacksmith was taboo for any guild.


But because of his excitement, things had already happened, and it was too late to put it down.


‘Fuck… ….’

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