[Level has risen.]

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Jun-woo slept there too, and when he woke up, his Level went up.

‘Captain… … .’

Thanks to the production made by Captain the Robot, Jun-woo’s Level has risen.

[Level has risen.]

[Intellect increased by 1 by the attribute.]

However, the speed at which the Level went up was fast.
It seemed that it wasn’t just the production fault.

[Level has risen.]

[Intellect increased by 1 by the attribute.]

Now that he was interpreting and understanding the door’s structure and turning my head, it felt like the unmarked experience points were going up hard.

This was the 6th day since Jun-woo, level 45, came in here.

“after… … .”

“Uh, how are you? Did it happen?”

“Please take it back slowly.”


When instructed to turn it back in a few days, Kim Deok-Cheol got excited and grabbed the handle.



All the gears went into the empty place.

As a result, all gears meshed and turned.

But he just went back, and the door didn’t move.

“continue… Shall I turn?”

“no… … .”

It was Jun-woo with a throbbing head.

The only food left was 3 Sylphid Fruits.
Water is supplied indefinitely, but I did not know how long I would be able to survive on only water.

The reward was pretty good.

I had to open it before I lost my mind somehow.

Soothing his hungry stomach with water, Jun-woo looked at the gears.

As time passed, Jun-woo took out the last remaining sylphid fruit to share with Kim Deok-Cheol.

“Is that the last one?”

“Yeah… … .”

“You eat… It’s okay to eat this without worry… … .”

“It’s okay.”

“No, I have enough water.”

Kim Deok-Cheol walked to drink water.

Jun-woo wrestled in front of the door, and Kim Deok-Cheol grabbed his hungry stomach and went to sleep.

[Level has risen.]

I had to go out and do the quest before I reached level 46 or 50, but the Level was no longer a concern.

More time passed.

[Level has risen.]

I didn’t know how much time I spent drinking only water.

As Jun-woo thought about solving the door, Kim Deok-Cheol, suddenly angry, shouted.

“Damn it! Destroying it isn’t the way, is it?”

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Jun-woo nodded at Kim Deok-cheol’s question.


Then, suddenly, he started crying and apologized to Jun-woo.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to come… Really sorry.”

Maybe it was because he only drank water, but it was Kim Deok-Cheol whose emotions were getting worse.

“It’s okay, so take a break.
I will open it.”

“Please, I beg you, I don’t even want any compensation.
Just open the door, and you will do it.
I really don’t need one.
So, please… I can’t die like this.”

“Don’t worry.”

“Thank you, and I’m sorry.
Wouldn’t it be better for me to be quiet in the back?”


“Ugh, sorry… … .”

Kim Deok-Cheol went back and sat down to see Jun-woo’s back and fell asleep.

Jun-woo, who had been wrestling alone for a while, grabbed the steering wheel instead of sleeping Kim Deok-Cheol.

and turned

The gears meshed together, but the door still didn’t move.

Only the gear turned.

My head was pounding.

‘Damn producer… Why is it so complicated to move one door like this… a stupid child.
I wouldn’t make it this way.’

Jun-woo, who had some understanding of the structure, resented the creator of this door.

For a moment, Jun-woo was puzzled.

‘I’d rather make it… … .’

The woodblocks were enough.

All you have to do is remove the parts you don’t need and make a new one.

It seemed like it could be enough.

Jun-woo, crazy about his thoughts, began to pull out the gears.


Unnecessary gears fell on the floor.

tutu tu tuk

Deok-Cheol Kim woke up to wooden gears falling on the floor.


When he saw Jun-woo with the gears removed, he suddenly lost sleep.

“What, what! What are you doing!”

“This is fine.”

“What is better! A-are you crazy?”

“I will make a new one.

Kim Deok-cheol did not understand.

I doubted whether Jun-woo had given up out of desperation.

“What are you going to make? We don’t have any food, so we can survive for several days with water, so when will we make a new one? Rather break it, do you know? It’s a door that doesn’t matter.”

Kim Deok-Cheol drew his sword and approached.

“Let’s break it.
That might be the answer.”

“Don’t touch it.
It’s falling out.
If the shaft connected to the door is damaged, it’s really over.”

“What is an axis? I can’t give up.
Let’s break it, let’s break it!”

Mana gathered in Kim Deok-cheol’s sword.

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Kim Deok-Cheol approached as if he was about to hit the door with that sword.


“If you move one more step, the next step is your head.”

“Hey, I can’t die like this!”

Kim Deok-Cheol approached the door and tried to lower his sword.


The bullet struck Kim Deok-Cheol precisely in the temple.

His head bounced, and Kim Deok-cheol’s body fell to the side.

Kim Deok-Cheol, bleeding from his temple, got up and looked at Jun-woo, biting his teeth.

“D-did you really shoot? really!”

Jun-woo pointed to the revolver and said coldly.

“Getaway, shut up.”

Kim Deok-Cheol swallowed dry saliva at Jun-woo’s eyes.

It was cold.
It was dark and deep.

If I didn’t step back, a fear that would really kill me came flooding in.

“Um, I’m sorry… I’m sorry… … .”

“Getaway, far away.
Don’t come near me until I call you.”

“Please… … .”

Kim Deok-Cheol walked to the back for a while.

As he looked at the skeleton’s corpse, his eyes reddened at the thought that it might be his future.

‘honey… Doyeon-ah… Mom… … .’

Blood flowed from his temples and tears from his eyes.

In that state, Kim Deok-Cheol fell asleep again.

Jun-woo was distracted by cutting woodblocks.
The size was also excellent.

10 times the size of the gear that made up it was enough.
However, the size has been reduced according to the necessary parts.

‘Something like this… … .’

There were too many unnecessary parts.

It was a door made intricately using thousands of useless ultra-precision gears.

Jun-woo did not stop trimming the tree.

And when Kim Deok-Cheol woke up and approached carefully, he saw a door with a strange structure that was not in front of him.

Massive gears were all over the place.

I was skeptical at first.

I wanted to ask, but I couldn’t get to him.

He seemed to have made them without even sleeping.

Kim Deok-Cheol moistened his stomach with water and leaned against the wall like a honey-eaten dumbass, watching Jun-woo endlessly.

After several hours had passed, when the cracks in the door were no longer visible, Jun-woo walked towards the steering wheel.

“I’ll open it.”

“Huh? Yes… … .”

There was no great expectation, but Kim Deok-Cheol watched without a word.

If it didn’t open this time, I was prepared to die, thinking of breaking the door.

The handle turned.

The big and small gears turned all at once.

‘Also… … .’

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Interlocking gears transmitted power all the way to the end.

‘Aside from breaking… … .’


The door slipped, and dust rose from the floor.

Kim Deok-cheol’s eyes widened as he saw the gap.

Kim Deok-Cheol took a step closer.

The door opens more and more, one person, no, two people.
No, there was enough space to fit dozens of people at once.

“It’s done, it’s done! Haha, ha!”

Kim Deok-Cheol approached and hugged Jun-woo.

“Thanks! Thank you so much… … .”

Tears welled up in my eyes at the thought of being able to see my family I never thought I would see.

“Thank you for your effort.”

“You did all the hard work… … .”

“Shall we go?”

“Yes… … .”

Jun-woo entered through the door.

Kim Deok-Cheol followed.

After a while, a silver wall stopped them.

The words were engraved on the silver iron wall.

[197 hours 34 minutes 32 seconds.
The way to open the door is wrong, but the door is open, so I’ll drop you a golden box.]

When Jun-woo saw the words, he wanted to have a conversation with him.

[There are two participants, and their contribution is as follows.]

97% came to Jun-woo’s head.
On the other hand, 3% appeared above Kim Deok-cheol’s head.

“It’s 3%.
This is so… I’m embarrassed.”

[As a reward, the discoverer will be rewarded with 10 bonus stats and 1 advanced magic stone.]

“nice! It’s a high-level Magical Stone in addition to the stat bonus!”

The reward was about 1 billion gold.

[As a reward, we give the highest performer 20 bonus stats and 1 high-grade Magical Stone.]

The highest level was about 10 billion gold.

However, Jun-woo liked the bonus stat 20 more than 10 billion gold.

The text was erased, and a new one came up.

[The golden chest contains 6 treasures, and you can choose 1 reward for every 20% of your contribution.
Prizes can be selected in order of contribution.]

If there was one reward for every 20% of the contribution, it all seemed to belong to Junwoo.

[And the discoverer can take the last remaining one when all rewards are completed in the order of contribution.]

Kim Deok-Cheol clenched his fists as if he was lucky.

A golden box was pushed out of the silver wall below.

[The reward is as follows.]

In fact, Kim Deok-Cheol felt satisfied with just one of the advanced magic stones.
After all, it was an item worth 1 billion won.

But the human heart was very deceitful.

The box opened with light radiating, and the options for the item were revealed on the wall.

-Book of Alchemist Advancement [Unique] [Tribute]: You can become a unique class alchemist.

-Promotion Stone [Unique] [Attached]: The current job is promoted and becomes Epic+.

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-Elixir [Unique] [Bound]: Bonus stats increase by 10 when taken.

-Stat Redistribution Scroll [Unique][Attribution]: Redistributes all bonus stats granted.

-Skill Rating Enhancement Scroll [Unique][Better]: Raises the rating of one skill by one.
[Available up to maximum legend]

-Skill Level Increase Scroll [Unique][Bound]: Increases the maximum skill level by 2.

In a moment, Kim Deok-Cheol hurriedly shouted.

“Please! Please… Can you give me one promotion seat?”

Jun-woo’s gaze turned to Kim Deok-Cheol.

“It’s okay to say something like this on the subject of only 3%, but please give me one promotion seat… … .”

Kim Deok-Cheol knelt down and put his hands together.

Please give me one.
I will treat you as a benefactor for the rest of my life.
Really, in Rudiel-sama’s name… I will repay you for the favor throughout my life, so please… … .”

Kim Deok-Cheol looked so desperate.

All items belonged.

Attribution was not exchanged, but it was possible to sell it in the Gold Shop.

In the case of the most expensive job change book, it was 50 billion gold when sold and 30 billion gold in the case of a promotion stone.

The cheapest was 10 billion gold as the maximum skill level was increased.

According to the gold value, Jun-woo ate the above 5, and Deok-Cheol Lee ate the rest.

“A promotion seat?”

“Yeah? Yeah!”

Jun-woo looked at the promotion seat.

Even if it sold 30 billion won, it was an item he did not ultimately need.

That’s because the rank is already legendary.

He was a discoverer and informant.

40 to 60% was definitely paid to the discoverer in the same guild, depending on the hidden dungeon.

“A promotion seat?”

“Yeah… Please… .”

Kim Deok-Cheol prayed and prayed in his heart.

30 billion items on sale? There was no comparison itself with the unique promotion seats.

It was a promotion seat that could not be bought even with money because it belonged to him.

If the unique promotion stone was not attributable, people who wanted to buy it even for billions of dollars would line up.

Jun-woo’s choice could change his life.

‘please… please… … .’

Kim Deok-Cheol had nothing to say even if Jun-woo refused.

Even if he was the discoverer, he could not go anywhere to complain.

Kim Deok-Cheol turned the steering wheel.

The door was pushed back, and the two walked through the long tunnel again.

After walking for a while, Kim Deok-cheol’s eyes widened.


Three skeletons were lying on the floor.

“Did you die by that silver goblin?”

“I do not know.”

Jun-woo was more worried about the door in front of him than the corpse.

It was a door that looked similar to the door that had stopped them in front.

As I got closer, I noticed something different.

If the gears in front were relatively large and easy to recognize, the kits constituting this door were smaller.

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