Chapter 1: I Became a Mechanic (1)

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In 1980, the system was applied to all humankind.

According to the system, people get levels and jobs.
Various interfaces were created, including skill windows, item windows, and quest windows.

Then cracks appeared in space, and monsters from other dimensions descended on Earth.

People call this a “dimensional rift.”

Low-level people die, and high-level people go out by killing monsters.

After years of chaos, in 1999, Lee Jun-woo was born in Korea.

Lee Jun-woo's parents were curious about Jun-woo's occupation.
No, to be precise, they were curious about his grade for a job.

The system was applied, and people were given ranks in occupations like ranks.

Grades leading to Normal, Magic, Rare, Epic, Unique, and Legend.

Lee Jun-woo's parents were normal graders, so they prayed for their children to have a better magic rate than they.

However, Jun-woo's grade was a normal grade given to 70% of the population, and his occupation was as a blacksmith.

It seems that Jun-woo's job as a blacksmith was greatly influenced by his grandfather, who was a small blacksmith in the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, a blacksmith with a normal grade had no merit.
It was as if he had no job, so Jun-woo's parents had him learn swordsmanship by paying an expensive education fee to change Jun-woo's career.

The phenomenon of a job change could affect a fixed job.

However, Jun-woo's job change did not happen.

At the age of 7, he reached level 10 faster than his peers.

The maximum average level was typically level 20, and it was rare for an average of 7 to reach level 10.

And since level 10 is a level where quests are given, Jun-woo was given the first quest in his life that year.

[Crafting with iron ore]

-Content: You are a blacksmith—craft ten items from iron ore, a primary mineral.

-How to: Craft 10 iron items that can be crafted from iron ore.

-Reward: 100,000 gold

Jun-woo's parents, who were against lifting the hammer, forced him to lift the hammer because of the quest that happened to him.

The level 10 quest was a must-do main quest, even if he couldn't do it.

So Jun-woo picked up a hammer for the frost time and made an item with iron ore.

A blacksmith with a magic level and good eyesight in the neighborhood recognized Jun-woo's skills at once.

“He has the dexterity to the extent that it's a pity that he's normal.”

A chain quest was created as soon as he made ten items and received 100,000 gold, about 100,000 won in cash.

[Crafting with iron ore 2]

-Content: This time, try making 100 items with iron ore, a primary mineral.

-How to: Craft 100 iron items that can be crafted from iron ore.

-Reward: 1,000,000 gold

The number increased from 10 to 100.

There was a theory that the final reward for these chained quests was good, so Jun-woo's father actively supported Jun-woo so that he could do the quest.

Because of that, when Jun-woo finished school, he went to a workshop to do a quest and make an item.

[Crafting with iron ore 3]

-Content: This time, try making 1,000 items with iron ore, a basic mineral.

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-How to: Craft 1,000 iron items that can be crafted from iron ore.

-Reward: 10,000,000 gold

One hundred followed by 1,000

While attending elementary school, Jun-woo made items from iron ore whenever he had free time.

The items made were sold by his mother, and an average of 60,000 won was generated a day, some of which was received as pocket money, so Jun-woo happily continued his production.

[Crafting with iron ore 4]

-Content: This time, try making 10,000 items with iron ore, a basic mineral.

-How to: Craft 10,000 iron items that can be crafted from iron ore.

-Reward: Bonus stats +4

1,000, then 10,000.

“Isn't the next one a better reward for sure? Let's try harder, Jun-woo.”

Production became money, and his level rose due to production experience.

He wanted to make 10,000 when he could, but he could earn money and raise his level, so Jun-woo went on quests in his spare time.

Time passed, and in the year Jun-woo entered middle school, a large-scale crack occurred in Jun-woo's area.

The crack was a situation in which a space in another dimension was opened, and monsters poured out.

The siren sounded, announcing that the rift had opened, and screams could be heard everywhere.

Jun-woo and his parents hurriedly ran away.

Immediately behind, an ogre, a giant monster that reaches 4 meters in height, follows.

As the distance narrowed, the ogre's club landed.


Jun-woo's father, crushed by a club, fell.

He wore armor and borrowed the power of accessories to not die in one shot, but Jun-woo's father was a level 10 normal, lower than Jun-woo.


His father cried while vomiting blood, and her mother took Jun-woo's hand with a determined face and led him.

At that moment, Jun-woo and his mother few away when they hit the green instep of an ogre that few in from the side.

Jun-woo's body few away, crashed into the wall, and fell to the floor.

The bodies of father and mother were seen being trampled under the feet of the ogres.

Thud! Thud!

And the giant cub landed on Jun-woo's head.


As it was, Jun-woo lost consciousness.

When Jun-woo woke up, he was in the evacuation center, and a little girl was using her heel on Jun-woo.

Jun-woo desperately sought his parents there, but the parents were not at the evacuation center.

Jun-woo, who had become an orphan with common cracks, stopped doing his daily work and was stuck at home and did not go to school.

About a week after Jun-woo had been locked up in the house, the doorbell rang at Jun-woo's home.

–Ding Dong.

He wondered if the homeroom teacher had come again, so Jun-woo opened the door without much thought.

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When the door opened, a man and a woman in suits stood there.

“Are you Jun-woo Lee?”

They were bank tellers, and they explained to me the debts my father owed.

It had been about a year since I had received a loan of about 90 million won.

Given the timing, it was a loan when Jun-woo bought the armor, gloves, and boots he received for his birthday.

Since we live in a society where monsters can easily kill people at any time, solidarity guarantees between families were implemented.

So Jun-woo had to pay of this debt, and if he had sold the armor, he could have paid of the debt right away.

They suggested selling the equipment Jun-woo was wearing to pay of the debt, but Jun-woo could not sell the last gift his parents had left him.

The interest on the debt didn't increase, so they withdrew on the condition that they repay some each month.

And Jun-woo picked up a hammer and started manufacturing again, earning money.

Because it was compulsory education, Jun-woo also went to school and made money.

As the days went by, the number of words decreased, and the face lost its vitality, but Jun-woo did not stop making it.

The count of iron ore items required by the quest also rose.

By the time he was in middle school, he almost slept with his stomach empty at school.

He was always tired because he was immersed in production until late after school.


Someone hit Jun-woo in the back of the head while he was sleeping.

“Hey, hey, look at the iron powder, wash up and go.”

It must have been washed, but the iron powder blown away during production remained between the hairs.

Jun-woo's school life, which was nothing but an invisible person, did not go smoothly after that day.

Normals were the lowest rank.

Being the target of bullying by magic makes school life difficult.

Seong-Cheol Lee, a student from another class, sat down next to me and pressed his finger on the desk.

The black iron powder was smeared on the tip of his finger.

“Hey, iron powder.
Every time I saw a single iron powder, did I say anything?”

Jun-woo washed hard.

He washed so hard that he thought he had some disease like tuberculosis, but one piece of iron powder remained.


“Let's wash our hands well, and we'll check again tomorrow.”

Lee Seong-cheol came the next day and looked up and down at Jun-woo and his desk.

“Oh, my lord, today you are clean, huh? You are a blacksmith, right?”

“Huh? Yes… … .”

“Want to make some money?”

“I don't earn much…”

“But, do you have enough money to buy bread?”

Lee Seong-cheol's grade were rare.

A level of rare that is given to about 1 in a thousand people.

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There were only two grades in this school.

Rare usually goes to a training school, but Lee Seong-cheol did not go to a training school because he was promoted after entering middle school.

He could have gone to school, but Lee Seong-cheol remained at this school and reigned like a king.

Normal was at level 20 at max level, while rare at level 60, it was at max level.

Normal requires a lot of effort to reach level 20, but the rare level has risen well up to level 40, the highest level of magic.

Jun-woo's level was level 16, which is high for a normal level, and Lee Seong-cheol was at level 60 as he was a full-time promoted person who reached the highest level as he progressed.

To explain this difference in a nutshell, even if hundreds of normals like Jun-woo rushed in, he could not deal with Lee Seong-cheol.

Those kinds of species were different.

“Iron powder, don't you go to the store?”

Lee Seong-cheol and Lee Seong-cheol's friends also asked Jun-woo for bread.

If they don't like tea, then that one instead.

“Do you hate buying bread for your friends so much?”

“You make some money by making it?”

“If you behave like that tomorrow, you will be punished.”

It was common to be bullied by magicians for being normal.

Jun-woo, who fell on the floor bleeding and falling, got up slowly and headed to the studio where he was always working.

Jun-woo wondered what the quest's end would be like for his parents.

If promotion occurs as a reward for the quest, and you can get out of the norm, you can subdue the monster that killed your parents and earn a lot of money to get out of high-level bullying.

So, he made an iron dagger that was the most time-saving and quick to make.

The most basic dagger was used as a kitchen knife or a throwing dagger.

He always fell asleep like he had passed out, and at school, he fell asleep with an empty stomach.


“Iron powder.
Didn't I tell you not to sleep after the second period? Hmm.”

It hurt so much that it was heartbreaking to be hit by rare-class Lee Seong-cheol.

I'm not sure if he doesn't control his power or does it on purpose, but it's probably the latter.


“What are you doing? Go to the store now.

“Mine too.”

Jun-woo wanted to drop out of school.

Because that's the way to make the quest faster.

However, since middle school education was compulsory, he could not quit school.

Even if he quit, he had to take the GED.

Only then was he able to obtain a blacksmith's license.

Only if there was a blacksmith's license would people entrust even a titanium production book to Jun-woo.

After half a year, it was graduation time, so Jun-woo kept his mouth shut.

Time passed.

After completing the quest [Manufacturing with iron ore 4], the next thing that came out was a crafting quest.

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[Iron Ore Master]

-Content: Live your persistence highly.
This is a crafting quest again.

-How to: Craft 100,000 iron items that can be crafted from iron ore.


The number increased from 10,000 to 100,000, and the reward was unknown.

He wanted to see the quest's end, but it would take more than ten years.

He wished for a promotion to the professional level, but it was a wish that could not be achieved right now.

And one day, just before graduation, the news of Lee Seong-cheol's promotion came.

“Hey, he became epic.
It's crazy.


Epic was a rating that appeared in about 1 out of 50,000 people.

Epic will reach its full level at level 80, and the average level of epic skill he will get is different from rare.

Lee Seong-cheol was a blessed case of being promoted as he got older.

Jun-woo was a little envious of Lee Seong-cheol.

He dreams of being promoted day and night by crafting, but he was born that way.

Still, Jun-woo did not give up.

He couldn't just give up on the chain quest that had led more than half of his life.

Jun-woo, who did not go to high school, thought about a way to speed up the quest in the old workshop.

It would have taken more than a decade in the normal way.

So, several methods were used.

The iron ore was melted and poured into a mold, and the blade was sharpened to make a dagger.

Then the number of quests did not go up.

Next, he bought a used hammer machine.

The iron was polished with a hammer machine, and the blade was sharpened with a grinder.

In fact, getting help from machines was something that modern blacksmiths shouldn't have done.

The system gave lower options for the performance of items assisted by machines.

However, the count of the quests went up, so Jun-woo actively used the machine.

Six years passed like that.

For 15 hours a day, without skipping a day, Jun-woo did the same thing every day.

And finally, Jun-woo finished the quest that was like a lifelong dream business.

[Iron Ore Master]

-Content: Live your persistence highly.
This is a crafting quest again.

-How to: Craft 100,000 iron items that can be crafted from iron ore.


[Quest 'Iron Ore Master' has been completed.]

[You can choose a mechanic job as a reward for the quest “Iron Ore Master.”]

The job rank of the mechanic that Jun-woo was able to choose was “Legend,” and the legendary rank job was the highest known in the world, where there were only about four people.

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