Upon arriving at the place, Kim Deok-Cheol looked fiercely at his eyes and asked.

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“No one?”


Jun-woo also paid attention and looked to see if there was a pursuer, but no one followed.


“Nothing nearby.”


“Hey, here it is.
This is it.”


Kim Deok-Cheol lit the earth with an item torch.


“Uh, this is it.”


When I grabbed the handle and lifted it, the earth was lifted.


It was disguised entirely as grass, so an underground staircase appeared in a place that could not be seen even if you looked closely.


“Hey, let’s go in.”


Jun-woo looked around and went down first.
Kim Deok-Cheol hurried down and followed the door shut.




The sound of a firm closing was unusual.


“Is there something down there?”


Nothing was felt.


Usually, I feel the mana of the place and draw an estimate.


But nothing was felt here.


“I don’t think there are any monsters?”


“Hey! Thank God.
So you’re saying that there may be treasures, right?”


It’s too early to say, but it could have been.
But I couldn’t tell which ones were under the stairs.



Jun-woo went down, paying particular attention to the sight illuminated by the torch.


When I went down the stairs, I saw a large wooden door in front of me.


“It’s a door.”


Jun-woo and Kim Deok-Cheol stood in front of the door.


“Shall we push?”


“for a moment… … .”


At that moment, the wind blew, and the torch went out.


And a letter was engraved on the door.


[You cannot leave this place until you break through the final gate.
A level is not required to break through the gate.
There will be a reward when passing the last gate.]


It was kind of a warning message.


“Hidden, it’s a real hidden dungeon! If you just clear the mission, there will be huge rewards.
Since the Level doesn’t matter, all you need is a skill.
I have enough skills, so there is no problem!”


It was Kim Deok-Cheol who was very excited.


On the other hand, Jun-woo was troubled by the phrase that he could not get out if he did not pass the final gate.


I didn’t know what was behind the door.


The meaning that the Level does not matter could mean a dungeon where monsters are created in proportion to the Level.


In other words, it also meant breaking through with skills.
Jun-woo was confident to some extent regarding skills that exceeded the Level.




Kim Deok-Cheol pushed the door before he had even been able to organize his thoughts.


“Is there no problem? Let’s go in.”


“for a moment… … .”


The door opened relatively broad, and a strong gust of wind blew from the back, pushing Jun-woo and Kim Deok-Cheol inside.


“Uh, huh?”


Jun-woo fell forward, and Kim Deok-Cheol rolled on.




And the door slammed shut.


A long tunnel with blue lights flickering on both sides could be seen in Jun-woo’s sight with his head raised.


Kim Deok-Cheol walked towards the closed door and shook the door.


“I won’t even budge.
Shall I wake up?”


“No, what… Let’s go.”


“Aren’t you going to wake up?”


It probably won’t be broken by Kim Deok-cheol’s attack.


“Do you have something?”


“No, nothing.”

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There was nothing in front of me.


As I walked, I saw the door again.


From a distance, it was a door full of patterns.


However, upon closer inspection, it was not a pattern.


It was a wooden door made of countless wooden gears.


“Wow, what is this? What was this? Gear? Gear right?”


It was a wooden cog, a mechanical element that transmitted power.


To the right of the door was a handle.


Jun-woo went over there and turned the steering wheel.


Some of the connected gears turned.


But the door didn’t open.


“Hey, there’s a woodblock.”


There was a thick wooden board on the far left wall of the door.


Kim Deok-cheol came with a woodblock and said,


“I think the door will open when you cut the woodblock and put it somewhere.”


Junwoo had the same thought.


Kim Deok-Cheol took a deep breath.


“under… I’m already dizzy.
I have no idea what Alchemists would have easily solved… … .”


Alchemists were able to create automails.
Automail has a lot of ultra-precision gears.


Besides Automail, they made many things with gear parts.


A typical example was a mechanical golem.


A skilled alchemist would be able to understand the design of this gate at a glance.


However, Jun-woo also had a job that could handle blueprints.


I’ve never dealt with it, but this door doesn’t seem too difficult.


“I’m dizzy… It seems that my eyes are getting dim… … .”


Jun-woo was turning the handle and looking at the door.
When the gears stopped moving, Jun-woo went there and checked the structure.


“What… Do you think you know?”


“Yes, but a little.”


“Please! I can’t… This is a gem disease… … .”


Jun-woo sat in front of the wooden board and took out a dagger.


I cut it to a specific size and then put it to an extent.


That’s how I made the gear.


It was a sophisticated but straightforward cog with six teeth.


“Oh oh… … .”


Jun-woo put what was made.


And turned the door again.




More gears turned than before.


At the place where the gear stopped, Jun-woo went to check the position and made the teeth according to the standard.


“You have good dexterity.
He is also a blacksmith.”




The tightly closed door moved.


The door was a sliding door, and it was pushed slightly to the side, and a gap was visible.


“Oh, oh! Open! By the way… … .”


Kim Deok-Cheol put his hands in and pushed his thick body into the narrow place.


“I can’t.
not pushed.”


“I’m coming.”


“Uh… … .”


I turned the handle back, and the door closed.


Turning it counterclockwise again, the door opened.


“Give me the steering wheel.”




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Jun-woo stood in the center of the door.


“Turn it back.”


The gears moved in unison according to the steering wheel.


“Is it okay?”




Jun-woo found the location of the problem and made a cog.


“Turn it back.”




The handle turned.


kept going back


The door continued to slide to the right.








As soon as the door opened, something was running from afar.


There were two opponents and two allies.


As if the Level or stats had been corrected, he had an energy that exceeded that of his allies, but he did not seem to be unable to catch them.


“The two are coming.”


“Yeah, I’ve been waiting for this!”


Kim Deok-Cheol raised his sword and shield and went inside.


“I’m coming.”




Kim Deok-cheol is back.


Jun-woo turned the handle clockwise.


Jun-woo said, leaving only a gap where one person could barely fit in.


“Close the door when I come in.”




Jun-woo went inside alone.


pointed the gun


Two monsters were seen running.


It was a silver goblin.


He was a foreign goblin, a silver color he had never heard of.




The silver hand of the running goblin spread like liquid and turned into a shield.


The bullet was blocked by the shield without a pulse.




However, a subsequent bullet hit the goblin in the foot.




With the sound, the goblin fell, and Jun-woo pointed the gun to the side.




The goblin’s silver hand suddenly widened and became a silver shield.


Bang! Bang! Bang!


When he shot the instep, he aimed at the head of the guy who was lying face down.


The silver goblin flinched and rose from his seat with a ticking sound.


Jun-woo hid inside.


The door closed immediately.




“How are you? What kind of guys are they?”


I tilted the cylinder and pressed the cartridge removal button.
Six bullet casings fell.


“It’s a goblin, but it’s a bit strange.”


“Are you strong?”


Jun-woo took out the speed loader from the item window.


The speed loader was a tool that helped reload the revolver.

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There were 6 bullets in it, and you just put it in the cylinder and pressed it to load the bullets.


After loading the speed loader, put it in the item window.


More than 20-speed loaders that Junwoo had prepared in this way.


It was for quick reloading.


“Open it slightly.”


“Huh… okay!”


Turning the handle, the door opened slightly.


Jun-woo pointed the gun.


To shoot him if he even poked his face into it.


However, a liquid such as mercury quickly seeped into the bottom of the open crevice.


Bang! Tee!


When the bullets were fired, the liquid twitched like a liquid monster slime was being popped.


“Uh, huh?”


“Prepare for battle.”


Jun-woo ran behind him.


The liquid gathered quickly and retook the form of a goblin.


Bang! Ting!


The goblin blocked the bullet with a shield and punched Kim Deok-Cheol in front of him.


The fist changed into a sharp sword and flew towards Kim Deok-Cheol.


“What, what?”


Kim Deok-Cheol, who barely managed to block it with a shield, could not confirm the goblin that appeared next to him.


“I’m right next to you!”




A sharp sword pierced Kim Deok-cheol’s side.
The armor was shot, and flesh was cut, and Kim Deok-cheol’s body flew to the side and rolled.


“Ugh… sick.”




When a bullet hit the forehead of the goblin that stabbed Kim Deok-Cheol, the goblin’s body fell backward and crashed into the door.


The other ran towards Jun-woo with his shield in front.




The goblin jumped after aiming at the instep again, thinking it could not be beaten twice.


And in mid-air, the shield turned into a spear and violently stabbed Jun-woo.




In an instant, Jun-woo’s body flew backward.


Jun-woo flew to the back as if being pushed away and fired a gun.


[Lv.4 Back Moving]


-Class: Rare


-Active: Move the user’s body to the back quickly.
[Max 20m] [Cost 15 Mana] [Cooldown: 13 sec]


-Item value: 13,347,111


If you learned skills through the skill book, you could learn one for every 20 levels.


Now Junwoo used the great barrier web that blocks mana and the back moving skill, a mobile device.




The goblin was shot in the face and fell behind.


When the gun was fired again, the goblin became liquid and quickly ran towards Jun-woo.




He moved quickly from side to side to avoid bullets like a snake.


Then, when he came closer, he restored his shape and clenched his fists.


His fists stretched like drooping fingers and became a sword and a spear.


Jun-woo lightly dodged to the side and pointed the gun at the guy’s cheek.


When the goblin’s eyes returned to Jun-woo, the revolver was full of mana.




The goblin’s body flew away, and his face ripped apart.


He stood up, but a liquid like mercury dripped down his face as if his condition was not good.


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Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!


As the goblin fell backward with its ventilated holes, it became liquid and spread on the floor.


The mana that made up him has wholly disappeared.


“Help me!”


Kim Deok-Cheol was desperately blocking the goblin’s attack with his sword and shield.


He couldn’t even swing the sword properly and had to block it with a shield.


Jun-woo ran and shot at the side of the goblin.




When the silver goblin was hit, it turned liquid as if it had changed aggro and rushed towards Jun-woo.


“Look out!”


He fired at the approaching liquid.


Bang! Tee!


This time, the liquid could not dodge and was hit.


Bang! Tee! Bang! Tee!


The liquid restored its shape before it reached Jun-woo and raised the shield.


Like the goblin earlier, a silvery liquid dripped onto the floor.


Kim Deok-Cheol lowered his sword from behind.




The goblin turned around and held out his shield, and the blow was blocked like that.


However, the back of the head was clearly visible as far as the back was shown.




With a hole in the back of his head, the goblin turned into a liquid and sank down.


Because the bullet pierced, it hit Kim Deok-cheol’s armor.


Kim Deok-Cheol frowned while stroking the area where the bullet struck.


“Does penetrating damage hurt so much… … .”


“Are you okay?”


“Uh… What is this?”


Blood gushed through the pierced armor.


It was similar to the meaning of having sweet vitality.


When the vitality is restored, the pierced armor is restored to its original state.


“Take some potion.”


“Is that expensive? Ah, this is natural healing.”


Potions that heal life are expensive.


When Jun-woo took out the potion bottle he had brought and held it out, Deok-Cheol Kim swung his hand in surprise.


“Oh, no.
because it’s okay.”


Jun-woo put the potion bottle back in.


“Are the monsters over with these two?”


“I think so.”


“Thank God.
To be honest, even one was difficult.
Thanks to you, I survived.”


All Kim Deok-Cheol did during the battle was hold up his shield and block the attack.


“Can I open the door?”


“Yes, let’s go.”


Kim Deok-Cheol turned the steering wheel.


The door was pushed back, and the two walked through the long tunnel again.


After walking for a while, Kim Deok-cheol’s eyes widened.




Three skeletons were lying on the floor.


“Did you die by that silver goblin?”


“I do not know.”


Jun-woo was more worried about the door in front of him than the corpse.


It was a door that looked similar to the door that had stopped them in front.


As I got closer, I noticed something different.


If the gears in front were relatively large and easy to recognize, the kits constituting this door were smaller.

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