Wizard40, who bought the armor from Jun-woo as a foreign currency, was hunting a Galatrico Goblin.

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Although he is a tank, many reviews said that he hunts strangely.


Things that had to be blocked were often avoided without blocking them with a shield.


“Oh, why are you avoiding me again? Please think about the person behind you.”


“Oh, sorry.”


He avoided it for two reasons.


It was avoided because it could be avoided.
The other reason was that he did not want the durability of the newly bought shield to be reduced.


Durability was money.
If it was blocked with a shield, the durability would be reduced.
But there was no harm in avoiding it.


Wizard40 avoided the attack as usual with that thought in mind.


However, the bigger problem than avoiding it was that when two or three of them ran away, they did not keep their place and ran around.


“Take it, take it.”


The goblin, attracted by the aggro due to the shield’s characteristics, chased the plate 40.


Leading the goblin, Wizard40 ran.


Because this time, the reason was simple.
Because if you get hit by many attacks, your durability will be reduced.


In particular, the attack from both sides would take damage in any way, so durability would be reduced.


So he ran hard.


He swung round and round in a similar spot, and then the arrow hit the back of the head exactly, and it fell down as if sliding.


Wizard40, pushed straight out, went into the bush as if diving.
He stretched out to the front and got up hurriedly, touching the ground.




Something other than earth sounded like a doorknob in hand holding the shield.


I wondered at the floor, and a shadow fell behind me.




It was a Galactrico Goblin.


Wizard40, which flew to the side and evaded, joined the ranks.


The goblin chasing Wizard40 had been killed with the help of a wizard.


When the situation was over, the wizard complained.


“No, uncle.
It’s not even that dangerous, so why are you running around like that? There were only three.”


“It’s not bad to go round and round.”


“It’s only when it’s dangerous.
Maybe three can survive.”


Other party members also complained.


“And you avoid them too much without thinking about the people behind them.
Is it really because of your endurance?”


Plate 40 stuttered because there was a sharp corner.


“Oh, no.”


“No, it’s not what.
I think you deleted the bad reviews about making hunting weird in the later post.
Please do it in moderation.”


Still, the party leader helped with Wizard40.


“My skills are not bad.
You seem to be good at managing aggro and fighting well, but I would like you to reduce the amount of avoidance.
The people behind you are in trouble.”


I will focus.”


“Okay, then, let’s rest and then move on.
You must have just used a lot of mana.”


In the words of the party leader, people were wary of the place and took a break.


The gaze of Wizard40 was towards the grassy field where he had slid earlier.


He had a somewhat tense face.


‘Hey, is it a hidden dungeon?’


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A hidden dungeon meant a secret place in the hunting ground.


I couldn’t tell if it was there from the beginning or new, but there was definitely something there.


‘Hidden Dungeon!’


Hidden places on hunting grounds are usually good.
There was a possibility that you could get a quest or a reward by catching a monster.


Maybe the treasure was hidden.


But he couldn’t run right away and explore there.


These were unfamiliar people.


In the case of guilds, up to 40-60% of the dungeon rewards are paid to the person who found the hidden dungeon, but there was no way they could give themselves 40-60% of the tips like the guild.


According to his contribution, there was nothing to say even if he ate and jumped as a reward.


So he endured.


He remembered the location and planned to come back with a party with people he could come with.


‘Do you want to come to see Doyeon?’


Doyeon was her own daughter.


Level 47 is rare.
He was higher than the magician himself.


I went to a foster high school and lived in a dormitory, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to come out, but it’s essential, so I had to contact him.


The only person you can trust is your family.


‘And… Shall I call you Junho’s child? No, I can’t make him do good things.
Poor kid… Holy Grail? No, the Holy Grail is too bad for hunting.’


No one came to mind among those whom I ought to trust.


Then I remembered Jun-woo, who was good at hunting, even felt mana, and gave him a favor.


‘What about that person?’


* * *


The empty wine was lying on the table.


Jun-woo, who woke up on the sofa, looked at the phrase that appeared in front of him with blurry eyes.


[Level has risen.]


There were many cases where the Level went up after sleeping.
It was because of the increase in experience points due to the production made by Captain.


He could be level 42, and if it was delayed further, he could be level 50.
There could be an unfortunate situation where you could not receive the quest reward.
So Jun-woo was thinking of rushing to prepare for the hunt.


However, before going hunting, there was something Jun-woo had to do.
First, it was the handling of the armor, boots, and gloves commissioned yesterday.


The client who entrusted the item worth 500 million was not contacted as expected.
The funds were tied up because they gave 95% as collateral.


Jun-woo first made three items.


The first item sales article was posted on the Lewis website.
Thanks for this.


It was also posted on the local market for a quick sale and on Hanwoori Auction House, the easiest way to search for items in Korea.


Fortunately, the item’s options were embedded correctly, so the contact came quickly.


After selling the item, I received a production request.


Even though they said it would take a week, people said it was okay and entrusted Jun-woo.


Reservations for Epic Blacksmiths are usually delayed for 2-3 weeks, so about a week was very early.


[Junwoo: I will probably be away for about 3 or 4 days from tomorrow.]


[Jeong Hye-Yeon: Yes? Are you saying you don’t have time to look at your phone, sir?]


Jeong Hye-Yeon did not understand that she was absent.


[Junwoo: I think it will be produced inside the gate for concentration.]


It is a superstitious element, but some people said it was made well inside the gate.


Of course, the production is done by Captain the Robot, who will remain in the secret workshop.


[Jeong Hye-Yeon: Yes, I understand, sir.
Shall we take reservations for production requests one after the other?]

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[Junwoo: Yes, please.]


Jun-woo hurried to go hunting tomorrow.


Once the bullets were bought in bulk.


It was an item made by melting iron ore, attaching it to the mold, and adding the item blue gunpowder.


Now all that was left was the party members to go with.


Level 40 hunting ground, for the sake of safety, I couldn’t go with the people I went with last time.


Still, I was worried about whether it would be okay to go with the two of us.


Once upon a time, there was a Clergy30.
She liked the item and gave a higher level buff equivalent to that.


After that, it was not a level 38 or 40 tanks, but it was a bit disappointing, but he did a good job hunting in his own way.


Since he was able to see the information of the people he went to the party with, Jun-woo checked the info of Tank 38.


The Level had not risen, and it was still Tank 38.


“Hmm… … .”


Tank 38 was put on hold, and Clergy30 was confirmed.


Since then, there seems to have been no hunting.
Just as he contemplated whether to have a conversation, Jun-woo’s cell phone rang.


It was an unknown number.


But some people were predictable.
I thought it might be Lee Seong-Cheol I saw at the restaurant.




“Oh, right? Armor.”




“I am Kim Deok-Cheol.
You gave this armor to me in Galactriko as a credit.”


It’s the first time he’d heard of his name, but he had seen him give him armor as a credit.


“Ah, hello.”


“I’m sorry to call you late.
Actually, the shield broke, so I had to buy a new one… … .”


“It’s okay.”


“there… Can you feel your mana?”


“I can feel it a little.”


Jun-woo was puzzled by the fat-like question.


“Actually, I mean… I think I found a hidden dungeon… can you come with me? Just go into the dungeon and take a look at the estimate.
Let’s do it alone if it’s just the two of us.”


Hidden dungeons are the things I’ve only seen on the internet.
Depending on the jail, it is a place with trials and a jackpot.


Above all, there was a reputation that it was an excellent place to go once you go.


However, Jun-woo’s true intention was to break the quest first.


He wanted to receive the reward that comes with breaking the quest first.


Even if converted into money, it was worth more than tens of billions of dollars.


Hidden Dungeon? It is hard to find a place priced in the tens of billions of dollars.


Moreover, the hunting grounds of the Galactriko tribe were not highly anticipated.


Still, it was a pity not to go because I didn’t know what kind of reward there would be in the Hidden Dungeon.


Things like stat rewards cannot be bought with money.


“Can I go back in about five days?”


The Hidden Dungeon was a place where you had to leave everything behind.


Kim Deok-Cheol was taken aback by the unexpected answer.


“Oh, no.
And what if we lose it?”


“I have work to do.”

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“Hidden dungeon, hidden dungeon… Don’t you know what it means?”


He was whispering with his voice lowered in case others would hear it.


“I am not very… … .”


“Are you doing this for compensation? Okay, only take 30%.
The remaining 70% will be divided according to contribution.”


“I have work.”


Kim Deok-Cheol was cramped.
However, there was a strange sense of trust in Junwoo’s attitude, who seemed to have no greed.


Thus he hung up


“Just one more day, please… Is it a hidden dungeon? You might get a promotion stone, but what if the reward is a unique item? You can turn your life around.
Please help me just once.”


The shape has changed.


It is normal for hidden dungeons to absorb you.


“Well… Can I have a day?”


“What do you mean by a day, a few hours! P-please, Can you come now?”


“Are we going alone?”


“My daughter and the three of us wanted to go… I couldn’t call because I went to the gate practice.
Let’s go down together and see.
If there are two more of us who want to be together, let’s call more people.”


The world is ugly


It can be dangerous to tell the hidden dungeon news to someone you don’t trust.


Jun-woo repeated his worries.


He was more worried about what happened two days ago.




“Please… Help me, can we get a promotion based on the rewards? So please help.”


The most incredible reward people wanted in the Hidden Dungeon was the improvement of their job grades.


In the case of Junwoo, it was questionable whether that would be possible.


‘Well… … .’


Even if you think carefully, there is no way that Kim Deok-Cheol would have set a trap for Jun-woo.


The person Jun-woo saw was never the wrong person.
The image of the head of the family who had tears in his eyes at the armor he had traumatized was still evident.


In the vicinity of Galactriko, the rangers of the Yonghyeon Guild, who manage the gates there, also patrolled, so it would be okay.


“All right.
Are you leaving now?”


“Thanks! Brother! I will wait at the entrance of Uijeongbu Gate!”


Jun-woo headed straight to the Uijeongbu gate.


Upon arriving there, I saw Kim Deok-Cheol waving his hand.


“Thanks! Thank you so much.”


What… Let’s go.
I also have an appointment.”


I wanted to solve it as soon as possible.


“Okay, let’s talk as we go.”


The two of them bought the gate ticket and went inside.


As soon as I entered, I ran.


“I, there… Give me only 30% compensation.
Let’s share the rest according to our contribution.”


“Usually, what percentage?”


“In the case of guilds, depending on the dungeon, they take care of up to 40-60%.
It’s okay.
I only ask for 30%.”


“Go to 40%, depending on the dungeon.
Take 60%.”


“Oh, no, it’s only 30%.
Haha… And, if you need someone, can you contact Clergy you saw before?”


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It seemed to be referring to Clergy30.


“Why is he?”


“Ah, I am a Rudiel believer.
If I’m going to call you, I want you to call me Clergy… … .”


Rudiel believers treat the Clergy well.


Because clergies are the people chosen by Rudiel, and if you help those people, you might be able to receive the favor of Rudiel too.


“I’ll call you.”


“Thank you, haha… Well, it’s best if the two of us can do it, don’t you believe in Rudiel-sama?”


Believe it or not, he indeed existed.
Because the system was born, and people empowered by his grace appeared worldwide.




“Do you go to church?”




“Oh yeah.
Not a believer; I don’t intend to propagate.
I’m just curious.”


He smiled shyly.


Jun-woo didn’t like Rudiel that much.


Jun-woo’s father and mother were Rudiel’s believers.


It was the same with Junwoo.


However, on the day that his parents were killed by the monster, Rudiel did not descend.


At one time, I was resentful.


If only you gave me power… That said,


After that, Jun-woo quit the church.


“Let’s go in slowly.
It’s night and dangerous for the two of us, so if it’s dangerous, run away together.”




“Check it.
How many are coming?”


“All right.”


In fact, it seemed like it wouldn’t matter how many goblins there were.


Jun-woo’s Level rose by more than 10 when he first came here.


It was trivial back then, but now with stats and guns, I did more.




Jun-woo fired a revolver at the goblin he saw in the dark.


The goblin had his forehead pierced and stretched out.


“Lee, revolver?”




One more died.


Jun-woo tilted the revolver cylinder and pulled out two used bullets.


The cartridge removal button has a structure that pulls out 6 bullets at once, so I had no choice but to shake the gun like dust.


“Which one?”


“Ah, it’s over there.
But with a gun, what happened?”


“It’s more fun than I thought.
shooting a gun.”


The two bullets that came out fell, and a new shot was inserted.




The sound of the cylinder spinning resounded.


“Let’s go.”

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