[Level has risen.]

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[The skill ‘Fire Master’ has been created.]

[A quest has occurred.]

[Lv.1 Fire Expertise]

-Rank: Legendary

-Passive: Damage from the fire has increased by 7.

This time it was passive.

If there was a difference, it was an attack-related passive skill.

When people go from level 9 to level 10, they hope that good skills will emerge with a reverent heart.

The standard was a skill with a higher rank than his own.

In the case of Junwoo, this time too, it was just a legend.


Just because Unique+ didn’t appear, Jun-woo was satisfied with the legend.

‘Is my weapon a gun?’

It was like the moment when he decided which weapon he would use in the future.

Then, to increase the destructive power due to the nature of the firearm that compresses the mana, it is necessary to have the intelligence and the agility to speed up the movement.

Jun-woo looked at the 40 bonus stats once and then checked the quest.

[Shooting practice]

Description: You have acquired skills related to firearms.
It looks like it needs some practice.
Grab your weapons and hunt monsters.


Instruction: Before reaching level 50, catch 1,000 giant bees with firearms.


Reward: [Bonus stat +10] [Skill: Fire Master’s level +1]

In the case of Jun-woo, 1.8 trillion gold is required to shoot skills from level 1 to level 10 with gold.

When I went from level 1 to 2, it was 40 billion gold, and when I went from 2 to 3, it was 80 billion gold with 40 billion added.

Of course, this is true if you consume gold to upgrade, but if you just wait and spend some time, your skill level will rise someday.

The reward was the effect of going up by 1 level, so it was a very grateful reward for Junwoo.

It was a quest that would have run right away with just the stat bonus reward, but there was no such reward to raise the skill level.

Jun-woo immediately searched the Internet for information about the giant bee.

It was a level 40 hunting ground, a forest inhabited by insects.
Approximate specifications of monsters came out.

Among them, the giant bee seemed to fly fast.

‘Is it a moving target? ‘

Jun-woo then searched for firearms.

There are currently two significant firearms in the world.

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One was a revolver, and one was a musket.

The revolver was a one-handed weapon similar to a pistol, and the musket was a two-handed rifle.

Both are used based on intellect.
To be precise, it fires compressed mana.
If you put bullets there, you could deliver a more powerful blow.

Jun-woo recognized a revolver similar to the pistol blueprint he had obtained.

The worst thing was that there were a variety of revolvers, from rare to epic to unique.

Of course, Epic was the biggest in the local market.


While I was looking for information on what to buy, I heard a knock on the door of the workshop warehouse.

Jun-woo looked at the entrance in surprise.

Jun-woo was located in a remote place in the mountains.
Nevertheless, there were complaints that it was noisy when you hit the hammer day and night, so you came here.

It is a place where people who have been climbing up and down the mountain very often come to see it when they find it, but it has been a few months since someone has visited.

Jun-woo stopped working on the blacksmith machine and put it in his item window.
Then he hurriedly walked over and carefully opened the locked door.

A man who appeared to be in his early 30s was standing there.

“What’s going on?”

“It looks like it’s being produced.
I’m sorry, are you taking requests for rare productions? “

Jun-woo looked at him puzzledly at his sudden question.

No one told me the location of his workshop.

“No, how did you know?”

“Because I feel the mana as I pass by, I think you can make enough rare recipes.”

“We do not accept quests from other than related guild members.” Sorry.

There is no guild, but Jun-woo lied, pretending to be protected by the guild.

“Ah yes… Sorry to disturb you.
Let’s go then.”

He nodded and ran somewhere.

Jun-woo locked the door, took out Captain again, and ordered the production.

‘Well… … .’

When I was away, I wondered what would happen if the person who came to see me had discovered Captain.

So far, it seems like it has somehow passed, but there is no way to say that in the future.

So Jun-woo called someone.

Modern construction is accomplished by the power of the Earth Wizard.

Water, fire, and wind mages don’t, but earth mages can make money on small changes.

However, it has to be an Earth Wizard who can use Earthquake.

“So, you want me to cover the entire area that enters the workshop?”


“It’s not okay to interfere with production.
So, can I block it naturally without any trimming? “

“Yes, please.”

“How is the entrance?”

“It should be as narrow and inconspicuous as possible.”

“Let’s stop and discuss.”

The Earth Wizard pulled out his staff and looked around.
Then he collected mana and used the skill.

Huge boulders sprung up.
In an instant, Jun-woo’s workshop was invisible due to the rock wall.

The terrain moved according to his will.
The ground swelled up, and the surroundings were quite messed up.

“The entrance to the workshop was completely blocked.
I drilled a hole in the top for ventilation.
Where should the entrance be?”

Jun-woo walked into the depths.

“I think it should be here.”

“All right.”

A stone blocking the road fell down.

“Shall we go in?”

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The sunlight that pierced through the top was weak, but it was dark inside.
But it didn’t matter.

The light bulbs in the workshop were powered by magic crystals and were quite bright.

The Earth Wizard looked around and said.

“I don’t think I will be able to find it unless I know enough about it.”

“Thank you.”

“Do you have anything else to order?”

“Yes, it seems to have happened.”

“It’s pretty messed up on the outside.” If you add a nominal cleaning fee, I’ll clean it up to some extent.


The Earth Wizard smiled and went outside, and Jun-woo followed.

He moved his mana to gather the messy uprooted trees into one place.

The terrain under the gathered tree was extinguished as he lowered his palm.

The trees fell below the burned-out earth, and when the trees were all gone, the ground took their place as if it had always been the case.

“If you do this, it looks like you’ve got it all sorted out, right?”

He must have used a lot of mana, but he was an earth wizard who showed no signs of exhaustion.

“Yes, how much?”

“Because it was quite deep in the mountains, it cost 50 business trips, 30 cleaning fees, and it wasn’t even about fine-tuning the stones… The estimate was 7 million, but I didn’t have any work as expected, so please only give me 6.5 million gold.”

“Here it is.”

He was a famous construction earth wizard.

There were many reviews that said it was cheaper than other places because I ran as an individual.
Jun-woo paid the amount he said without saying anything.

“Thank you, then I’ll see you.” “I wish you success as you create the Secret Workshop.”

“Thank you.”

He bowed his head lightly and went away.

Jun-woo went into the workshop and turned on the light bulb.

In the brightly lit interior, he summons a blacksmith machine to do the job, and Jun-woo uses the web, one of the skills that can be learned through the skill book.

[Lv.1 Great Web]

-Class: Rare

-Active: When using the skill, it creates a barrier that blocks the energy of mana from passing to the outside for a certain range.
[Mana consumption] [Cooldown: 600 seconds]

Using a lot of mana was able to last for 12 hours.

After completing the maintenance of the sheltered workshop, Jun-woo went to Yongsan at the appointed time.

[Junwoo: You do not need to receive the rare recipe anymore.
I’m only asking for the Epic.]

[Jeong Hye-Yeon: I see, sir! Would the top-level epic be okay?]

That was a good point.
Junwoo answered because he didn’t know it would be challenging to receive the epic production book right now.

[Junwoo: For the time being, please be middle-low.]

[Jeong Hye-Yeon: Yes, sir.]

As his level went up, Captain’s abilities improved.
Making a rare recipe was a waste in many ways, so it was upgraded to epic.

[Jeong Hye-Yeon: Sir, I have another big inquiry.
This time it’s a place called Yes Market, and you want to meet the customers.

A banner made of one material is attached to the blacksmith’s homepage.

When people ask for production, they have to purchase materials, and if there is a banner, they often inquire there.

For that reason, they paid a monthly fee to ask them to exclusively promote themselves.

[Junwoo: Please tell me I’m sorry.]

[Jeong Hye-Yeon: Yes! Sir, I understand.]

Jun-woo thought 1 to 20 million was less in a month.
Besides, from now on, they will only produce Epics.

Jun-woo’s Lewis is going to get bigger.

Jun-woo handed the items he had made at the Juju Cafe to the client and received a request from a new client.

And then he bought a $200 million revolver.

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It was a monster-mark revolver without a producer.

Jun-woo looked at the revolver.

Turning the cylinder backward, he could put 6 bullets in it.

Of course, he can use it without a bullet, but if he uses it with a bullet, its power is increased.

But it takes a long time to reload the bullets.

Even if the fired bullets can be removed at once, he has to put them in one by one.

So, it was pretty challenging to put bullets during an urgent battle.

“Is that a revolver?”

“Hi, yeah.”

It was Walker.

Jun-woo was buying a magic stone.

He didn’t buy anything other than that.
The clients purchased all the materials, so there was no need for anything else.

“It’s a good-looking gun.
Did you make it too?”

“No, I bought it.”

“Ah, is it for self-defense?”

The revolver was a good weapon for self-defense with up to six shots.

“I think it will take some practice.”

“Is it like a maker’s quest?”

“Well, it’s similar.” Just give me one intermediate magical stone today.

“I’ll prepare it then.”

When 10 low-level magic stones were stacked, one intermediate-level magic stone was obtained.
The price was around 100 million won.

After purchasing the magic stone, Jun-woo went to the shooting range to use the revolver.

Bang, bang, bang!

This was a place to rent a rare revolver and shoot it.

10,000 gold coins for 6 shots.
You just have to pay the item value of the rare revolver that has been slashed.

Bang! Bang!

It felt the same if he put a bullet in it or shot it without it.

30 bullets were fired, and the rest were used without bullets.

Then, Jun-woo took out the revolver he had bought and shot it.


There was no significant difference, but the gun’s weight was different, and the projectile trajectory was slightly different.

As Jun-woo looked at the two guns alternately and wondered, the man watching them from behind asked.

“Is this your first time shooting a gun?”

When Jun-woo came in, he was sitting on the back wall.

He was sitting on a chair, holding a bullet in his hand, releasing mana, and putting the bullet into the item window.


He was wearing a robe.

The grade is unknown, but it was a good enough design.

In addition, a silver string necklace with a skull and skull earrings made the man strong.

He was in his late twenties, or 190, and he was a tall, muscular man.

“It’s not bad for the first time.
Did you even have a job related to it?”

To be precise, it was a related skill.

“It is similar.”

“You look quite talented rather than the idiot next to you.”

The man who was shooting the revolver next to Jun-woo looked at him and shouted.

“What? Dummy? Is this bastard crazy? “

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He laughed and grabbed the bullet.

“Did you hear me? This place is already clear.

A man approached and asked.

“What did you say a while ago?” Repeat it.

“Listen, are you asking me again? My mouth hurts.

“Look at this bastard.
Even if a young guy doesn’t have a lot of stuff, he shouldn’t have enough.
Do you really want to die? “

He pulled out a gun from his waist and fired straight at the man.


A bullet flew to the man’s side, and a few strands of his hair were blown away.

The bullet smashed through the wall and went straight through.


The man in his 40s looked at him as his eyes grew bigger.

“Are you sure?”

The man swallowed dry saliva.

The bullet that passed by the side of the head was invisible, and the bullet’s destructive power was so great that it shattered the wall with the protection.

The man hurriedly turned around, then set the money down at the cashier and left.

“I wasted bullets.”

He flips the cylinder to release the used bullet and inserts a new one.

It was a good gun with the pattern of a beast engraved in gold.

The total destructive power of the gun’s performance, level, stats, skills, etc., was obviously enormous.

“Don’t worry, go ahead.”

Jun-woo looked at him softly and asked one thing.

“Do gunslingers have intelligence and agility?”

To Jun-woo’s question, who hasn’t taken the stats yet, he stared at Jun-woo and answered.

“That’s the norm.”

“Is it half and a half?”

“It depends on your fighting style.
You decide for yourself according to your skills.

“Thank you for your answer.”

Jun-woo slightly bowed his head and fired a few more shots with his gun.

And 20 of the 40 bonus stats were put into intelligence, and the other half was put into agility.

Then the bullet was fired again.


The bullet went out with a little more force.

“It looks like you put all the rewards you received into your intellect.”


“Then do your best.”

He got up and walked outside.

The boys ran and looked at the broken wall as the man left.

“Aww, you bastard child.
smashed again not long after it was covered.
under…… “

It was the boss who sighed as if frustrated.

“What are you doing?”

Jun-woo was able to feel the mana, and he was the person who seemed to have the highest level among the people he met.

“I don’t know either.
The last time I saw them fighting, it was amazing.
I can’t even report it anywhere because I’m afraid of being harmed… Ugh.

That’s how powerful he was.

Jun-woo fired a few more shots and left the shooting range.

He’d mastered persimmon shooting to some extent, but he didn’t think he’d ever be able to find a shooting range.

All that was left was practice.

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