Due to the sudden rebellion, a great chaos spread throughout the region.

It was a true state of anarchy.

People who fled the civil war seemed to have gathered at the port.

I tried my best to escape this pandemonium, but I was overwhelmed by an enormous crowd pushing in from all sides.

“Hurry, I might die! Stop wasting time and move aside!”

At that moment, someone who was busy pushing others forcefully shoved me.

I lost my balance without a chance to regain it and was trampled under numerous feet, crushed to death.


[SYSTEM: Starting the fifth life.]

[Rozelia Serteya is granted the talent of 'Charm.']

【TIP! Use 'Charm' to achieve a happy ending!】


I made a groaning sound as if waking up from a dreadful nightmare.

Even if I tried to showcase my martial arts talent to impress the tyrant father, I would die.

Even if I tried to escape secretly, I would die.

At this point, I didn't feel motivated to make any efforts.

'Is it because I'm forcing myself to do things that the situation keeps getting worse?'

The original Rozelia had a glorious death in the climax, but I can't even make it that far and end up dying ridiculously every time.

'Yeah, let's not get involved this time.'

In this life, I haven't put in any special efforts, just fulfilling my formal duties as a noblewoman.


'Why is the Crown Prince showing interest in me when I just wanted to live quietly?'

Thanks to the Charm talent, the Crown Prince, my fiancé, kept coming to see me in this life.

I couldn't reject every encounter without justification.

So, I met him with a pretentious smile and parted ways.

'Even if we'll be broken up anyway, let's just go through the motions.'

The Crown Prince detested the wicked Rozelia.

In the original, he acted as if he could break the engagement or give her the cold shoulder whenever he pleased.

'So my aunt will ignore me even more.'

Although the Crown Prince temporarily showed interest in me, I didn't know how this whimsical man might change in the future.

In the end, he might demand a breakup just like in the original.

So, I decided not to expect anything…

“Lady, you seem troubled today.”


“If you have any worries, tell me.
After all, we are engaged to each other, promising a future together.”

The Crown Prince's attention didn't fade easily.

When he cared about me, my aunt's abuse lessened.

'Maybe because I'm not in pain, I might survive better.'

I thought I could live peacefully this time.

But the problem erupted unexpectedly.

“Rozelia, I ardently admire you.”

“Back off, I was first! If Lady Rozelia accepts my proposal, I will give her our family's iron ore mine and farmland.”

“Don't listen to these shameless people.
There will be a man who will truly make you happy!”

Thanks to my charm, the nobles constantly tried to woo me.

Among the arrogant men, some were excessively persistent.

“Viscount Beron, as you know, I am already engaged to the Crown Prince.”

“It doesn't matter.
My passion for you cannot be stopped by anyone or anything.”


'What kind of proposal is this? It's almost like stalking.'

Even if I rejected him, Viscount Beron continued to propose to me.

When his obsession crossed the line, the Crown Prince issued a restraining order against him.

However, Viscount Beron went to extreme lengths.

“I am not afraid of death as long as I can be with you.”

…He kidnapped me.

Viscount Beron's eyes already lost their sanity.

“We won't suffer for long.
If we can be together like this…”

“W-wait, that's-!”

In a panicked moment, he used a magical explosive device.

“Even in the afterlife, we'll be together forever.”

He smiled with a chilling grin.


My ears were pierced by a thunderous noise, and my consciousness blurred.


【SYSTEM: Starting the sixth life.】

[Rozelia Serteya is granted the talent of 'Mana.']

[TIP! Utilize 'Mana' to achieve a happy ending!】

I've regressed again.

'Dying, regressing, dying, regressing…'

No matter how hard I try, nothing changes.

No, I end up dying more miserably.

'What now? Mana talent?'

I glanced at the system window and let out a bitter laugh.

'What's the use of having Mana talent when I was born into a martial arts family?'

Well, I did detect Mana in my room and found a hidden safe, but that was all.

'I don't want to do anything anymore.'

I completely gave up.

Even if my talent has some use, I no longer have the energy to do anything.

I found myself lying down absentmindedly, becoming the target of my aunt's annoyance, and then repeating the cycle of lying down absentmindedly again.

“Ugh, you lazy bum!”

Since I spent all day in bed, my aunt only gave me rough bread and thin soup, claiming that anything more was wasted on me.

I didn't eat well, and eventually, I died from malnutrition.

And when I opened my eyes again.

My surroundings were enveloped in pure white light.

【Admin: You died again?】

For the first time, a message from the admin appeared.

“What on earth is this…”

I furrowed my brows at the unfamiliar message window, and more messages appeared in succession.

【Admin: I gave you a pretty good ability, and you die so pathetically, what am I going to do?】

“What nonsense.”

I furrowed my brow in irritation.

“If you didn't want me to die so pitifully, you shouldn't have made me reincarnate as a trashy villainess.”

I vented my frustrations, and the admin quickly tried to explain.

【Admin: Uh…】

【Admin: But other reincarnators, like the scheduled villainess, the non-existent X-tra, or the critically ill time bomb, manage to survive just fine.】

The admin looked disheartened.

“Those people were particularly exceptional.”

“I'm just an ordinary commoner.”

“You threw me into extreme situations beyond my abilities.”

【Admin: Oh, be humble~】

【Admin: According to my rom-com big data, your reincarnation suitability is a whopping 99.68%! The talent this world was looking for!】

“Reincarnation suitability, what's that?”

“It seems we can't have a proper conversation.”

Instead of listening to his words, I turned my head sharply.

【Admin: Are you there?】

【Admin: Knock, knock?】

But the admin didn't give up easily.

Ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong!

【Admin: No ignoring messages.】

【Admin: No ignoring read receipts either.】

The persistent notification sound grated on my nerves.


I couldn't stand it any longer and sharply retorted.

“Who are you, anyway?”

【Admin: If you're asking about my identity,】

【Admin: I must respond as a matter of course!】

【Admin: I'm an admin!】

【Admin: The self-proclaimed, all-knowing and all-powerful admin~】

【Admin: ^o^】

With a touch of annoyance, I questioned him, but he responded with such a bright and cheerful answer.

【Admin: ^o^】

【Admin: Nice to meet you, reincarnator!!】

【Admin: I'm the cutey newbie admin!!】

【Admin: I'm here to directly experience…
no, to help you in your reincarnation life.】


My head throbbed.

Can I really have a serious conversation with this guy?

I tried to maintain my composure and asked him.

“Anyway, why is my life like this? Why hasn't the regression ended yet?”

【Admin: Uh-huh?】

【Admin: Are you the type who doesn't read the instructions when buying something new?】

【Admin: I've told you multiple times already.
You need to see a happy ending.】


'That darn happy ending.'

As soon as I heard the word 'happy ending,' my heart tightened.

“Do you know how much I've suffered just to see a happy ending?”

“I've tried every possible route to achieve a happy ending.”

“I've tried avoiding the villainess route, impressing the overbearing father, running away from the ducal mansion at night, and even tried to connect with the male lead instead of the original female lead for a better outcome.”

“But in the end, nothing worked!”

I used all sorts of outrageous methods beyond my control, and yet, what do they want me to do?

【Admin: ……】

“If you have something to say, say it.”

He replied unexpectedly as I stared at the conversation window.

【Admin: You've gone through a lot.

【Admin: But those are not the routes prepared for the villainess.】


【Admin: System Window! Search, please.】

Without giving me a chance to wonder, the admin activated the search window.

【SYSTEM: Initiating Original Comparison System.】

【SYSTEM: There is '1' ending similar to the development of 'Making the Tyrant Dad a Doting Father.'】

【Original Ending '16: Becoming the Tyrant Duke's Cultivation Daughter'】

【SYSTEM: There is '1' ending similar to the development of 'Being a Freeloader at Home.'】

【Original Ending '02: Leaving Home Brings Misery'】

【SYSTEM: There are '9' endings similar to the development of 'Continuing with the Male Lead'.】

【Original Ending '07: Prince Huang's Fiancée'】

【Original Ending '10: Swearing Eternal Love to the Lord'】

【Original Ending '13: Reviving the Villainous Family…】

The system window poured out an extensive list of search results.
It compared the routes I've tried with the original endings.

【Admin: Look at this.
When you tried the endings prepared for the original female lead, they ended in failure multiple times.】

“What's that?”

【Admin: You're in the era of achievements and creativity!】

【Admin: Villains must act like villains!】

【Admin: You need to find your own unique way to achieve a happy ending! Ohoho~】

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