Chapter 96 I Can Help You Take Revenge

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“Hey! Are you alright?”

Yun Lige squatted down and patted Li Changsheng’s face.
However, Li Changsheng did not have any reaction.

He was already about to die.

After losing the sword bone and his cultivation, he was only an ordinary person.
If not for the fact that his body had once been cleansed by spirit energy and was already a Shattering Void Realm expert, he would have long died.

Even so, he, who had been devastated for a long time, finally could not endure it and was about to die completely.
“Give him a medicinal pill.”

Fang Tianyuan took out a healing medicinal pill and stuffed it into Li Changsheng’s mouth.

The medicinal pill immediately transformed into a sweet spirit energy that entered his body and began to repair his injuries.
At this moment, Li Changsheng swept his gaze over the two of them and said with an indifferent expression,

“Why… did you save me?”

Yun Lige smiled and said,

“The person who wants to save you is actually not us.
To be exact, it’s our master.”


Li Changsheng’s eyes revealed confusion.

He was somewhat puzzled.

At this moment, the black-robed man standing not far away had also arrived behind Yun Lige and Lu Xiaoran.

“Fellow Daoists, aren’t you being a little too nosy?” Yun Lige and Lu Xiaoran narrowed their eyes.

Although the other party did not reveal his aura, the two of them could sense that the black-robed person’s cultivation was definitely not low.

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At the very least, he was much stronger than the two of them.

The two of them were already Soul Refinement Realm experts.
The other party’s cultivation was definitely not at the Void Reversion Realm.
It was very likely that he was above the Creation Realm!

“Who are you?”

The black-robed man placed his hands behind his back and said with a calm gaze, “I don’t need to tell the two of you who I am.
However, I hope the two of you won’t casually interfere in this brat’s matter.”

Yun Lige smiled coldly.

“Why should we listen to you? Are you also going to tell us to shut up?”

The black-robed man shook his head and slowly lowered his hands.

“Originally, I didn’t want to attack the two of you.
Unfortunately, the two of you decided to ignore my advice.
In that case, don’t blame me.”

As he finished speaking, a wave of spirit energy began to slowly circulate and increase in his hands.

Clearly, he was about to attack Yun Lige and Lu Xiaoran.


Just as he was brewing, a large hand suddenly patted his shoulder.


The black-robed man frowned and was about to turn around and attack the other party when the huge hand suddenly erupted with a heart palpitating aura.
Then, it instantly pulled him into another space.

There were mountains and rivers here, and there were birds and flowers.
It was as if this was a paradise on earth.

However, this was definitely not the Great Zhou Imperial City or the surrounding scenic areas around the capital.

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Before he could react, an extremely powerful and violent aura quickly pressed down on him.



Without even having the chance to defend, countless ridiculously powerful attacks rushed over from all directions and bombarded him.

He wanted to resist, but he could not.

The other party’s aura was too powerful… The other party’s cultivation also far exceeded his own.

His defensive barrier had just formed when it was directly shattered mercilessly.
In the end, even his body was shattered into pieces.

No, to be precise, nothing was left.

The other party had directly killed him and turned him into ashes.

After doing all of this, Lu Xiaoran finally heaved a sigh of relief and walked out of the Mountain and River State Painting.

It had to be said that he had previously despised the Mountain and River State Painting and felt that this thing was only used to store things.
It was no different from a spatial ring and a storage bag.
Now, it seemed that it was not bad.

At the very least, after transporting someone in, he could attack and kill without fear.

This thing suited him too well.
It was simply a must-have item for traveling and killing.
After putting away the Mountain and River State Painting, Lu Xiaoran walked in front of Li Changsheng and squatted down.

“Are you willing to be my disciple?” “Do you know me?”

“Of course.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded.

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“Li Changsheng, an ex-disciple of the Azure Lotus Sword Sect, the reincarnation of the Sword God, a peerless genius, and even obtained the Sword Saint inheritance…”

Lu Xiaoran mentioned Li Changsheng’s past, making Li Changsheng somewhat surprised.
However, Yun Lige and Fang Tianyuan were already shocked speechless.
Their mouths were agape, and they were directly dumbfounded.

Wasn’t Li Changsheng too awesome? They felt that Li Changsheng’s background and conditions were almost comparable to that hot shot Xiao Bei.

Although Xiao Bei could buy a Martial Monarch Realm weapon from a street stall, Li Changsheng also had the entire Azure Lotus Sword Sect as his backers.
They even provided him with countless rich resources.

Xiao Bei had only obtained the inheritance of an Emperor Realm expert, but Li Changsheng had directly obtained the inheritance of an ancient Sword Saint.

The only difference was that Li Changsheng was not the true reincarnation of the Sword God.
He did not have the memories of being a Martial Monarch Realm expert.

On the other hand, Xiao Bei had the memories of a Martial Monarch Realm expert.

Therefore, in theory, Xiao Bei was still better.

After all, the other party was really a Martial Monarch Realm expert in his previous life.
In this life, if nothing unexpected happened, he still had a chance to cultivate to the Martial Monarch Realm.

After Li Changsheng was a little surprised, his eyes quickly returned to normal.
They dimmed and turned elsewhere.

“Although I don’t know what your goal is or why you know my past so well…”

“However… you’ve miscalculated.
Right now, I don’t want to take you as my master or cultivate anymore.”

Lu Xiaoran continued, “I know.
As for you, you’ve already lost your desire to pursue martial arts.
Not to mention you, I’m afraid it would be difficult for anyone in the world to deal with a hot shot.
However, we’re different.
If you acknowledge me as your master and join us, I can help you take revenge.”

Li Changsheng looked at Lu Xiaoran in surprise.

“How will you do that?”

Lu Xiaoran smiled.

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“Because I know the hot shots very well.”

Li Changsheng fell silent.

He was not that easily convinced by Lu Xiaoran.

After all, he had worked so hard, became so powerful, and had so many miracles before.
However, he still lost in the end.

He had failed every time.

On what basis did Lu Xiaoran say that he knew the other party well and could defeat him? The only thing Li Changsheng acknowledged was what he called the other party.

That guy was indeed considered a hot shot.

“Who… are you?”

Lu Xiaoran took a deep breath and said with a solemn expression, “Since… you’ve asked sincerely, I’ll be generous and tell you.
Listen carefully.”

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