Chapter 94 Finding a Disciple First Before Looking for the Hot Shot

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However, although the Purple Peace Imperial Palace’s basic array formation was interconnected and ordinary people were unable to undo it and did not dare to casually touch it, Lu Xiaoran was able to handle it with ease.

He could reconstruct the array formation that were above and below the original array formation without causing any damage to the original array formation.

This difficulty was equivalent to having a doctor build a pacemaker in front and behind the human heart.
Moreover, the pacemaker would not be allowed to come into contact with the heart at all.
The operation would also need to take place from the chest.
Not to mention the Great Zhou Empire, there was really no one else other than Lu Xiaoran who could do this.

As for the other illusion formations, Lu Xiaoran directly removed them without hesitation.

Those were all independent array formations that would not affect the foundation array of the Imperial Palace.

Lu Xiaoran had set up the Spacetime Deceleration Formation under the foundation array.
If it was activated, everyone in the courtyard would be slowed to the point of being frozen and would be unable to escape easily.

He also set up a Eight Trigrams Sky Sealing Formation on the foundation formation.
It could be considered a control formation.

With the appearance of the two array formations, even if King Zining came and tried to attack Lu Xiaoran, Lu Xiaoran would still be able to easily immobilize him.

It was even to the extent that Lu Xiaoran was not afraid of an expert above the King Realm.

This was even when he had yet to carve a top-grade array formation.

Because setting up the Martial Monarch Realm formation would cause the winds and clouds to change, Lu Xiaoran only used 30% of his strength this time.

However, perhaps because his technique had improved again, even though it was only 30%, thunder still sounded from thousands of kilometers away.

On these two array formations, Lu Xiaoran had also established some Heaven Realm array formations.

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For example, attack formations, illusion formations, etc.

Lu Xiaoran had only used less than a tenth of skills when constructing these array formations.
More precisely, he used about five percent of his skills.

Lu Xiaoran definitely could not easily expose his Martial Monarch Realm formation.
He would only use those when a conflict occurred with the Imperial Palace.

Therefore, he wanted to create some Heaven Realm array formations to confuse others.

After all, he was from the Heaven Demon Sect.
If the array formation ability of a small sect was too outstanding, it would definitely arouse suspicion.

After setting these up, Lu Xiaoran began the next step of the mission.

He had two tasks.
One of them was to find his fourth disciple, and the other was to find information on the hot shot who was Ji Wuxia’s enemy.

Lu Xiaoran was prepared to find his fourth disciple first.
After all, even if he found a hot shot, it was still impossible for him to casually kill someone in a place with many experts and strict rules like the Imperial City.
Therefore, Lu Xiaoran left the Imperial Palace with his two disciples.

On Ji Wuxia’s side, she also arrived at her father’s courtyard.

As King Zining of the Great Zhou, a royal noble, and a King Realm expert, the courtyard of King Zining was not only more majestic than the other princes and princesses, but it also had an extremely powerful spirit gathering formation.

This courtyard was even more abundant in spirit energy than the other courtyards.

Water droplets condensed from spirit energy sparkled under the sun on the grass in the corner.

There was a status requirement for setting up a spirit gathering formation in the Great Zhou Imperial City.

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The families of kings could set up stronger spirit gathering formations, while low-level cultivators could only set up low-level formations

On the one hand, this was to show the authority of the Imperial Family and kings’ families.
On the other hand, it was also to increase the strength of the kings’ families so that they could surpass ordinary cultivators.
However, even so, the Great Zhou Imperial City occupied the top of the Great Zhou Spirit Vein.
It was an extremely suitable place for cultivation and the cultivators outside would still continuously gather.

Just like the Black Tortoise True Sect, a top-notch city like the Great Zhou Imperial City also had a siphon effect.
In fact, in this case, it was even stronger.
Because the more cultivators that were gathered here, the easier it was to change the direction of the spirit energy.
Thus, a lot of spirit energy ended up accumulating here.

“Ji Wuxia greets Father.”

Ji Wuxia knelt in front of her father’s study.
A moment later, a calm voice sounded from the study.
“So you still know how to come back, huh?”

Hearing this voice, Ji Wuxia lowered her head in embarrassment.

“I was unfilial and disobeyed Father’s orders.
I didn’t return with Brother Wushang.
Please forgive me, Father.”

“You relied on your own ability to stay in the Heaven Demon Sect.
There’s no need for you to apologize.
The rules of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace have always been to pursue becoming stronger.
As long as you don’t do anything rash and waste time outside, it’s not wrong.” Ji Wuxia heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thank you for your forgiveness, Father.
By the way, I would like to ask, where is Granny Li? Why don’t I see her?”

“Granny Li’s arm was severed.
I’ve already sent her to the Imperial Physician Hall in the palace to be healed.
It will probably be a while before she can come out.”

Although Granny Li was only a servant, she was also a Creation Realm expert.
Even in the Imperial Palace, she would still have rare combat strength.
Thus, King Zining was naturally unwilling to let her suffer a loss.

As for Ji Wuxia, when she heard that Granny Li was fine, the guilt in her heart also decreased a lot.

“In that case, I’ll thank you on behalf of Granny Li.”

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“Alright, if there’s nothing else, you can go down.”

I’ll take my leave.”

After Ji Wuxia left, King Zining, who was dressed in a python robe, finally stopped writing

On the table in front of him was a name he had just written-Lin Wan’er.

That was Ji Wuxia’s mother’s name.

His penmanship was firm and gentle, but it did not lose its warmth.

“Zhui Feng, what did you see?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the space behind King Zining distorted, and a black-robed figure slowly appeared.

He cupped his hands and lowered his head.

“I saw that Miss’s cultivation has already increased to the first level of the Mountain Sea Realm.
As for the cultivation technique she cultivates, it also seems to be extraordinary.”

“Did she come back alone this time?”

“No, the princess brought her master and her senior and junior brothers.
There are a total of three of them.
These three people just set up a new array formation in the princess’s courtyard.
I don’t know why, but they left the Imperial Palace again.”

“Relay my orders and get Wuxin to give some resources to Wuxia.
Also, take a look at what her master has up his sleeve.”

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The air distorted, and Zhui Feng quickly disappeared from his spot.

As for King Zining, he stared at the name in front of him, a gentleness flashing in his eyes.

“Wan’er, your daughter found a master this time.
She’s not simple at all.
Even Zhui Feng, who is at the first level of the Essence Realm, can’t sense her hidden aura.
Even I can’t tell.”

“Looks like there’s hope for her to avenge her humiliation this time.”

As a King Realm expert, King Zining naturally saw much more than his subordinates.

However, even so, he could not tell Ji Wuxia’s true cultivation.
He could only tell that Ji Wuxia had hidden a portion of her cultivation.

This also made a storm surge in King Zining’s heart.

It had to be known that Ji Wuxia had only left the Imperial Palace for a few months.
However, her speed of improvement was simply unimaginable.
However, he quickly frowned.
“Although Wuxia’s improvement is fast, that brat’s improvement is even more shocking!”

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