Chapter 91 Enlightenment

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Hearing Lu Xiaoran’s words, everyone could not help but look at each other.

A moment later, the Grand Elder could not help but say carefully, “Um, Patriarch, isn’t that a bit cowardly?”

Lu Xiaoran glared at him angrily.

“Cowardly? Are you kidding me? Were you the one who was forced to self-destruct just now? Were you?”


The Grand Elder’s face immediately turned red.

Lu Xiaoran shook his head and looked disappointed.

“You guys are all brainless.
On the path of martial arts, living is the most important.
If a person is dead, everything will be useless.
Only by living can you become stronger, and then come back to take revenge.
Isn’t that good? It’s much better than being beaten to death, right?”


Everyone nodded.

“Patriarch is right.” “Patriarch is right!” “Patriarch has always been alive and has never left the mountain.
Just now, he casually showed his strength and defeated the Demon Sect’s elites.
This is the correct way to cultivate the Martial Dao! In comparison, we were too rash to rashly enter the battle just now.”

Thinking of this, everyone immediately cupped their hands towards Lu Xiaoran and said, “Patriarch, your heartfelt words have enlightened us.
From today onwards, we will learn from you.
We will close our doors and cultivate wholeheartedly.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded in satisfaction.

If these fellows were able to cultivate peacefully in the mountain gate and not interact much with the rest of the world, they should also be able to survive during the revival of the Demon Sect, right?

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This could also be considered as him indirectly repaying a portion of the debt he owed the Heaven Demon Sect for their nurturing.

“I feel that I’m about to break through and have to go out to find some opportunities.
I’ll help you repair the sect’s mountain-protecting formation in the future.
As long as you hide obediently in the mountain gate and don’t casually leave, you’ll basically be fine.” “Hiss, Patriarch is already so powerful and still wants to break through.
Patriarch’s cultivation is really invincible!” “Patriarch, your divine might is peerless.

Lu Xiaoran waved his hand.

“Alright, alright, stop flattering me.
Hurry up and repair your injuries.
Otherwise, if you drag this on for too long, you might leave behind some problems that will ruin your foundation.” “Yes, as you wish, Patriarch.”

After everyone dispersed, Lu Xiaoran finally heaved a sigh of relief and repaired the array formations.
He also slightly strengthened the Heaven Demon Sect’s grand array before returning to his Zhishui Peak.

When he flew over, he saw Li Daoran hiding in a corner and chatting with his disciples at the foot of the mountain.
He could not help but not know whether to laugh or cry.

“This brat only knows how to take advantage of opportunities.”

However, with his character, he should be able to live a little longer.

Shaking his head, Lu Xiaoran did not greet Li Daoran and directly returned to the mountain.

Yun Lige and the other two had long been waiting at his door.

Seeing him come, he immediately went forward and cupped his hands.


Lu Xiaoran said, “Have you packed everything?” Yun Lige and the other two nodded.

“We’ve already packed.
We can leave now.”

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Lu Xiaoran nodded and immediately turned around to look at his small house, feeling inexplicably disappointed.

He had stayed in this small house for an entire ten years.
Now that he was about to leave, he really could not bear to leave.

Of course, he could use the Mountain and River State Painting to take in this small house and even the entire mountaintop.

However, doing so was also meaningless.
This was because he could not take the entire place with him.

However, no matter how unwilling he was, he had to leave.

If he did not take in disciples, he would not be able to obtain more good things and would not be able to speed up his advancement.

In that case, he would not be able to catch up to the hot shots.
At that time, those hot shots would all become Martial Monarch Realm experts.
If they knew that he had taken in so many villainous disciples, wouldn’t those hot shots all come and tear him apart?

It was even to the extent that the entire Heaven Demon Sect would have to die with him.

Moreover, if he did not kill the hot shots, Wang Cai would not be able to go through another upgrade and he would not be able to obtain higher-level items.

If possible, Lu Xiaoran naturally wanted to stay in this house until the end of time and cultivate the Martial Monarch Realm.

However, that was unrealistic.
To be honest, without Wang Cai, no matter how talented he was, he would not have been able to survive.
It was even likely for him to have died tonight.

The foundation of the Heaven Demon Sect was simply not enough to resist the Demon Sect.
Moreover, the other party was only a small portion of the Demon Sect’s combat strength.

In the world of martial artists, becoming stronger was still the most important!

For his own sake and the safety of the Heaven Demon Sect, he had to leave and increase his cultivation faster!

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However, just as Lu Xiaoran was about to leave, a few figures flew over quickly.

“Xiaoran! Are you alright?”

Lu Xiaoran was dumbfounded.

“Sect Master, First Elder, why are you guys here?”

The First Elder chuckled and said, “Our Heaven Demon Sect has just forced back the Demon Sect.
Now, the sect master is leading us elders to investigate the casualties of the various peaks.
Did you lose anything on your Zhishui Peak?”

“Uh… Fortunately, perhaps our side is more remote, so the people from the Demon Sect haven’t noticed.”

“That’s good.
It’s best if no one gets injured.
Remember, the foundation of a sect is people.
As long as people are alive, we can maintain the development of the sect.”

Lu Xiaoran fell silent.

This First Elder was quite good at plagiarizing.
He directly changed his words and used them.

He even said it in such a serious manner.
Why did he not realize in the past that this First Elder’s skin was so thick?

At this moment, the sect master had already noticed the abnormality.

“Eh, you guys sure cleaned up well.
Are you guys leaving the Heaven Demon Sect?”

Lu Xiaoran coughed lightly and said, “It’s like this.
Didn’t I tell you before, Sect Master? I want to go out and find an opportunity.”

Sect Master Chen immediately waved his hand.

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“No way.”

Lu Xiaoran: “???”

As if sensing the confusion on his face, Sect Master Chen immediately said, “Actually, if I didn’t encounter Patriarch today, I definitely wouldn’t have stopped you.
However, after meeting Patriarch, I realized something! I finally understand the true meaning of life! All opportunities and women are fake! Only by living and cultivating will it be true!

Xiaoran, it’s best if you don’t go out.
Let’s not pursue the Holy Maiden of the Black Tortoise True Sect.
In the future, stay in this sect and live ignobly with us.

“Just like that, cultivate slowly.
I guarantee that the sect will do its best to help you.
With your talent and our resources, I guarantee that your cultivation will at least reach the Soul Refinement Realm in the future! In fact, if you work hard, it’s not impossible for you to reach the Void Reversion Realm.”

Lu Xiaoran’s face twitched fiercely and he was extremely speechless.

He had never expected to have shot himself in the foot.

He had originally wanted to teach the sect master and the others to cultivate well and not go out to find trouble.

He did not expect the sect master and the others to use his words to persuade him in the end.

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