trash really thinks highly of himself.”

“Perfect, my hands are itchy.
Let me play with


At the same time, a few figures appeared sneakily at the foot of Zhishui Peak.

In the darkness, a figure could not help but whisper,

“Master, if the Demon Sect is being attacked by the Demon Sect today and is in danger, why don’t we go to the frontline to support them? Why did we come to Uncle-Master Lu’s Zhishui Peak?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he received a huge eye roll.

“Support? Are you worthy? Why don’t you take a look at your own cultivation? You’re at the third level of the Postnatal Realm.
You’re not even at the Connate Realm, and the Connate Realm experts are the weakest among those participating in the battle.
Aren’t you courting death?”

“Master, although Dashan can’t do it, what about you? You’re at least at the third level of the Spirit Realm.
Why don’t you go help?” This time, Chen Dashan did not just receive an eye roll.
Instead, his master directly smacked him on the head.

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“You fool, do you think that I have a long life? Do you want me to die? Is the third level spirit realm very powerful? Let me tell you, even if I go, I will still die.
If I die, I want to see who will feel sorry for you brats.”

“Then why did we come to Uncle-Master Lu’s Zhishui Peak?”

“Sigh! You’re still young.
You don’t understand.
In short, remember.
In the Heaven Demon Sect, if you encounter any trouble, come to Zhishui Peak to hide.
It’s definitely safe.
If even Zhishui Peak is not safe, then the entire Heaven Demon Sect is not safe at all.”

In short, we’ll escape from this disaster tonight first.
After the Demon Sect retreats, I’ll bring you to the Acacia Faction.

The Acacia Faction is a large sect.
Its ancestor, Fairy Hong Yu, is also a ruthless person.
The Demon Sect definitely won’t dare to provoke them for the time being.
At that time, we will hide in the Acacia Faction.”

Chen Dashan scratched the back of his head.

“But why should the Acacia Faction protect us?”

“Hehe, I’m the Supreme VIP of the Acacia Faction.
Of course they would have to protect


“Hiss, Master is indeed powerful.”

On the peak of Zhishui Peak, Lu Xiaoran stood at the peak with his hands behind his back as he looked at the battlefield on the main peak of the Heaven Demon Sect in the distance and was somewhat helpless.

These people from the Heaven Demon Sect were clearly unable to defeat the Demon Sect, so why didn’t they escape from the back of the mountain?

In any case, with his array formation to resist, the time they could stall was enough for them to escape.

However, they just had to stubbornly resist the Demon Sect.

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Lu Xiaoran originally did not want to provoke trouble because he did not know much about the Demon Sect’s Demon Venerable.

This was because those who were relatively famous on the continent were basically not simple characters.

Was he a hot shot? Or a top-notch villain?

It was not a simple matter to provoke either of these two.

However, he had stayed in the Heaven Demon Sect for ten years, an entire ten years!

Even if his heart was initially cold, it had now been warmed up.

He could not watch his fellow disciples be slaughtered by the Demon Sect at will.
“Forget it, I’ll just do it once.
After all, the sect master and the others are indeed good to me.
I’ll take it as repaying the Heaven Demon Sect for nurturing me for the past ten years.”

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran put on a black coat, a cloak, and a mask to cover his face.

Although he was going to help, his identity could not be exposed.

If these people from the Heaven Demon Sect saw his true identity, wouldn’t they go crazy?

Most likely, before dawn, the news that he would become a King Realm expert after cultivating for ten years would spread throughout the entire Great Zhou.

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