This was just a small Heaven Demon Sect.
They were really ruthless with their array formations.

Previously, that illusion formation had already broadened everyone’s horizons.
In the end, they did not expect to encounter a second array formation in the blink of an eye.
It was even more troublesome than the previous illusion formation.

This was a true attack formation, and it could


“All of you, disperse.
Watch as I use the Formation-Breaking Spike that Elder Night Demon gifted me!”

“Great, there’s actually a Formation-Breaking Spike.
The Formation-Breaking Spike is made from a special material.
Its might is not inferior to a low-grade Saint Realm expert and is even the nemesis of array formations! Although it can only be used once, it’s still enough.”

The people from the Demon Sect were immediately excited.

That elder took action and instilled spirit energy into the Formation-Breaking Spike.
The spirit energy activated the Dao patterns on it.
In an instant, the Formation-Breaking Spike transformed into a stream of light that shot out and bombarded the Heaven Demon Sect’s second layer of the sect-protecting formation.

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With a violent explosion, the second array formation was finally destroyed by the Demon Sect Elder.

At this point, the Demon Sect had already broken through Lu Xiaoran’s two array formations in succession.

It was also because of this that he had to use up two treasures.
He had definitely suffered a huge loss.

At this moment, the people from the Demon Sect had already accumulated a rather powerful anger.

“Damn the Heaven Demon Sect.
You actually dare to make us lose face.
However, this time, no one can save you.
My Saint Sect will destroy your Heaven Demon Sect today! Kill!” With a command, the elite of the Demon Sect adjusted their formation again and roared as they rushed into the Heaven Demon Sect’s entrance.

Five minutes later, thousands of Demon Sect elites were all roaring and roaring on the third line of defense.

They were fixed in the third layer’s array formation.

“Damn the Heaven Demon Sect! I have to kill all the cultivators of the Heaven Demon Sect!”

“Stop shouting.
Did you fart? Why did you eat so much garlic? It smells like garlic!”

“Elder, save us quickly!”

The demon sect elders were already about to doubt their lives.

What was going on?

Were they dreaming? This was only a small Heaven Demon Sect!

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How could this small Heaven Demon Sect have so many powerful array formations?

Any one of these array formations could protect an entire mountain gate.
Yet, at this moment, these array formations were placed together and displayed effects that were simply unimaginable.

At this moment, some demon sect elders already had the intention to retreat.

“Perhaps it’s time for us to leave.”


The expert who had used the Formation-Breaking Spike said with a cold expression,

“Let’s see who dares to leave? The Demon Venerable is still waiting for us to massacre the Heaven Demon Sect so that we can use the blood essence of the Heaven Demon Sect cultivators to help him reconstruct his demon body! As disciples of the Demon Sect, how can you easily give up?” “But… but we can’t even break through this array formation! How can we kill everyone from the Heaven Demon Sect?” The elder glanced at him in extreme disdain.

“What’s so difficult about that? It’s just a small array formation.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he took out a bronze mirror and used an array formation to enhance the bronze mirror before throwing it into the third layer of the array formation Lu Xiaoran had set up.

In an instant, light shot in all directions, and an invisible fluctuation instantly shot out, sweeping out a huge rift on the ground.
Because of this, Lu Xiaoran’s array was unable to continue enduring and finally shattered.

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